How to Make a PNC Mortgage Payment

Making mortgage payments can be difficult, but not if you ’ re a customer of PNC Bank. The Pennsylvania-based bank offers a assortment of ways to pay off your PNC mortgage .
Read over these PNC mortgage requital options to determine which one will work good for you .

Paying Your PNC Mortgage by Phone

If you need to make a mortgage payment immediately, call the PNC Mortgage telephone number at 800-822-5626. You will be connected to an automated arrangement in which you can say, “ Make a mortgage payment. ” From there, you will be asked a series of questions to help you complete your payment. Make certain to have either your Social Security number or bank explanation number handy.

To speak to a congressman and make your mortgage payment, immediately press “ 0 ” followed by “ # ” when connected to the customer service line, and the example will access your account data .
If you can ’ thymine reach the PNC Mortgage customer servicing line, you can besides make a requital by calling PNC Bank ’ s general customer service note at 800-PNC-Bank. When prompted about the nature of your call, say, “ Make mortgage payment, ” and an automatize system will guide you through the procedure. But note, there is a $ 7 fee for payments completed by telephone .
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PNC Mortgage offices are open from 8 ante meridiem to 5 p.m. ET .
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Paying Your PNC Mortgage Online

For any on-line payments, you decide how a lot you want to pay .

  • Go to and log in to your account.
  • Enter your user ID and password to access your PNC account dashboard.
  • Click on “Payment details” under the mortgage section.
  • Hit “Schedule payment.” Payments made by 10 p.m. ET will be accounted for on the next business day.

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Paying Your PNC Mortgage Through Automatic Withdrawals

Setting up automatic payments or electronic Funds Transfer ( ETFs ) is another easy way to keep you on chase to pay off your mortgage on time. hera are two options :

  1. Visit any PNC bank location and speak with a teller OR,
  2. Request an automatic withdrawal form via phone by calling PNC Mortgage or through your online account. If you do so through your online account, click “payment details” to access the account.

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Paying Your PNC Mortgage In Person

Stop by your nearest PNC branch and complete your payment with the aid of a bank teller. Use the coupon in your coupon book or from your bill statement to make your monthly mortgage payments to PNC Mortgage and write your loanword number on your check. Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate know if a PNC bank is near you ? Check out where to find a PNC outgrowth in your state here .

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Paying Your PNC Mortgage Through Bi-Weekly Draft

You can make one-half of your fixed monthly PNC mortgage payment every two weeks, where the money will be held in escrow. The bank will withdraw money from your account merely when there are sufficient funds to complete your mortgage requital .
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Paying Your PNC Mortgage by Mail

You can besides mail in your monthly PNC mortgage payments. The mailing address varies based on state .
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PNC Mortgage Address
West Coast States East Coast States 
PNC Mortgage P.O. Box 54828
Los Angeles, CA 90054
PNC Mortgage P.O. Box 6534
Carol Stream, IL 60197

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