Ozark: 10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up The Show

The fib of the average Joe getting caught up in the condemnable underworld has been told many times, and Ozark offers an interesting necessitate now that Ozark is finished, with the final episodes airing on Netflix on April 29th, fans are trying to decompress the four seasons and all the play that occurred throughout. From Ruth finally finding happiness only to have it taken away, to Wendy ‘s death from a not-so-likable character to a contemn one, a lot happened .
It ‘s hard to describe Ozark in equitable a few words. But there are a few themes in the show that can, and have been, absolutely encapsulated via memes. Of course, each has a humorous twist to it, adding some carefreeness to a indicate that was anything but .

10 Unladylike

Ruth from Ozark at the office in a funny meme.
Via : FarcetheMusic.com
Ruth was the funniest character on Ozark, much with witty one-liners and rarely without a affirm word or two in every sentence. When she was trying to tone down her speech and be more polite, such as when she was working on getting her criminal record expunged, fans loved seeing Ruth undertake to express a softer side .
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It was clear throughout the read that Ruth could have been person very unlike from the woman she became if she had a different breeding. Fans got to see a glimpse of that by the end, where she did her best to be a little more lady-like while maintaining her define edge .

9 Don’t Mess With Helen

Helen from Ozark in a funny meme, sitting with a white blouse.
Via : Lovedmeme.com on Pinterest
Helen was Omar ‘s number-two, his lawyer who did the talking when he needed person to convince others of the repercussions if they didn ’ thymine follow along with his plans. She besides worked hard to get him out of jams when needed .
While she tragically died in one of the most barbarous deaths on Ozark, Helen represented the work ethic of all of the characters on the show : they did honorable things at times, and wholly dishonorable things at others. Either way, they rarely batted an eye because it was all equitable clientele .

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8 No One Likes Wendy

A funny meme from Ozark featuring Wendy and her brother.
Via : u/knzstarryeyed on Reddit
Any fan of the show knows that the contemn for Wendy was brewing slowly, but it came to a entire boil by the one-third season. Every word out of her mouth, every legal action, pointed to her being a army for the liberation of rwanda different person than the Wendy fans met in the beginning .
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This meme, which features the character of her brother who she let ( and arguably even helped ) get killed, makes the statement all the more powerful. She began as a fictional character fans loved to hate and ended as one fans simply despised .

7 Skylar Vs. Wendy

Split memes from Ozark featuring Skyler from Breaking Bad and Wendy from Ozark.
Via : 9gag.com
While Skyler White was a hat character from Breaking Bad, despite the fact that she was dealing with an out-of-control conserve who put them all in danger, Wendy Byrde from Ozark might give her a scat for her money .
interestingly, Wendy is more like Walter White in that she is the one who became drunkard with power after her conserve got them into a batch. While Marty seemed eager to get out, Wendy saw an opportunity to accomplish what she did n’t get the gamble to do early in her career due to family obligations. Her actions made fans despise the character by the final examination season .

6 Omar’s Demands

A meme featuring Omar from Ozark, sitting in his plane on the phone.
Via : u/NotTheKingInTheNorth on Reddit
This meme exaggerates Omar ‘s demands, but they did become greater and greater and less and less attainable as the testify went on. He much wanted Marty and Wendy to pull off the impossible, normally because he knew they were smart enough to figure out a way to do it .
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indeed, while the caption of the meme is an over-exaggeration, it did often seem as though Omar asked his fresh partners to do things for him that caused them to do unthinkable things in order to get it done .

5 It’s Fine, Really

Wendy from Ozark sitting and smiling fakely in a meme.
Via : 9gag.com
The meme humorously sums up what Wendy ‘s confront frequently looked like when she was doing business dealings. While many quotes from Ozark prove Wendy was the smartest character, she was besides the most pitiless and arguably hardhearted. She would deliver every line with a smile, but it never looked actual. It was obvious, even if she was n’t saying it, that she was n’t happy and she would make the person regret it if they did n’t follow through .
tied in the instances when she was getting what she wanted, the disingenuous smile was still there because Wendy knew whatever she got would cost her. indeed, the concept of chew pro quo was a recurring theme in the show, with Wendy constantly having to make one consider with person in order to get something from person else.

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4 I Quit!

Ruth from Ozark in a meme about quitting her job
Via : Digitalmomblog.com
Ruth was the firecracker on the prove, the pint-size, loud-mouthed, self-proclaimed redneck who was far smarter than anyone realized but never got an opportunity in life to apply herself. Once she did, however, she was not about to take orders from anyone. Ruth was always ferociously convinced in her decisions and did what she wanted to do, the way she wanted to do it .
Throughout the show, she threatened to quit and leave Marty in the lurch respective times. sadly, the room her character ‘s fib ended on Ozark was prophetic but sad .

3 Get Some Lemonade

A meme from Ozark featuring Darlene standing on her porch looking upset.
Via : Reddit
Darlene was one of the most terrific characters in Ozark, however she sometimes presented herself as a doting housewife and mother. She often lived in her own delusions, so it would make sum sense that she would greet guests in her home by stating that she would go get the lemonade to serve it up .
Chances are, if Darlene did n’t like what the person had to say or was trying to do, she would simply kill them and have others bury the body for her. That, in fact, was a common theme throughout the appearance : retiring characters who were actually barbarous .

2 Cool, Calm, And Collected

Marty from Ozark leaning against a wall in a meme.
Via : DailyStatuss.com
Despite how dangerous situations got, Marty always seemed to keep his cool, with the exception of the one time he let things boil up inside and had a fistfight during a road rage incident. aside from that one prison term, Marty was constantly the photograph of sedate, no matter the position .
even when having to stand in front of all the trust members and speak on behalf of Omar, he managed to look cool, calm air, and collected. It was alone when he was out of sight of everyone else that he would last let out some of his panic feelings .

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1 Charlotte Is Out

An image of Spongebob in funny meme about Ozark.
Via : u/Powerpointisboring on Reddit
This meme was created early in the show when Charlotte was younger and intelligibly going through a rebellious phase. She did come around late on as she matured, flush deciding to work in the “ family business ” to help get things done. The ultimate goal, of course, was constantly to help the kin get out of the batch and move back family to their honest-to-god lives .
family dinners were a recurring composition on the express, with the Byrdes trying therefore hard to have some sense of normalcy through all the folly. While it was initially Charlotte who wanted nothing to do with the chumminess – her resentment and sadness accounting for some of the saddest scenes on Ozark – it was Jonah who finally began to act out ampere well. In late seasons, it was the younger brother who would disappear from the always tense family dinner scenes .
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