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COVID-19 Specific Questions
Do you accept Pass/No Pass courses for prerequisites?
We presently accept Pass/No Pass grades for our statistics and psychology/sociology prerequisites. In light of the situation, we will accept Pass/No Pass grades for our skill prerequisites that were taken in 2020 as well. We will not accept science pass/no die courses taken in any early year .
My institution just went to all online courses, will you accept those?

Yes, we have always accepted on-line coursework and lab from any regionally accredit institution .
My Patient Care Experience, shadowing or volunteer experiences have been altered due to COVID-19, how can I let you know that in the application? 
CASPA has added an optional test question so that applicants can describe the ways COVID-19 has impacted them. It besides asks for how COVID-19 has impacted students academically and personally. We will take that information into consideration in the review process .
Will health screener, COVID-19 screener and contact tracer be accepted as Patient Care Experience? 
While those experiences can be of prize to you in your path to become a PA, we will not be accepting those hours as Patient Care Experience. If those are merely a fortune of your job duties and the other duties are more traditional, than potentially we will accept those hours. For any questions about Patient Care Experience, please e-mail Leah Baldwin : leahbaldwin @ .
In light of COVID-19, will you be accepting remote patient care experiences?
We will review remote affected role care experiences on a event by case footing. In general, if the job duties are basically the same and we already consider them as affected role manage experience ( as in scribing ) we will accept it .
Standard Frequently Asked Questions
When did the PA program start?
Pacific University ’ randomness School of Physician Assistant Studies brought in their first class in 1997 and they graduated in 1999. The program was moved to the newly constructed Health Professions Campus in Hillsboro, OR in 2006 .
Is the program accredited?
The Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant ( ARC-PA ) has granted Accreditation-Continued condition to the Pacific University Physician Assistant Program. Accreditation-Continued is an accreditation condition granted when a presently accredited program is in submission with the ARC-PA Standards .
What type of degree does this program offer?
Upon the successful completion of the 27-month continuous program, graduates will receive a master of skill in doctor adjunct studies degree .
Do you offer a bachelor’s level PA program?
No we do not offer a bachelor ’ south course of study. Please see details about our bachelor degree completion program for those wishing to enter our overlord ’ sulfur level broadcast without a knight bachelor ’ s degree .
What is unique about your didactic curriculum?
The didactic course of study is organized into blocks to allow for a comprehensive and incorporate approach to learning medicate across the life by harmonium system. There is a strong emphasis on critical think, trouble clear, case-based learn and evidence based clinical exercise. Each clinical medicine module contains anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, clinical skills, testing ground studies, study of disease states, pharmacology, behavioral medicine, contraceptive medicine, and testify based healthcare ( EBHC ). Please visit our course of study page for more details .
Where are your clinical rotations?
Our clinical rotations are located throughout the United States. While they are primarily in the western one-half of the US, we do offer rotations in Alaska, Hawaii and the east coast as well. Our clinical team works with each person student to establish a plan for their rotations. Their first precedence is making indisputable each scholar receives the education they need to graduate and be a successful clinician. Geographic and peculiarity preferences are then taken into consideration but can not be guaranteed. It is not possible for any student to have their clinical rotations in one location and students are expected to travel. The School believes that a scholar is better prepared by having the opportunity to rehearse with a diverseness of patient demographics. International rotations are offered and students apply to complete one during their clinical class if desired .
Do I have to move to Hillsboro, OR?
Yes, our didactic course of study is taught in person at our Hillsboro Health Professions Campus and not online .
When do you start a new class?
We bring in a new class once a year and they begin at the end of May. The program is approximately 27 months in duration so gradation takes position in August .
What’s your class size?
We start a newly class of 60 students each class .
Do you offer a cadaver lab?
Yes, our protactinium students use and have access to our Human Anatomy Lab with cadavers hera on our Hillsboro campus. The Lab is shared by all of our health profession programs .
Do I need a completed bachelor’s degree to apply?
A Bachelor ‘s Degree is not required, but is often obtained anterior to matriculation. Please see details about our knight bachelor degree completion course of study for those wishing to enter our master ’ s level broadcast without a bachelor ’ s degree .
What type of experience qualifies for the minimum 1,000 hours of direct patient care?
Please review the information found here for Patient Care Experience .
A minimum of 1,000 hours of direct ( hands-on ) patient care/health wish experience in a placement of duty is required of all applicants. Shadow experience with a doctor adjunct may count towards the prerequisite, but will not fulfill the prerequisite completely .
Please note : The Admissions Committee will consider the entire issue of hours accumulated “ at the meter ” you submit your CASPA application .
No consideration will be given to hours projected for the future .
If you have questions regarding your hours, please contact Leah Baldwin at leahbaldwin @ .
How do I document my patient contact experience?
The method acting to document this know is through the CASPA on-line application.

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Does all of my direct clinical patient care experience need to be completed by the time I apply to the program?
Yes, you must have completed at least 1,000 hours of direct patient concern experience when your application is submitted. The committee will not accept hours projected for the future .
How can I make sure I’ve taken the correct prerequisites?
We recommend completing and submitting the prerequisite worksheet with a copy of your unofficial transcripts for review by the Graduate Admissions touch ( Leah Baldwin ) for the program. The prerequisite worksheet can be downloaded and printed. Instructions are included on the worksheet of how to submit it .
When do prerequisites need to be completed?
In order for students to be eligible to enter the program, prerequisites must be completed by December 31st of the year prior to submission. For exemplar, if a scholar is concern in starting our program in May 2023, prerequisites must be completed by December 31, 2022 .
Is there a time limitation on the required prerequisite coursework?
Anatomy and Physiology courses must have been completed within seven years of matriculation ( the start of the course of study ). other course ferment and degree completion has no time restriction. We ask applicants to use their best judgment in ensuring their ability to understand the foundational concepts of biology, anatomy, physiology, chemistry and statistics in preparation for the program .
Do you offer any waiver for the seven year expiration of Anatomy and Physiology?
We do not offer any release or exemption of the seven year Anatomy and Physiology exhalation. We feel students are most successful when they have had an academician class of Anatomy and Physiology recently .
What can I do if my Anatomy and Physiology has expired?
You do not need to take the stallion series over again. We will accept one course or one term as a refresher. You can take a standalone Anatomy ( with lab ) run or a standalone Physiology ( no lab required ) course. You can besides take one term of a aggregate course ( the entire series is not required ) .
Will you accept community college credit or online credit?
We will accept credit a long as the institution is regionally accredited and the course is the appropriate grade .
Do you require the GRE, MCAT, CASPer or PA-CAT to apply to the program? Will my application be more competitive if I take any of those tests?
No, our program does not require any of those tests to apply. While the CASPA application will allow applicants to submit test scores, the Admissions Committee does not consider this information within its evaluation of an application .
Do you require a minimum GPA to apply to the program?
Yes. The Biology, Chemistry and Physics ( BCP ), GPA and the last 45 credits GPA must be above a 3.0 to be eligible .
What if my GPA is below the minimum requirements?
Pacific University will not review applications that do not meet minimal criteria .
What are your average GPAs?
Pacific focuses on two independent GPAs ; the Science BCP GPA and the last 45 credits GPA. For both, the average is normally around a 3.60 to 3.80. Check our course profile for more information .
Is Pacific University on rolling admissions?
no, we are not on rolling admissions. An applicant is not more competitive if they submit their materials early. All applicants who meets the deadlines will have the same chance at an consultation .
Do I fill out the CASPA first and then will Pacific send me the Supplemental Application?
No, both are available on this web site. Pacific needs to receive both applications before evaluation and an applicant can submit the applications in any order .
When will I hear from the program?
We do not utilize a roll admissions process. It ‘s possible that an applicant will not hear from us until after the deadlines have passed and throughout the fall/winter. All communication will come to the electronic mail you gave to CASPA. To ensure notifications are received, designate donotreply @ and @ as “ safe ” sources on your electronic mail touch list. This will avoid your inbox from filtering authoritative messages as SPAM .
Is there a difference in tuition if I am an in-state resident or an out-of-state resident?
Pacific University is a private liberal arts institution which does not require in-state residence or hold a predilection for in-state candidates. Our tuition fees are the same for all applicants, in-state or out-of-state .
If I am an internationally trained medical professional, what steps must I take to apply?
We require all international students to obtain a valid and current F-1 visa or have permanent wave residency in the United States to apply to our program. In addition, all international based education must be evaluated by a credentials evaluator such as World Education Services, Academic Credentials Evaluation Institute or Education Credential Evaluators .
In summation, international students may need to prove english proficiency .
What resources does the program provide for financial aid, housing, health insurance, student life, etc.?
We recommend completing a FAFSA application starting January 1 for the academic class you intend to enroll in our program. The FAFSA lotion can be completed at the FAFSA web site. Pacific University is a participant in the Federal Family Education Loan Program ( FFELP ) which provides subsidize and unsubsidized loans to students based on want. You can find more details through the Office of Financial Aid .
In addition, the Pacific University School of Physician Assistant Studies program offers a competitive Community Service Scholarship to four incoming students each year. Students apply for this after they start classes in the PA program .
Our graduate students generally reside in off-campus caparison within Hillsboro and the surrounding communities. once admitted into the program, internal resource network and house opportunities are shared amongst current students. Pacific does not have any on-campus housing opportunities in Hillsboro.

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Pacific University offers a wide and comprehensive kind of resources including healthcare and rede services, approachability & accommodation services, student government and outdoor amateur programs .
If I have questions about the program or process, who can I contact?
Please call option or electronic mail Leah Baldwin, Associate Director of Graduate and Professional Admissions : 503-352-7224, leahbaldwin @ .

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