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circle letters in the grid spell out “ BOOMERANG ”, and are in a BOOMERANG human body. besides, themed answers are phrase evocative of a BOOMERANG ’ S flight path :

Today’s Wiki-est Amazonian Googlies


1 Spec. for tires : PSI

Pounds per square inch ( PSI ) is a meter of imperativeness .

4 Alphabetical lunch : BLT

The BLT ( bacon, lettuce and tomato ) is the second-most popular sandwich in the US, after the plain old ham sandwich .

10 PC component : CPU

The central serve unit of measurement ( CPU ) is the independent part on the motherboard of a computer. The CPU is the contribution of the computer that carries out most of the functions required by a platform. Nowadays you can get CPUs in everything from cars to telephones.

15 Searches, like a pig does for truffles : ROOTLES

To “ rout ” about is to “ solution ” about, to dig with the snout .
Truffles are rooted out by pigs, or by particularly discipline dogs. The reason why pigs, specially sows, are so attract to truffles is that there is a chemical compound found within the truffle that is very like to androstenol, a sex pheromone found in the saliva of boars .

18 Starts up again : REBOOTS

The verb “ to boot ”, as used in the worldly concern of computers, comes from the give voice “ pull oneself up by one ’ second bootstraps ”. The idea is that the software that has to be loaded before a computer can do anything useful is called a “ bootstrap cargo ” .

26 Home of Triple-A baseball’s Rainiers : TACOMA

The Rainiers are a AAA consort of the Seattle Mariners baseball team located in Tacoma, Washington. The Rainiers have their roots in the Tacoma Tigers who first played in Tacoma in 1904, having moved from Sacramento .

32 Order to leave : SCAT

Our word “ scat ! ” means “ catch lost ! ” It comes from a 19th-century expression “ flying than randomness ’ guy ”, which meant “ in a great haste ”. The original give voice probably came from the words “ hiss ” and “ kat ” .

35 Eyeroll inducer, perhaps, briefly : PDA

Public display of affection ( PDA )

42 Dubai’s fed. : UAE

Dubai is one of the seven emirates that make up the confederation known as the United Arab Emirates ( UAE ). The two largest members of the UAE ( geographically ) are Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the only two of the seven members that have forbid power over UAE policy .

43 Information : DATA

Our give voice “ data ” ( singular “ datum ” ) comes from the Latin “ datum ” think of “ given ”. The theme is that data are “ things given ” .

48 Granola bit : OAT

The names “ Granola ” and “ Granula ” were trademarked back in the deep 1800s for whole-grain foods that were crumbled and baked until crisp. Granola was created in Dansville, New York in 1894 .

53 *Bamboozled … and what the circled letters, when connected in the proper sequence, can be? : THROWN FOR A LOOP

It ’ mho think that the lovely word “ bamboozle ” came into English from the scottish “ bombaze ” mean “ complicate ”. We ’ ve been using “ bamboozle ” since the very early 1700s .

61 Oxford campus : OLE MISS

“ Ole Miss ” is the nickname for the University of Mississippi located in Oxford, Mississippi. The name “ Ole Miss ” dates back to 1897, the inaugural year a scholar annual was published. The graduating class held a contest to name the annual and “ Ole Miss ” emerged as the achiever. The name stuck to the annual, and besides as a nickname for the school itself. The University of Mississippi sports teams have been known as the Rebels since 1936. Prior to 1936, they were known as the Mississippi Flood .

65 Neruda wrote one to “things” : ODE

“ Odes to Common Things ” is a collection of poems by Chilean poet Pablo Neruda. Included in the list of 25 odes is “ Ode to the Table ”, “ Ode to the Dog ”, “ Ode to the Artichoke ”, “ Ode to French Fries ” and “ Ode to Things ” .

67 Naval initials : USS

The abbreviation “ USS ” stands for “ United States Ship ”. The exercise of naming US Navy vessels in a standard format didn ’ thyroxine start until 1907, when President Theodore Roosevelt issued an executive order that addressed the issue .

68 46-yr.-old satire : SNL

NBC first aired a form of “ Saturday Night Live ” ( SNL ) in 1975 under the title “ NBC ’ s Saturday Night ”. The testify was actually created to give Johnny Carson some time off from “ The Tonight Show ”. Back then “ The Tonight Show ” had a weekend episode, and Carson convinced NBC to pull the Saturday or Sunday recordings off the breeze and hold them for subsequent weeknights in which Carson needed a break. NBC turned to Lorne Michaels and asked him to put together a assortment testify to fill the vacant slot, and he came up with what we now call “ Saturday Night Live ” .

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1 Wilbur of “Charlotte’s Web,” e.g. : PIG

“ Charlotte ’ s Web ” is a children ’ sulfur novel by author E. B. White. Charlotte is a barn spider, who manages to save the life of a hog named Wilbur. Wilbur is a pet hog, owned by the farmer ’ randomness daughter, Fern Arable. The fib besides includes a gluttonous rotter named Templeton who provides some light and amusing moments .

4 Many air rifles : BB GUNS

A BB gun is an air pistol or rifle that shoots birdshot known as BBs. Birdshot comes in a number of different sizes, from size 9 ( 0.070″ in diameter ) to size FF ( .230″ ). Birdshot that is size BB ( 0.180″ in diameter ) gives the air gun its name .

5 Trilogy with hobbits: Abbr. : LOTR

“ Lord of the Rings ” ( LOTR )

6 1982 sci-fi film set in a computer : TRON

Released in 1982, Disney ’ s “ Tron ” was one of the first mainstream films to make across-the-board habit of computer graphics. The chief function in the movie is played by Jeff Bridges. The original spawned a 2010 sequel called “ Tron : Legacy ”, a well as a 2012 television indicate called “ Tron : uprise ” .

9 Iced tea brand named for a Florida neighborhood : SOBE

The post list “ SoBe ” can be found on teas, juices and bottled waters. SoBe is an abbreviation for South Beach, the region in Miami Beach, Florida .

11 Best on drums : PETE

musician Pete Best is most celebrated as the beginning drummer with the Beatles. famously, Best was sacked from the set by director Brian Epstein. however, Epstein took this mistreat reluctantly, and at the request of Lennon, McCartney and Harrison. several stories have emerged about why the decision was made, but it seems that commemorate producers at Parlophone were insisting that a session drummer be used in the band ’ s first recordings, and things snowballed from there. And of course, Best was soon replaced by Ringo Starr .

12 Cold War initials : USSR

The term “ Cold War ” was coined by novelist George Orwell in a 1945 essay about the nuclear fail. Orwell described a populace under threat of nuclear war as having a “ peace that is no peace ”, in a permanent state of “ cold war ”. The specific consumption of “ cold war ” to describe the tension between the easterly bloc and the western allies is attributed to a 1947 speech by Bernard Baruch, adviser to Presidents Woodrow Wilson and Franklin D. Roosevelt .

14 Predators named for their prey : ANTEATERS

Anteaters tear open ant and termite nests using their sharp claws and then eat up the eggs, larva and mature ants using their tongues. They have very sticky saliva which coats the spit therefore making the feed identical efficient. The tongue besides moves very quickly, flicking in and out of the mouth at about 150 times per moment.

24 Beach lotion meas. : SPF

In theory, the sun protection factor ( SPF ) is a calibrated standard of the effectiveness of a sunscreen in protecting the hide from harmful UV rays. The idea is that if you wear a lotion with say SPF 20, then it takes 20 times arsenic much UV radiation sickness to cause the skin to burn than it would take without auspices. I say good stay out of the sun …

25 School URL ending : EDU

The .edu world was one of the six master generic top-level domains specified. The complete original list is :

  • .com (commercial enterprise)
  • .net (entity involved in network infrastructure e.g. an ISP)
  • .mil (US military)
  • .org (not-for-profit organization)
  • .gov (US federal government entity)
  • .edu (college-level educational institution)

27 NFL’s Cardinals, on scoreboards : ARI

The Arizona Cardinals were founded in 1898 as the Chicago Cardinals. That makes the Cardinals the oldest, continuously-run, professional football team in the unharmed nation .

28 Bridge locales : CARD ROOMS

The translation of the card game bridge that is played largely today is contract bridge. Auction bridge is a exchangeable game, and is a precursor to contract bridge .

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29 Penguin predator : ORCA

Penguins are flightless, aquatic birds that spend half their lives on land, and half in the sea. All species of penguins, prevention one, live in the southerly hemisphere. The one species found north of the equator is the Galápagos penguin that is endemic to the Galápagos Islands located west of Ecuador. Adult male penguins are called cocks, females are hens, and the young are chicks. A group of penguins in the water is a raft, and on land is a waddle. Apt, and cunning …

33 JavaScript lines, say : CODE

JavaScript is a calculator programming language that is chiefly used as an integral part of network browsers. The terminology was developed at Netscape in the days of the Browser Wars with Microsoft. It was developed under the codename Mocha and the first official spill was called LiveScript. The mention was changed to JavaScript in a blatant try by Netscape to cash in on the repute of Sun Microsystem ’ s Java linguistic process .

34 “Famous” cookie guy : AMOS

wally Amos was a endowment agent, one who was in the substance abuse of taking home-baked cookies with him as an temptation to get celebrities to see him. He was urged by friends to open a cookie shop ( the cookies were that delectable, I guess ) and this he did in Los Angeles in 1975 using the identify “ Famous Amos ”. The memory was a overhead hit and he was able to build on the success by introducing his cookies into supermarkets. The brand was finally purchased, making wally a rich man, and Famous Amos cookies are still flying off the ledge. Wally Amos besides became an energetic literacy recommend. He hosted 30 television programs in 1987 entitled “ Learn to Read ” that provided reading direction targeted at adults .

39 Asian language : LAO

Lao, the linguistic process of Laos, does not use spaces between words ( or periods ! ), although this is obviously changing. Spaces are used between sentences and clauses .

40 Road Runner frame : CEL

Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner are two much-loved cartoon characters from Warner Bros. Wile E. Coyote was created first, and Road Runner was invented as person for Wile E. to play off. I love this cartoon ; it ’ s decidedly one of the best …

45 Beethoven’s “Waldstein,” e.g. : SONATA

In summation to 5 cello sonatas and 10 violin sonatas, Ludwig van Beethoven composed 35 piano sonatas. The most celebrated of his sonata that have acquired names are credibly the “ Pathétique ”, “ Moonlight ”, “ Waldstein ” and “ Appassionata ”. I should add that, until relatively recently, the count of Beethoven ’ s sonatas was accepted as 32. Nowadays, the total is said to include 3 previously countless sonatas, composed when he was equitable 12 years old .

47 Where to see strikes but not strikeouts : ALLEYS

In bowl, a spare is recorded on a score sheet with a forward slash target. A fall upon is recorded with a large letter X .

52 One of three companies in the Seiko Group : EPSON

Seiko Epson is a japanese company, and one of the largest manufacturers of printers in the global. The company has its roots in the vigil business, roots that go back to 1942. Seiko was chosen as the official timepiece for the 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo and was asked to supply a timer that produced a print record. This request brought Seiko into the business of printer production. The company developed the global ’ second beginning mini-printer for the 1964 Games and called it EP-101 ( with “ EP ” standing for Electronic Printer ). In 1975 Seiko introduced the adjacent generation of EP printers which was called EPSON, from “ SON of EP ”. Cute, huh ?
Watch manufacturer Seiko was founded as a determine and jewelry shop in Tokyo in 1881. The memory was opened by one Kintaro Hattori, who started to produce clocks under the name Seikosha, which can be translated as “ House of Exquisite Workmanship ”. The first gear Seiko watches went on sale in 1924, and today the company suggests that the name “ Seiko ” is japanese for “ exquisite ” and “ success ” .

53 This clue has on : TYPO

There ’ s a misprint ; “ on ” should be “ one ” .

56 Symbol of wisdom : OWL

The Greek goddess Athena ( sometimes “ Athene ” ) is frequently associated with wisdom, among early attributes. In many representations. Athena is depicted with an owl sitting on her head. It is this linkage of the owl with the goddess of wisdom that led to nowadays ’ s percept of the owl as being “ wise ”. Athena ’ s Roman counterpart was Minerva .

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58 Amazon Fire TV Stick alternative : ROKU

Roku is a manufacturer of digital media players that allow access to audio and video programming over the Internet that is shown on television receiver. Roku was founded in Los Gatos, California in 2002 by Anthony Wood. Wood chose the company name “ Roku ” as it is the japanese parole for “ six ”, and Roku is the sixth company that Wood founded. For what it ’ randomness worth, Rokus are my stream devices of option …
Fire television receiver is Amazon ’ s digital media player. It is used to deliver audio and television scheduling to televisions by picking up contentedness from the Internet. I use the smaller version of the player, the Fire television Stick, quite a lot when traveling .

59 Brew choices : ALES

The many, many unlike styles of beer can broadly be sorted into two groups : ales and lagers. Ales are fermented at relatively warmly temperatures for relatively short periods of time, and use top-fermenting yeasts, i.e. yeasts that float on peak of the beer as it ferments. Lagers ferment at relatively low temperatures and for relatively hanker periods of time. Lagers use bottom-fermenting yeasts, i.e. yeasts that fall to the bottom of the beer as it ferments .

62 MLB’s Cardinals, on scoreboards : STL

The St. Louis Cardinals were in the first place called the “ Brown Stockings ”, changing their name to the “ Perfectos ” in 1899. That obviously didn ’ t go down well with the locals, as the owners changed it one year later to the Cardinals .
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Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Spec. for tires : PSI
4 alphabetic lunch : BLT
7 Show stoppers : ADS
10 personal computer component : CPU
13 Close to a delivery : IN LABOR
15 Searches, like a pig bed does for truffles : ROOTLES
17 serve : start TO
18 Starts improving again : REBOOTS
19 *Failed-delivery words : recurrence TO SENDER
21 Perfect spot : EDEN
22 Lease option : own
23 bond, say : ASSET
26 base of Triple-A baseball ’ s Rainiers : TACOMA
32 order to leave : SCAT
35 Eyeroll persuader, possibly, concisely : PDA
36 not seen as much : RARER
37 *Arrives back at square one : COMES FULL CIRCLE
41 Worship : ADORE
42 Dubai ’ s fed. : UAE
43 information : DATA
44 Diddles ( around ) : MESSES
46 __ face-to-face : POLAR
48 Granola bit : OAT
50 Folk stern ? : -LORE
53 *Bamboozled … and what the circle letters, when connected in the proper sequence, can be ? : throw FOR A LOOP
60 Incredulous response to an unexpected revelation : YOU WHAT ?
61 Oxford campus : OLE MISS
63 Blow off some steam, possibly ? : POLLUTE
64 Many a doorway open : KEY SLOT
65 Neruda wrote one to “ things ” : ODE
66 Many a golfer ’ second calculate : PAR
67 naval initials : USS
68 46-yr.-old sarcasm : SNL


1 Wilbur of “ Charlotte ’ randomness Web, ” e.g. : PIG
2 It might keep you up : SNORE
3 “ Fine, you got me ” : I LIED
4 many air rifles : BB GUNS
5 Trilogy with hobbits : Abbr. : LOTR
6 1982 sci-fi film set in a calculator : TRON
7 Common keyboard symbol : ARROW
8 “ It __ add up ” : DOESN ’ T
9 Iced tea stigmatize named for a Florida neighborhood : SOBE
10 ball : CLOD
11 Best on drums : PETE
12 Cold War initials : USSR
14 Predators named for their prey : ANTEATERS
16 Overwhelming homework come : TON
20 Equal, as a union : TOTAL UP TO
24 Beach lotion meas. : SPF
25 School URL ending : EDU
27 NFL ’ mho Cardinals, on scoreboards : ARI
28 Bridge locales : CARD ROOMS
29 Penguin predator : ORCA
30 Tuna __ : MELT
31 Geometry figure : AREA
32 Bit of trickery : SCAM
33 JavaScript lines, say : CODE
34 “ Famous ” cookie guy : AMOS
38 “ Get the movie ? ” : SEE ?
39 asian language : LAO
40 Road Runner frame : CEL
45 Beethoven ’ s “ Waldstein, ” e.g. : SONATA
47 Where to see strikes but not strikeouts : ALLEYS
49 Subsequently : AFTER
51 Stirs up : ROILS
52 One of three companies in the Seiko Group : EPSON
53 This clue has on : TYPO
54 rain protection : HOOD
55 “ No shirt, no shoes, no service, ” e.g. : RULE
56 symbol of wisdom : OWL
57 demolish : WHUP
58 Amazon Fire TV Stick alternate : ROKU
59 Brew choices : ALES
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