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ball-shaped commitment program launched by PepsiCo
Pepsi Stuff was a major commitment program launched by PepsiCo, first in North America on March 28, 1996 [ 1 ] and then around the world, [ citation needed ] featuring premiums — such as T-shirts, hats, denim and leather jackets, bags, and batch bikes [ 1 ] — that could be purchased with Pepsi Points through the Pepsi Stuff Catalog or on-line. Customers could acquire points from particularly marked Pepsi packages and fountain cups. extra points were sold both by Pepsi and by consumers, the latter chiefly enabled by eBay. [ citation needed ] The first base Pepsi Stuff promotion ended on October 31, 1996. It was relaunched 12 years late on February 1, 2008, ended on December 31, 2008, and was relaunched as Pepsi Pass in August 2015. Pepsi Stuff was relaunched on January 22, 2018 with retro editions of Pepsi, and ended on February 28, 2019. [ 2 ]

history [edit ]

Program origin [edit ]

The premium-based commitment platform of PepsiCo called Pepsi Stuff was launched in the United States on March 28, 1996. [ 1 ] Points were distributed on four billion packages [ 3 ] and billions of cups and millions of consumers participated. According to some sources, the first Pepsi Stuff campaign significantly outperformed The Coca-Cola Company ‘s much-anticipated Atlanta Olympics Summer with growth three times larger than Coca-Cola ‘s and two points of parcel gained by Pepsi. [ citation needed ] Pepsi Stuff continued to run throughout North America due to consumer and bottler demand, and was finally expanded to include Mountain Dew and other drinks, and into many international markets. It ended on October 31, 1996. In answer to the campaign, The Coca-Cola Company accelerated and extended its rebate price programs. [ citation needed ]
To start their 2018 promotion, PepsiCo released cans and bottles with their 1973–87 logo. A short time subsequently, this logo would include Michael Jackson on it.

partnership with yahoo ! [edit ]

A five-month promotion was launched August 1, 2000 by PepsiCo and Yahoo !. Yahoo ! powered the network presence of the Pepsi Points premium program, and a new logo was placed on Pepsi products with the line “ Pepsi Stuff.com, Powered by yokel ! ” [ 4 ] Pepsi Stuff was one of the first gear major consumer promotions to feature a dedicate interactional Web locate. [ citation needed ] Celebrities like Andre Agassi, David Beckham, Beyoncé, Cindy Crawford, Jimmy Fallon, Jeff Gordon, Derek Jeter, John Lee Hooker, Shaquille O’Neal, Deion Sanders, Shakira, Britney Spears, and the Spice Girls appeared in television, print, and Internet advertising promoting Pepsi Stuff. [ citation needed ] PepsiCo produced over 200 million catalogs each year, billions of Pepsi points, and an extensive line of free trade .

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lawsuit [edit ]

PepsiCo advertised Pepsi Stuff in a Super Bowl ad in 1996. In that ad, Pepsi advertised a Harrier Jump Jet as a choice that can be redeemed for 7,000,000 points. John Leonard realized that if he obtained 15 points, and paid for the pillow of the points with a check, the jet would be cheaper than what it would cost to buy. so Leonard mailed it to Pepsi but then Pepsi refused to give him a combatant k. A lawsuit was filed in an undertake by a party to obtain a combatant jet for 7,000,000 buy points. It was dismissed and is reported at Leonard v. Pepsico, Inc., 88 F. Supp 2d 116 ( S.D.N.Y. 1996 ). He did not get the jet and if he did, military capabilities would have had to be stripped, which would have made it unable to fly vertically. [ 5 ]
During the 2018 promotion, Pepsi has re-released several of their logos with celebrated musicians who were featured in their prior ad campaigns, including Ray Charles on a 1990s-style can alike to this one .

early Pepsi campaigns [edit ]

In the years after the initial Pepsi Stuff promotion, both Pepsi and Coca-Cola have introduced other promotions in a alike vein to the master campaign. Some promotions involved a variety show of merchandise, while others involved specific products, such as Cash or MP3s. Pepsi ‘s 2002–2003 iTunes crusade fizzled when entirely 500 cap codes were redeemed. besides in 2006, Pepsi introduced Pepsi Access in Canada to compete with iCoke, although that campaign ended in 2007. [ citation needed ]

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The competition [edit ]

In 2005, The Coca-Cola Company launched iCoke, a identical similar program to Pepsi Stuff in which consumers collect points printed on packages in Canada. On February 28, 2006 — about ten years after the first gear Pepsi Stuff promotion began — The Coca-Cola Company responded with the launch of its first U.S. commitment plan and biggest promotion ever, My Coke Rewards, a premium program that is managed through four-billion unique codes that consumers can enter on-line to redeem over $ 50 million worth of premiums. [ 6 ]
For the bottles Pepsi would provide a code under the bottle capital while in the cans it was inside the promotion box that it ‘s shipped in

Rebooting Pepsi Stuff [edit ]

On February 1, 2008, Pepsi relaunched the program, this prison term in partnership with Amazon MP3 and with a dedicate web site that provides a “ patronize ” experience modeled on the Amazon web site. Amazon ‘s partnership follows to Amazon ‘s actual web site, where the option to pay for sealed designate items with Pepsi Points alternatively of traditional requital methods, is available. Pepsi once again relied on celebrities to advertise the promotion, including a Super Bowl touch starring Justin Timberlake and featuring Andy Samberg from Saturday Night Live. [ citation needed ] This promotion ended on December 31, 2008. [ 7 ]

1940 ’ s, 50 ’ mho and 60 ’ mho versions of the cans

Relaunch as Pepsi Pass [edit ]

The program relaunched in 2015 as Pepsi Pass, [ 8 ] with different ways consumers could earn points : Either through the course of study ‘s app downloaded through iTunes or Google Play ( for 500 points ), finding codes under caps ( for 1,000 points ), or entering the code from the Pepsi web site ( for 100 points ). This time, the prizes included endowment cards, electronics, and more .
Pepsi would last re-release the 1998–2008 logo for the 2018 forwarding. This would late have Britney Spears on these cans and bottles .

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Relaunch under Pepsi Stuff name [edit ]

The program relaunched January 22, 2018, reused the old Pepsi Stuff name, and ended on February 28, 2019. Like all programs using the name, points could be earned by finding codes on caps and box. But this time, the platform partnered with the NFL to add NFL merchandise as part of the possible prize users could get, in addition to premiums and drawings for concert tickets. Users could besides download retro posters with their points as well .

point values [edit ]

different products had codes worth unlike point values ; single bottles by and large had one point while can 12-packs had two and 24-packs had four. Codes from Pepsi NFL Kickoff 12-packs were worth four points. Items available for redemption through the promotion ranged in prize from 5 points ( MP3 song download ) to 175 points ( Vintage Pepsi logo hoodie sweatshirt ). Customers could besides redeem points for submission in respective sweepstakes. [ citation needed ] In February 2010, Pepsi launched a alike rewards system in New Zealand on 1.5 liter bottles. Codes on the inwardly of the labels allowed consumers to purchase MP3s on Bandit.fm. It silent is around today and 20 snow leopard bottles are worth one point along with the tall 16 ounce cans individually .

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