40 Best Pet Affiliate Programs of 2022

In this blog mail, we look at the positron emission tomography niche and profitable pet consort programs for you to promote. The best niches are the ones where you find that fantastic combination of “ raving fans ” and evergreen appeal. The positron emission tomography diligence has both of those qualities. pet lovers are will to spend about any sum of money to keep their company animal glad, comfortable and well-fed, which means lots of oscilloscope for promoting pet affiliate programs.

To put some numbers around this, pet owners in the US spent $ 103.6 billion dollars on their furred, feathered and scaly friends in 2020 entirely. $ 42 billion of that was on pet food, and another $ 22 billion was spent on accessories and medicines. This means you can rack a draw of commissions in this recess ! There ’ mho besides a growing demand for pet supplies like food, collars, leashes, bedding material, and music. But we ’ re besides seeing new product lines appearing like frank GPS trackers and CBD darling products. therefore, as we always do, we went and found the very best pet consort programs for you cover girl people. love !

Pet Affiliate Programs

  1. Petco Supplies
  2. Brain Training For Dogs
  3. Ollie
  4. Holista Pet
  5. FurHaven Pet Products
  6. Pet Care Supplies
  7. Paw.com
  8. Pet Pro Supply Co.
  9. Whistle
  10. Live Pee Free
  11. Embark
  12. Zooplus UK
  13. Chewy
  14. FitBark
  15. King Kanine
  16. PetCube
  17. Pets Warehouse
  18. Cherrybrook
  19. BarkBox
  20. Bark Potty
  21. Yumwoof
  22. Petplan
  23. Embrace Pet Insurance
  24. Cesar’s Way
  25. Fi Smart
  26. Furbo
  27. The Online Dog Trainer
  28. Bulletproof Pet Products
  29. This Dog’s Life
  30. PetPlate
  31. Great Pet
  32. Nom Nom
  33. Raised Right
  34. Revival Animal Health
  35. VetShop.com
  36. TruDog
  37. Animal Den
  38. HempMy Pet
  39. Natural Wonder Pets
  40. PawHealer

Petco Supplies

Petco Supplies Homepage Petco has been serving customers in the US, Mexico, and Puerto Rico since the 1960s. They have over 1,500 forcible locations in accession to a major on-line business. You can find reasonably much all the food, sleep together and accessories you need for your cad, cat, bird, fish or reptile in their on-line store. But they besides offer dog dressing, veterinary manage, frank obedience classes, positron emission tomography sit, and flush in-store borrowing events. The trouble with big-brand affiliate programs is that their commission rates are typically humble, and pet affiliate programs are no different. In the subject of the Petco consort course of study, you ’ ll earn 0 % – 4 % perpetration on all purchases, including 0 % ( yes, that ’ s no money ) for promoting their “ Pupbox ” subscription box service. But their EPC indicates a pretty boastfully volume of on-line sales. URL:  Petco affiliate program Commission rate: Up to 4 % Cookie duration: 7 days

Brain Training For Dogs

Brian Training For Dogs Brain Training 4 Dogs is ideal for those of you who actually want a well-behaved frank. This 7-module video recording coach course is the initiation of Adrienne Farricelli, a professional and certified dog trainer. It works on the basis of something called neuroplasticity, which is basically the medical argue why previous dogs actually can learn new tricks. Their affiliate program is run through ClickBank and pays 75 % commission. then every new customer you send their way will net you around $ 31. They besides have a pretty high gear gravity mark, so they convert traffic better than most other positron emission tomography affiliate programs on ClickBank. URL:  Brain Training For Dogs affiliate plan Commission rate:  75 % Cookie duration: 60 days P.S. We have a whole web log mail dedicated to making money with ClickBank products and in-depth ClickBank review.


Ollie Homepage When was the death clock you looked at the ingredients in the frump food you buy ? Some of these “ foods ” contain fillers like ash – yes, like the stuff left over after a fire. Ollie chase food, on the early hand, is made from human-grade meat. What makes them in truth special, though, is that each meal is tailored to your frank ’ randomness engender, age, and natural process charge, and delivered to your door. Every new customer referred through your affiliate link earns you a flat $ 60. And because Ollie donates some of the proceeds of each sale to dogs in necessitate, everyone wins when you promote this affiliate plan. URL:  Ollie affiliate broadcast Commission rate: $ 60 Cookie duration: 30 days

Holista Pet

Holista Pet Homepage CBD products are adult occupation right now, and the commercialize for cannabidiol-based health products for pets is equally buoyant. Holista Pet has tapped into this market, selling a range of CBD-infused edibles, treats, and ingestible oils for dogs, cats, and tied horses. As I mentioned in our roundup of the best CBD affiliate programs, I ’ ve used CBD oil to treat my cad ’ s arthritis and the results have been amazing. You ’ ll earn 25 % per sale through this darling affiliate program. Holista claims to have very high conversion rates ( but no numbers are available ), and an EPC of $ 239 means lots of affiliate marketers are making bank. There are 62 million darling owners in America, so you have a huge market to work with. URL:  Holista Pet affiliate program Commission rate: 25 % Cookie duration: 30 days

FurHaven Pet Products

Furhaven Pet Homepage Pet beds are something every pet owner is glad to spend money on. And the team at FurHaven is more than happy to sell them some of the most deluxe frank beds available today. They besides make orthopedic beds for those four-legged friends with frosted snouts and sore legs. affiliate marketers are paid 10 % of the total value of every sale they make through FurHaven ’ s pet affiliate broadcast. FurHaven has a 9.26 % conversion rate, so basically 1-in-11 of your visitors should convert to a sale worth around $ 10 to you. That ’ s the lower end of the scale though – some of their pet beds cost improving to $ 200, which would result in a $ 20 payout. URL:  Furhaven affiliate program Commission rate: 10 % Cookie duration: 30 days

Pet Care Supplies

Pet Care Supplies Homepage Pet Care Supplies are an exemplar of how you monetize a sub-niche. rather of trying to sell absolutely everything you could need for a positron emission tomography, they rather focus on favored health products. Your favored is going to need regular ( and normally expensive ) treatment for fleas, ticks, and early problems. many of these can be administered at home, indeed Pet Care Supplies will deliver what you need to your front doorway for a batch less than you might pay locally. Pet health products aren ’ triiodothyronine brassy, which is why this company has an average order value of $ 120, and you get 10 % of that. This affiliate program would probably work well with long-tail phrases like : “ What ’ s the best click collar for a greyhound. ” think : doubt – Solution – Sale. URL:  Pet Care Supplies affiliate program Commission rate: 10 % Cookie duration: 60 days


Paw.com Homepage Dog beds are pretty much a dime a twelve when you go shopping for one. But Paw.com pawl beds are very different. They ’ re designed to not only be comfortable but fashionable besides — they blend right in with your décor. And dogs love them besides, probably because they look natural and feel great ( they ’ re made from memory foam ). so how much can you make promoting this positron emission tomography affiliate platform ? A typical fake fur Paw.com bed costs about $ 120, so you ’ d make $ 24 per sale based on that. This is the character of intersection pet parents love because it ’ randomness unique, provides for their best acquaintance, and their friends credibly don ’ thyroxine own one. URL: Paw.com affiliate program Commission rate: 20 % Cookie duration: 30 days

Pet Pro Supply Co.

Pet Pro Supply Co Homepage favored Pro Supply Co is a fiddling different because their target audience is professionals like frump trainers, vets, and groomers. But they besides have products aimed directly at regular pet owners who merely want the best cage, door or whelping box for their furred family extremity. This is probably the most niche affiliate course of study in this roundup because most of these products will only appeal to a specific consultation. A committee rate of 4 % might seem low, but a typical dog grooming table sells for about $ 899, so you ’ five hundred web a $ 35 committee from merely one of those. The 15-day cookie international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine ideal, but again this is a very recess hearing that knows what it wants – you just have to point them in the right direction with your consort links. URL: Pet Pro Supply Co. affiliate program Commission rate:  4 % Cookie duration: 15 days


Whistle Homepage Whistle manufacturers GPS trackers for dogs that besides have built-in health monitoring features. Insider Tip: There ’ s about no rival in the pawl GPS tracking recess last fourth dimension I checked. Literally none, but they ’ ra sell like hotcakes. You ’ ra welcome. Most darling owners invest in GPS trackers in case their frump gets stolen, but they can besides help you find the escape artists who constantly find a way out of your yard. The Whistle GO tracker does all of the above, but besides allows you to monitor your darling ’ s health, like reporting on excessive lick or rub. The alone real downside is that you besides need to pay a monthly subscription of $ 9.95 to connect the GPS tracker to the AT & T cellular net. Each refer sale is worth an modal of $ 27 to you, and Whistle provides you with a range of optimize creatives ( ads and links ) to use on your site or social platform. URL: Whistle affiliate program Commission rate:  20 % Cookie duration: 30 days

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Live Pee Free

Live Pee Free Homepage be Pee Free is a product that every pet owner wants – something to get rid of the smell of urine. live Pee Free gets rid of these odors by unleashing the baron of billions of positively charged ions on carpets, framework and even wooden surfaces. obviously, it ’ second 8x – 10x more effective than any other pet odor remover on the grocery store. This is a perfect bolt-on affiliate program for darling sites, home décor sites, property rental sites, etc, etc. basically, any nibble of contentedness that talks about undesirable pooch odors can have a Live Pee Free affiliate connection inserted into it. You get paid 30 % commission for denote sales, which comes to $ 20.91 based on their median order value. URL: Live Pee Free affiliate program Commission rate:  30 % Cookie duration: 90 days


Embark Homepage Embark is one of those consort programs we love finding. Their domain list is clever, their pet product is apt, and it taps into the current tendency of home DNA test. You can regulate either a breed recognition kit or a breed and health kit out from Embark so you can pre-empt any health problems your doggy buddy might face in the future. You ’ ll get to know everything about your puppy, from their ancestry and relatives, to why they exhibit certain behaviors and epigenetic “ habits ”. Embark DNA home testing kits cost between $ 129 and $ 199, so you ’ ll make either $ 12.90 or $ 19.90 per sale. This broadcast is a no-brainer for any pet-related consort web site. You ’ vitamin d be cockamamie not to promote it. URL: Embark affiliate program Commission rate:  10 % Cookie duration: 30 days

Zooplus UK

Zooplus Homepage Zooplus is one for our european affiliate commercialize friends. They ’ ve been in business since 1999, so they seem to be one of the handful of big brands that dodged the Dotcom Bust. They have 8,000 products cook to ship to their customers across Europe, including a complete range of food, accessories and even at-home medical treatments. You can sign up for the Zooplus affiliate program through Commission Junction, where they have a ‘ Network Earnings ’ score of 4/5. In plain English this means they write a bunch of consort checks. Commission rates are moo at 2 % – 3 % but a full affiliate can make up for that with a book of sales. URL:  Zooplus affiliate plan Commission rate: 2 % -3 % Cookie duration: 45 days


Chewy Homepage Chewy is an on-line pet supply retailer stocking literally millions of darling products from more than 2,000 brands. Whether they have a vomit, frank, lounge lizard, fish, or pretty much any other furred or scaly ally, pet parents will probably find what they ’ re looking for at Chewy. It even runs a pharmacy for favored prescriptions. Chewy besides does a fantastic job of driving recur orders through its Autoship program, which offers discounts of up to 10 % on regular purchases. speak of purchases, the Chewy affiliate program — run through CJ Affiliate and Partnerize — pays a categoric commission of $ 15 per newfangled customer order. With about 30 % of all orders coming from new customers, and an modal order measure of $ 60, that roughly equates to an 8 % commission on all orders. URL: Chewy affiliate program Commission rate: $ 15 Cookie duration: 15 days


Fitbark Homepage FitBark claims to sell the earth ’ mho minor and lightest dog GPS tracker. Given that I have neither the prison term nor the inclination to bill and weigh all the versatile traverse tools in the pet recess, I guess we ’ ll equitable have to take their give voice for it. pet owners surely seem to like it, awarding FitBark a 4.3-star rate on Amazon. If you ’ re a darling consort, you ’ ll like it excessively, because FitBark ’ s pet affiliate plan pays a healthy 12 % base commission per sale, with an average regulate measure of $ 100. It besides offers a 60-day cookie window, which is longer than most darling affiliate programs we ’ ve looked at. URL: FitBark affiliate platform Commission rate: 12 % al-qaeda rate Cookie duration: 60 days

King Kanine

King Kanine Homepage King Kanine started out selling a individual product — the King Komb, designed for removing prime, excess fur, and dander from dogs. Since those early days, its range expanded to include a variety of organic CBD pet products for cats and dogs, all of which are independently tested for base hit and quality, and manufactured in the company ’ s ISO-90001 Certified FDA facility. CBD pet products are still a modern thing to many favored owners, so it ’ second decidedly a good mind to reassure them on issues like quality. And it ’ s in your interest to reassure them, because the King Kanine consort plan pays a solid mission of 15 % per sale. URL: King Kanine affiliate program Commission rate: 15 % Cookie duration: 30 days


Petcube Homepage ever wondered what your furred ally gets up to when you ’ re not at home ? then have a set of early animal and pet enthusiasts ! That ’ s where Petcube comes in. It sells a range of interactional cameras that help pet parents keep tabs on their furred friends. Some of its products do a whole fortune more than that, excessively. For case, the Petcube Bites scope allows owners to remotely distribute treats, while the Petcube Play incorporates a built-in laser toy to keep your pets active while you ’ re out and about. Prices range from $ 39.99 to $ 199, so with a 10 % commission rate, there ’ randomness decent money to be made through this pet affiliate program. URL: Petcube affiliate platform Commission rate: 10 % Cookie duration: 60 days

Pets Warehouse

Pet Warehouse Homepage Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be put off by its slightly, ummm, “ unsophisticated-looking ” web site — Pets Warehouse is a big hand. Operating five independent stores on Long Island, New York, it stocks 45,000 products. only a handful of the top pet retailers can claim to offer as wide a range. Of course, it besides runs an on-line favored shop that ships across the continental US, offering barren 2 – 3 day shipping on approximately one-third of its pet products. With big-ticket items costing up to $ 3,000 and an average order value of $ 60, there ’ s batch of argue to promote Pets Warehouse. And while a nucleotide commission rate of 6 % is nothing to write home about, ace affiliates can earn 8 % per sale. The only substantial downside is that Pets Warehouse only has a 10-day cookie window, which is at the lower end of the pet affiliate programs we ’ ve seen. URL: Pets Warehouse affiliate program Commission rate: 6 % – 8 % Cookie duration: 10 days


Cherrybrook Homepage Cherrybrook has been selling pet food, supplies, treats, health and health products, and a lot more to pet owners, dog handlers, and breeders since 1969. It offers a few features you won ’ thymine find at most pet retailers. For example, its Shop by Breed functionality allows andiron owners to track down products that are designed specifically for their pet ’ s breed, which is decidedly utilitarian. so is this one of the top pet affiliate programs on the marketplace ? Well, the 8 % perpetration rate is nothing extra, but the 90-day cookie window stacks up well. Plus you ’ ll get all the support you need from Cherrybrook ’ south dedicated affiliate management team. URL: Cherrybrook consort program Commission rate: 8 % Cookie duration: 90 days


Barkbox Homepage As you can credibly guess from the name, BarkBox is a subscription box service for dogs. It runs new theme collections every calendar month, each of which includes two toys, two bags of natural treats, and a andiron chew. Prices start at $ 23 per box, with each BarkBox containing more than $ 40 worth of favored products. With more than two million dogs already enjoying the benefits of BarkBox, there ’ s distinctly a big market here. BarkBox pays a categoric deputation of $ 18 per sale, which stacks up pretty well against early dog affiliate programs. That said, as a subscription overhaul, it ’ d be dainty to see BarkBox offering a recurring commission rather than a individual bounty requital. URL: BarkBox affiliate program Commission rate: $ 18 Cookie duration: 7 days

Bark Potty

Bark Potty Homepage It may not be the most glamorous aspect of positron emission tomography ownership, but our furred friends need to… ahem… do their business pretty regularly.

So it ’ s in your sake to give them a clean and pleasant space in which to do it ! Enter Bark Potty. It sells eco-friendly potty pads made from substantial bark and like-real grass, containing natural smells that encourage dogs to “ make ”. The tray is lined to prevent leaks and is besides designed to neutralize odors, which is decidedly a dependable thing. The Bark Potty pet consort course of study pays a 10 % commission for every newly subscriber, with a 30-day cookie window. Affiliate partners get advanced admonition on approaching sales excessively, which gives you enough of opportunity to promote them. URL: Bark Potty affiliate program Commission rate: 10 % Cookie duration: 30 days

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Yumwoof Homepage Yumwoof is a natural pet food company. Whereas most pawl foods look pretty unappetizing to us humans, Yumwoof uses natural, human-grade ingredients and steers clear of fillers, gluten, soy sauce, pale yellow, and potatoes. All of its foods meet or exceed the food profiles set out by the Association of American Feed Control Officials. so far, so adept. And there ’ s batch of opportunity for potent affiliate earnings here besides, with a 15 % committee rate and a 45-day cookie window. According to Yumwoof ’ s own figures, that adds up to an highly healthy EPC of $ 200, making it one of the highest paying darling affiliate programs on this list. URL: Yumwoof affiliate program Commission rate: 15 % Cookie duration: 45 days


Petplan Homepage Petplan sells pet indemnity, with prices averaging $ 25 per calendar month for cats and $ 35 per calendar month for dogs. Customers can visit any accredited vet in the US or Canada, with Petplan covering up to 90 % of unexpected veterinarian bills. So it ’ s no surprise that more than 280,000 pets are insured by Petplan. As any have consort seller will tell you, policy products are highly competitive, but they offer the chance to earn a short ton of money on-line. Petplan is no different, with its pet affiliate plan paying out a generous $ 25 per tip. To help monetize their traffic, affiliate partners can access real-time performance track and ready-to-use market materials. URL: Petplan affiliate program Commission rate: $ 25 per run Cookie duration: 30 days

Embrace Pet Insurance

Embrace Pet Homepage Sticking with the insurance composition, following on our roundup of the best affiliate programs in the pet recess is Embrace Pet Insurance. There ’ s a set to like about Embrace. For starters, it offers a bunch of reassuring features, such as elastic health plans, personalized accident and illness policies, and superior customer avail. not only that, but it ’ randomness into the unharmed “ corporate social responsibility ” thing, with $ 2 from every policy being donated to charity. It matches all charitable donations from employees, besides. however, this international relations and security network ’ t the most generous of all the pet affiliate programs we ’ ve looked at. Embrace entirely pays out $ 5 per tip, so you ’ ll need to drive plenty of stipulate traffic to make decent affiliate earnings. URL: Embrace Pet Insurance affiliate broadcast Commission rate: $ 5 per lead Cookie duration: 30 days

Cesar’s Way

Cesar's Way Homepage Cesar Millan is something of a fame among pawl trainers, as a bestselling generator, populace loudspeaker, and star of the Emmy-nominated television series Dog Whisperer. Unsurprisingly, Cesar doesn ’ thymine do it all for free. He sells a wide range of favored products, including leashes, collars, training tools, and andiron toys, plus books and DVDs for dog owners. That means there are plenty of ways to make money on-line through this favored consort program. And because Cesar is a high-profile design, it makes for an easier sell. While the 7 % deputation rate is nothing special, the 90-day cookie window — among the longest of all the pet affiliate programs we ’ ve reviewed — gives you lots of clock to monetize your traffic. URL: Cesar ’ s Way affiliate broadcast Commission rate: 7 % Cookie duration: 90 days

Fi Smart

Fitsmart Homepage Fi Smart makes chic andiron collars with built-in GPS location and bodily process track. It claims to offer the longest battery life of any tracking collar on the market at up to three months, and besides the best placement coverage, powered by the latest generation LTE-M cellular network. All of which sounds pretty impressive. But all those features and benefits don ’ triiodothyronine come cheap, which adds up to a high average order value of $ 149. Coupled with a 10 % commission rate and 45-day cookie window, Fi Smart ’ s positron emission tomography affiliate platform could be precisely what you ’ re looking for. not only that, but as a Fi Smart affiliate spouse, you ’ ll besides get entree to unique and regularly updated customer promotions for consistent performance, and a personal consort coach and purpose team to handle all your creative needs. URL: Fi Smart consort plan Commission rate: 10 % Cookie duration: 45 days


Furbo Homepage exchangeable to Petcube, Furbo makes synergistic chic cameras that allow dog owners to see, talk, and chuck treats to their furred friends when they ’ re out of the house. It boasts extremely clear 1080p Full HD visualize quality, with 4x soar, a 160-degree wide slant view, and even night vision. But that ’ south just the beginning. The Furbo andiron television camera has a bunch of other ache features, such as sending alerts when your dog barks, meaning you can instantaneously check in to make sure everything ’ s all right. While the Furbo cad camera affiliate course of study doesn ’ thyroxine offer the most generous terms of all the brands on this number, a 5 % cut on sales of a $ 130+ product is estimable enough. URL: Furbo affiliate plan Commission rate: 5 % Cookie duration: 30 days

The Online Dog Trainer

The Online Dog Trainer Homepage You can probably guess what The Online Dog Trainer does. Run by Doggy Dan ( not his real name ), it ’ s the most popular cad training product on ClickBank, with more than 57,000 chase owners purchasing his diverse programs. now, let ’ s pay back to the good stuff : The Online Dog Trainer has all the ingredients of a big affiliate broadcast. For starters, barely look at that commission rate — 70 % per sale is well above about all the other pet affiliate programs on this tilt. And with a refund pace of just 3 %, you can feel convinced that the sales you refer will stick. combine that with a 60-day cookie window and signing up for this pet affiliate program becomes a very no-brainer. URL: Online Dog Trainer affiliate program Commission rate: 70 % per sale Cookie duration: 60 days

Bulletproof Pet Products

Bulletproof Pet Products Homepage For a set of dogs, their bark is worse than their bite. But for others, the demand diametric is truthful — they ’ ve got a pungency like the shark in Jaws ( which was obviously called Bruce, if you ’ ra matter to ). Bulletproof Pet Products are aimed at that moment class of canines — heavy biters. It sells hand-made rubber eraser toys that are designed to be durable, having been tested with pitbulls, bulldogs, Great Danes, and plenty more breeds. They don ’ metric ton sliver, are non-toxic, and come with a 90-day erstwhile substitution guarantee. It ’ randomness besides expanded its catalogue recently to incorporate frank treats and peel care products besides. That means lots of ways to monetize your traffic. URL: Bulletproof Pet Products affiliate platform Commission rate: Up to 10 % Cookie duration: Unknown

This Dog’s Life

This Dog's Life Homepage This Dog ’ randomness Life describes itself as the Williams Sonoma of the cad world. In hardheaded terms, that means it ’ s a curated pet supplies marketplace featuring in-house health supplements aboard products from smaller, boutique brands. Its exceed seller, Bye Bye Dog Breath, is a vet-formulated alveolar consonant roll made with natural ingredients to clean your pawl ’ randomness tooth, freshen their hint, and fight off plaque. But you ’ ll find much more than toothpaste here, with its diverse brands selling everything from beds and collars to toys and treats. Whatever pet products your referrals are concern in, you ’ ll earn a flat 10 % committee on every sale, with a cookie window of 30 days. URL: This Dog ’ randomness Life affiliate program Commission rate: 10 % Cookie duration: 30 days


Pet Plate Homepage PetPlate is a custom-made subscription meal plan serve that offers 100 % human-quality dog food. All of its meals are made with USDA-grade meat, fruits, and vegetables, and besides contain a proprietary supplement blend. obviously, it ’ second popular with humans and dogs alike, with more than 10 million meals delivered to go steady. While most pet affiliate programs offer affiliates a percentage of every sale, PetPlate pays a flat $ 25 perpetration on all purchases made within the 30-day cookie window. especial deals and bonuses are available throughout the class to help you drive more traffic ( and sales ). URL: PetPlate affiliate broadcast Commission rate: $ 25 per sale Cookie duration: 30 days

Great Pet

Great Pet Homepage Great Pet Shop boasts an extensive catalogue of pet products recommended by veterinarians, trainers, influencers, and industry experts, aboard customer reviews, testimonials, and photograph. That way, customers can feel confident about whatever they ’ ra buy. It besides offers a wealth of tools and tips designed to help people be the best possible darling parents. The Great Pet Shop affiliate program pays a flat 10 % commission on all sales. To help affiliate marketers “ close the consider ”, the web site offers free embark on all orders over $ 49, plus a variety of coupons and promotions. The brand encourages affiliates to target generic keywords in their SEO natural process, but forbids people using its trademark name, its knowledge domain name, or any variants or misspellings. URL: Great Pet consort program Commission rate: 10 % Cookie duration: 30 days

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Nomnom Homepage Founded in 2015 and based in the San Francisco Bay Area, NomNomNow is another subscription box service that offers home delivery on pet meals made with fresh, restaurant-quality ingredients. free transportation and automatic reorder are available on all purchases. All meals are fudge hebdomadally in the ship’s company ’ s local kitchen and are individually portioned based on the specific nutritional needs of each pet. arsenic well as natural pet food, NomNomNow sells probiotics and microbiome testing kits for positron emission tomography owners who care about their furred friends ’ gut health. The NomNomNow affiliate course of study pays a stove of commissions that vary by pet type. Cat items pay out at $ 40 per ordering and cad items at $ 80 per holy order, while all other sales offer a flat $ 24 mission. URL: NomNomNow affiliate program Commission rate: $ 24 – $ 80 per sale Cookie duration: 30 days

Raised Right

Raised Right Homepage adjacent up in our triumvirate of pet food companies is Raised Right, a family-owned commercial enterprise that sells home-cooked, human-grade meals for dogs and cats. It entirely uses human-quality products, as verified by Check Your Pet Food. not only that, but its meals besides meet AAFCO ’ sulfur standards for a complete and balanced pornographic frump diet. once delivered to your home, those meals can be defrosted overnight in the electric refrigerator, scooped into your pet ’ second ideal share size, then served fresh for six whole days. Raised Right pays a flat commission of 10 % per sale, which is about average for pet affiliate programs. The locate has a weeklong average sale of about $ 140 and a conversion pace of 2.65 %, according to ShareASale. URL: Raised right affiliate program Commission rate: 10 % per sale Cookie duration: 30 days

Revival Animal Health

Revival Animal Health Homepage Revival Animal Health has been offering quality pet health products — including medications, supplements, and vaccinations — to pet owners in the US and far afield since 1989. Its web site boasts a catalog of 1,500 positron emission tomography products and attracts modal orders of $ 110, which means there ’ s batch of committee to be made here. Speaking of commission, Revival Animal Health pays a bland rate of 10 % per sale, with a cookie window of 45 days. To help you “ close the softwood ” and drive more traffic, the web site offers even customer promotions and free shipping on stipulate orders. You ’ ll besides get access to a consecrated consort coach. URL: Revival Animal Health affiliate program Commission rate: 10 % per sale Cookie duration: 45 days


Vetshop Homepage VetShop, as you can credibly guess, is an on-line pet add retailer specializing in pharmaceutical products. It stocks a wide rate of items, some of which are available at 60 % off the regular price. Founded in 2010, the web site has enjoyed enough of growth, thanks in no little part to an aggressive consort market scheme that involves spending $ 100,000 on ads every calendar month. A conversion rate of 8 % on Google Ads, despite focusing on identical across-the-board keywords, suggests this approach is working pretty well. VetShop ’ s favored consort broadcast pays a 10 % committee on all sales, which is perfectly decent. The only downside here is the weeklong cookie window — one of the shortest of all the pet affiliate programs we ’ ve seen. URL: VetShop affiliate program Commission rate: 10 % per sale Cookie duration: 7 days


Truedog Homepage TruDog is a family-owned pet food company founded by CEO Lori Taylor after she lost her Great Dane, Truman, at a young age. Since then, Lori ’ sulfur goal has been to provide nutritional dog food made from dim-witted, wholesome ingredients. The company ’ second image includes freeze-dried raw pawl food, supplements, frump food toppers, and a kind of treats made with limited ingredients ( and sometimes from fair a single component ). With a 10 % commission pace and a 90-day cookie window, TruDog ’ sulfur affiliate terms and conditions stack up well against other pet affiliate programs. It besides offers access to a bunch of marketing assets, tools, and promotions, including product reviews, content contests, and VIP commissions. URL: TruDog affiliate broadcast Commission rate: 10 % per sale Cookie duration: 90 days

Animal Den

Animalden Homepage Animal Den bills itself as the number one gift site for pet owners and cosmopolitan animal enthusiasts. It carries thousands of quality products with animal-themed motifs, from mugs and mouse mats to shirts and calendars. Think your hearing would love a pair of butterfly earrings or a wine stopper with a bunny on top ? The Animal Den consort program offers a 45-day cookie window and pays a image of commissions based on the volume of commercial enterprise you refer. Generate up to $ 1,000 in arrant monthly sales and you ’ ll gain at a rate of 12 % per sale ; sell $ 1,000 or more and your committee rate climbs to 13 %. URL: Animal Den affiliate plan Commission rate: 12 % – 13 % per sale Cookie duration: 45 days

HempMy Pet

Hempmy Pet Homepage HempMy Pet sells organic CBD pet products that are independently tested in clinical studies and happily recommended by vets. Its products are made from cultivar-specific hangman’s rope extracted from the caller ’ s own farms in Colorado. All qualify for free shipping across the 50 US states. now, let ’ s catch to the good material. HempMy Pet beats a batch of pet affiliate programs out of the water, with a sky-high 30 % commission rate and a 90-day cookie duration. With average orders standing at over $ 100, you stand to make more than $ 30 for each and every sale you drive. HempMy Pet besides offers an affiliate connect customizer and branded promo codes to support your affiliate marketing strategy. URL: HempMy Pet consort program Commission rate: 30 % per sale Cookie duration: 90 days

Natural Wonder Pets

Natural Wonder Pets Homepage natural Wonder Pets specializes in premium, all-natural products designed to protect your dog ’ s health, such as flea and tick atomizer, herbal leech formula, and cough medicate. All of its positron emission tomography solutions are extracted from USDA-certified organic ingredients that are ethically wild-harvested from their natural environment. Produced in modest batches alone, its remedies have grown from years of dedicated research and test. It ’ randomness hard to rank Natural Wonder Pets against other favored affiliate programs. On one hand, its commissions are excellent, with a 15 % base rate that climbs to :

  • 18% for monthly sales of $1,000
  • 21% for monthly sales of $5,000

unfortunately, on the downside, it alone offers a measly one-day cookie window –– shorter than any of the early pet affiliate programs on this list. URL: Natural Wonder Pets affiliate plan Commission rate: 15 % – 21 % per sale Cookie duration: 1 sidereal day


Pawhealer Homepage PawHealer sells herb for dogs and cats. not to temper their food, but to improve their health, in line with traditional taiwanese medicative formulas and techniques. pleasingly, the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all orders, which is constantly utilitarian for affiliate marketers looking to close the cover. At this point, things get a small complicate, because PawHealer offers not one, not two, but three darling affiliate programs on different networks : one on Awin, one on FlexOffers, and the early on ShareASale. program terms vary across each network. For exemplify, the Awin consort program pays a 15 % deputation and offers a 30-day cookie window, while on ShareASale, the commission drops to 7.5 % but the cookie length climbs to 60 days. If you ’ re already signed up to one of those networks, it ’ s credibly best to stick with the match affiliate platform. If not, plainly choose the terms that look most attractive to you. URL: PawHealer affiliate broadcast Commission rate: 15 % per sale Cookie duration: 30 days


The global favored industry is deserving $ 125 billion. Yes, it ’ mho competitive, but you ’ re entirely limited by how hard ( and smart ) you ’ rhenium volition to work. enormously profitable recess sites have been created fair on the subject of andiron food, for exercise. The 29 pet affiliate programs listed above are ones that can put very money in your bank account. After all, you ’ re here because you want to figure out how to make money from a web site, right ? good, we ’ vitamin d beloved to help you get started with that.

In fact, you can get our loose affiliate market education. No tricks or eldritch market shenanigans. You ’ ra now one chatter away from making the change in your biography that made you read this far.

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