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About our School

Who We Are

Polk State Lakeland Collegiate High School is a public charter school housed within Polk State college and accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. The school provides academic and technical education for high school juniors and seniors who desire to undertake college-level studies. The biennial Lakeland Collegiate course of study will enable students to complete a high school diploma and many of the requirements for an associate degree .

Overall Purpose:

Lakeland Collegiate, an accelerate early-college experience

Vision Statement

Lakeland Collegiate will provide high school juniors and seniors with :

  • A high school administrative and support staff located on the Polk State College Lakeland campus
  • Individualized student mentoring and advocacy to bridge the transition from high school to college
  • College courses taught by both Polk State and LC faculty
  • Personalized college and career advising
  • Access to all college resources

The biennial LC course of study will enable students to complete a high educate diploma and many of the requirements for an companion degree .

Mission Statement

Polk State Lakeland Collegiate High School will empower students in a college environment to graduate gamey school with a significant number of college credits and a imagination for their futures. Requirements You must be a high school junior or elder with an unweighted GPA of 3.0 or higher to qualify for Lakeland Collegiate ’ sulfur AA ( Associate of Arts ) degree platform. You must have a minimum of 11 high school credits at the end of your tenth-grade year and be on track for earning a standard Florida high school diploma.

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It is free to attend Polk State Lakeland Collegiate High School. You can earn college credits at no price to you. The broadcast even supplies college textbooks at no cost ( textbooks are on a lend voucher program and must be returned at the end of each semester ) .


Polk State Lakeland Collegiate High School is located at the Polk State Lakeland Campus. however, with the approval of your steering counselor, you can take college classes at any Polk State placement. You can besides take classes during the summer terms and evenings at no extra cost. Lakeland Collegiate has advisors to help you find the schedule and coursework that best fit your special talents, plans, and capabilities. Upon acceptance, an initial academic planning confluence is scheduled to create a plan of cogitation for your last two years of high school. Your counselor will guide and advise you through the summons of registration and choose classes.


Polk State Lakeland Collegiate has had an average registration pace of 327 students per year over the past two years, and current registration for the 2021-2022 school class is 338 students. The demographic makeup of the scholar population includes : 63 % Female 37 % male 59 % White 9 % Black 21 % spanish american

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12 % other ( Multiracial, Indian, and Asian ) approximately 26 % of the enroll students meet the requirements for free or reduced-price lunches .

“Lakeland Collegiate, an accelerated early college experience”

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