Fact Check: The story of movie Pathan going viral on social sites, know what’s the truth?

Shah Rukh Khan, who is known for his style in Bollywood, is busy shooting for his new movie these days. Yes, and the mention of his new film is Pathan. There is a bunch of discussion about this film these days and after shooting for the film, King Khan has returned to Mumbai from Spain some time ago. now amidst all this, many people are seen boycotting this movie and in the meanwhile, a story is going viral on social sites which is being shown of Pathan film .
The story is something like this: “ A Pathan played by Shah Rukh Khan, his parents are killed by nameless assailants in his childhood. He grows up burning in the fire of retaliation and wants to find them and kill them. Who are the people ? This suspense will open at the end of the film, which will startle you ! In the meanwhile, a cleric brings him up like his own child and this poison in his mind is found in eden from the destruction of the infidels, and God gives there 72 nude hurras, rivers of English wine and organic honey. On this, Pathan, while tying the knot of his women ‘s salwar, asks that if there are naked 140-foot hooves, then why is there a ha-la-gu-happening here for the ‘hijab ‘ ? And if alcohol is halal there, why is there haram here ? To which the maulvi answers. See what you see in the movie ! With such a high-quality madrasa print education, it is boastfully. The film besides stars John Abraham and Deepika Padukone, who take the story ahead. One day, these people get the news program that in their eyes, the earth ‘s biggest villain, America, has taken the jumper cable in destroying Islam in Afghanistan, then these people go to Kabul to save Afghanistan. In this, John Abraham is sensitive ‘s agent, Mu-Salman Khan is of ISI and Deepika is an internet liberal, who keeps on boosting the Vamismian agenda. When these people are in Afghanistan, the government there tries to take the people there from animalism to humanity, which the Government of India helps a set and wants to launch a project through which the image and destiny of Afghanistan can change, But at the behest of ‘ISI ‘ and ‘ISIS, ‘ this Pathan gang tries to spread that project .
That project is a very big decameter that will generate so much electricity that Afghanistan will set up therefore many industries with it that it can compete with China, but the Pathan crowd which goes there and is seen standing with Afghanistan, but is with the Taliban, they conspire and put hurdles. Deepika besides tries to demolish the narrative, which will stop Afghanistan from developing, but she does not get success. Just like the skybook is a fictional record and Paradise is besides a mere copy of the Hindu eden. interim, Deepika has returned after participating in a motion that took place in India ‘s Dishaheenbagh and from there she gives rise to an illegal revolution .
She names her son Pappu. Pappu turns 15 and returns to Deepika. One sidereal day Pappu remembers his former parentage, which shows him that in the previous life he was a communist Hindu and did not believe in rebirth, but there is metempsychosis, which he himself is a witness to and his faith in Sanatan Dharma and he becomes a Hindu in his affection. This Pappu now likes to call himself Tulsi Ram. One day, when Tulsiram comes to know the reality of the Pathan gang, he tells Deepika and The indian government ‘s agent John Abraham. The Pathan gang conspires to kill Tulsiram, but Tulsiram is nowadays a fan of Shiva and escapes every time by the grace of Shivji. then the Pathan crowd wants to blow the decameter by ordering RDX from Pakistan so that Afghanistan can not progress and indian engineers and hundreds of labourers who help in building the dam can be killed. It besides plants RDX. Which there is fierce fighting to defuse and the dam is saved. In the interim, there is an approach by the Taliban, in which the indian government does the work of saving the people there and evacuates its citizens. When the Taliban ‘s influence increases there, the indian ‘Pathan ‘ gang goes to prostrate them, but the Taliban do n’t flush spit on them and describe them as ‘converted ‘ and take up arms to kill them. Seeing this, Pathan sits on the wings of the Indian Air Force aircraft, which is returning to India, and some judge to escape by hanging from its tyres but falls on the way.

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Reading: Fact Check: The story of movie Pathan going viral on social sites, know what’s the truth?

In this way, the perch of the Pathan community, which is said to be brave, is opened. Does the worldly concern know that the Pathan ‘s gathaan was tied by person by Harisingh Nalwa ? It is besides known that their grandmothers had opened the salwar in movement of the sword, so they became Pathans, earlier all were Hindus. You ‘re not reading it as a real floor, are you ? precisely as the ancestors of the Pathans are sanatani and the kin is fabricated, so is this floor.

In this way, this narrative is fast going viral on the social site and it is being said that no one will watch the movie and the one who will see will be Pathan. however, in our Fact Check, this history was not found to be compensate and there is no evidence of this floor. therefore far, nothing has come out about the film to say that this floor is correct. It is barely a rumor that is fast going viral on social sites at the moment.

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