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Google logo If you are reading this article that means you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate live under a rock, which means you ’ ve credibly heard the term “ organic SEO ”. But barely because you ’ ve heard this condition before, doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate hateful you know what it means. Don ’ metric ton panic, there are a bunch of people barely like you. The term “ organic SEO ” or “ organic search engine optimization ” refers to the organic methods and strategies used to obtain high search rankings on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The discussion organic is used to delineate between non-paid methods of SEO and PPC, the paid methods of SEO.

The Benefits Of Organic SEO

right field now you are credibly thinking, “ okay thus businesses are engaging in organic SEO, but what are the benefits and is it worth it ? ”. I don ’ thymine even have to know what industry your business is in to say, yes, absolutely it is worth it. I besides don ’ t expect you to take my news for it, indeed let me explain why I know organic SEO is worth engaging in .

Increasing Visibility

certain, television commercials and radio ads are still being used today, and they are hush viable commercialize mediums. As of December 2018, there were 4.1 billion internet users in the worldly concern. With that statistic at hand, it would be unmanageable to argue that the internet is promptly becoming the top marketing medium available. By increasing visibility for your web site, you are putting yourself in the best position to increase restricted leads. This will allow your occupation to gain an advantage on the rival without an on-line bearing and will even the play sphere against the competition who do have an on-line presence .
To show the importance of increasing visibility on-line, here is a graph depicting the increase of one of my clients website traffic after a few months of performing organic SEO .
Increased traffic through increased online visibility with organic seo

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Enhancing Brand Awareness

Enhancing brand awareness means that users are becoming increasingly familiar with your business and/or services over time. Building brand awareness will increase the likelihood that users who are seeking products or services your business offers, will remember and visit your site. The more frequently a user sees your brand, the better the luck of acquiring their occupation becomes .

Increased Value Over Time

With paid ads, your rankings on SERPs will cease to exist once you stop paying. With constituent SEO, the keywords you start to rank for will remain and can possibly increase with sustenance and adjustments over time. If the content you produce provides measure and drives traffic over time, the more likely it is that Google will increase your positioning on SERPs .

Far Less Expensive

It doesn ’ t matter what kind of digital selling strategy your clientele is involved in, saturation among industries will constantly be an obstacle impeding success. Having to compete against huge marketing budgets no longer has to play a factor in the ability to achieve success. You know what I find great about organic SEO ? It is the most level play field related to marketing and anybody can perform it ! Paid ads quickly disqualifies the smaller businesses by corporations who are able to outbid them. With organic SEO, even the smallest business can compete with the fortune 500 companies through strategic organic SEO campaigns .
To get a better mind of how expensive the CPC game can be, here is a list of the crown 5 highest paid technology related keywords in 2018, according to seotipsit .

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Keyword Average CPC
Cloud Computing Technology $38.86
Call Center Technology $37.53
Information Technology Degrees $35.01
Technology Credit Union $32.42
Information Technology Degree $32.38

Categories Of Organic SEO Techniques

Techniques and methods related to performing organic SEO can be divided into 3 categories :

  • White Hat SEO
  • Grey Hat SEO
  • Black Hat SEO

It is very crucial to know the difference between these methods and techniques, as some of them come with highly minus repercussions .

White Hat SEO

White hat referencing white hat SEO The class deemed as “ white hat SEO ” refers to the techniques and methods that are widely accepted and match the terms and conditions set by Google and other major search engines. These techniques that presently fall under the egg white hat SEO standard are very rarely adjusted and are considered the safest and most compliant form of organic SEO practices. hera is a tilt of broad guidelines to follow to ensure you are meeting white hat SEO standards :

  • Original and information-rich content generation
  • Alt text and Meta-descriptions void of keyword stuffing
  • Fast website loading with easy user navigation

Grey Hat SEO

Grey hat SEO techniques and methods are a little catchy to categorize because well, they ’ rhenium in the grey. There ’ s no doubt that performing gray hat SEO techniques are riskier than white hat SEO, but I wouldn ’ triiodothyronine categorize them as bootleg hat SEO either. This is because they balance between what is acceptable in regards to the terms and conditions of Google and early major search engines. These methods are hazardous because some methods often fall between what is acceptable and what is not. If you do perform grey hat SEO techniques, you must systematically check to see if Google has deemed them acceptable or not. here are some of the most coarse grey hat SEO techniques used today :

  • Purchasing & acquiring old domains
  • Duplicating content (using content spinning tools)
  • Purchasing links
  • Automating social media
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In my opinion, it is best to avoid any of these techniques when able .

Black Hat SEO

Danger symbol for black hat SEO After reading white hat and grey hat SEO techniques and methods, it should be pretty apparent as to the dangers of black hat SEO techniques. These techniques rigorously violate the terms and conditions set by Google and major search engines. Engaging in black hat SEO can result in your web site being banned from research engine results. To ensure that your constituent SEO scheme does utilize any black hat SEO techniques, review this list of banish practices :

  • Automating content
  • Keyword stuffing in content
  • False reporting of competitors
  • Purchasing links
  • Spinning content
  • Link farms
  • Creating domains or subdomains with duplicate content

I advise reviewing Google ’ south terms and conditions when you are uncertain if the SEO techniques you are performing are acceptable .

Foundations Of A Successful Organic SEO Campaign

There are a litany of methods and strategies used when performing organic SEO, but overall, it is the optimization of the web site build, master subject generation, and the dissemination of the content throughout the web .
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