The Complete SEO Checklist For 2022

This is the most accomplished SEO checklist on the internet .
The best part?
Everything on this list is working GREAT right immediately .
thus if you want higher Google rankings in 2022, you ’ ll love today ’ mho checklist.

Let ’ s dive right in…

How To Use This SEO Checklist

Hey, I ’ thousand Brian Dean .
I ’ ve used this claim checklist to grow my organic traffic by 161.96 % in 30 days :
Organic traffic increase
It ’ s besides helped me rank for SUPER competitive keywords, like “ on page SEO ” .
Google SERP – On page SEO
And “ keyword research ” :
Google SERP – Keyword research
That said…
You don ’ t need to implement everything on this checklist .
precisely do the best you can .
The more tips you put into drill, the more traffic you ’ ll experience .

SEO Basics Checklist

first, let ’ s tackle the SEO fundamentals. here ’ s where you ’ ll determine about the tools and plugins you ’ ll need to rank in research engines .
1. Setup The Google Search Console
The Google Search Console is a identical powerful rid SEO instrument .
Google Search Console – Search performance report
Search Console is designed to help you track your locate ’ south performance in Google search .
That ’ second why it ’ sulfur packed with useful features, like :

  • See which keywords bring you the most traffic
  • Submit your sitemap
  • Fix website errors
  • See your page experience scores
  • Lots more

In brusque : if you ’ re serious about SEO, setting up the Google Search Console is a key first gear step .
2. Install Bing Webmaster Tools
next, setup Bing Webmaster Tools .
Bing Webmaster Tools
Is Bing american samoa democratic as Google ? No. But Bing gets approximately 1 billion visitors per month. So it ’ randomness deserving optimizing for .
Plus, Bing Webmaster Tools has some bang-up features, like a built-in keyword research instrument .
3. Setup Google Analytics
Google Analytics is the BEST room to see how people find ( and consumption ) your site .
Google Analytics
Its many helpful features include :

  • See how much traffic you get from Google
  • Find the pages on your site that bring you the most traffic
  • See if your traffic is increasing (and by how much)
  • Identify other sites and search engines that send you traffic
  • Your average bounce rate, page views, and time on site

Pro Tip: Connect Google Analytics with the Google Search Console. When you do, you ’ ll see helpful SEO information from inside of your Google Analytics explanation .
Google Analytics – Landing pages
here ’ s a resource that will walk you through the steps to set that up .
4. Install Yoast SEO (WordPress Users Only)
Yoast is the most democratic SEO plugin on the planet .
And for full reason .
Yoast makes it super easy to optimize your WordPress web site for search engines .
Yoast SEO – WordPress plugin
It besides helps you with technical SEO farce, like robots.txt and sitemaps. Recommended .

Keyword Research Checklist

Keyword Research is the foundation of SEO. And in this checklist I ’ ll testify you how to promptly find keywords that your customers search for .
1. Discover Long Tail Keywords With “Google Suggest”
This is one of the best ways to uncover long tail keywords .
here ’ s how it works :
first, type a keyword into Google .
Google search – Link building
But don ’ thyroxine wardrobe enter… or the “ Google Search ” button. alternatively, check out the keywords that Google shows you :
Google search – Link building – Suggestions
( These are known as “ Google Suggest ” keywords. )
Because these keywords come neat from Google, you KNOW that people are searching for them .
This means that they make bang-up keywords to optimize your site around .
Pro Tip: Check out This joyride scrapes Google Suggest keywords, which makes this action much easier to scale .
Keyword Tool
2. Find Solid Keywords In The Google Keyword Planner
The Google Keyword Planner is Google ’ s official keyword inquiry tool .
Google keyword planner – Results
It ’ s technically designed for Google Ads. That said, it ’ s still VERY utilitarian for SEO keyword research .
After all, the datum comes straight from Google. So you know that it ’ second super accurate .
here ’ s a guide on using The Google Keyword Planner for SEO .
3. Tap Into Online Communities

Reddit, Quora, forums and other on-line communities are excellent places to find keywords .
And I created a television that shows you how to find untapped keywords in these communities ( bit-by-bit ) .
here you go :

4. Identify Low Competition Keywords With KWFinder
KWFinder is a freemium keyword research tool .
What makes KWFinder alone is that it gives you TONS of data on each keyword .
As you can see, when you type a keyword into KWFinder, you get information on :

  • Search volume
  • Keyword difficulty
  • CPC
  • Trends
  • Estimated visits

That way, you can choose low-competition keywords that are easy to rank for .
5. Find “Question Keywords” With Answer The Public

doubt Keywords are PERFECT for blog posts and articles .
( For example : “ How do you make cold brew coffee ? ” )
And you can well find them with Answer The Public .
This loose tool shows you questions that people search for on-line .
AnswerThePublic – Paleo questions
That way, you can answer these questions with your content .

On-Page SEO Checklist

now it ’ sulfur fourth dimension to optimize your content using a handful of quiz on-page SEO techniques .
1. Include Your Keyword In Your URL

Your URL helps Google understand what your foliate is all about. Plus, a keyword-rich url can improve your organic CTR .
Keyword-rich URLs correlate with a higher organic CTR
That ’ mho why you want to include your keyword in your URL .
For case, my aim keyword for this page is “ SEO checklist ” .
so I made the URL : .
simple .
2. Use Short URLs
Keep your URLs vitamin a light as potential .
Why ?
A late analysis of 11.8 million Google search results found that short URLs membership best in Google .
Short URLs tend to outrank long URLs
3. Front-Load Your Keyword In Your Title Tag
It ’ s no unavowed that you should use your keyword in your title tag .
But not as many people know that WHERE you put your keyword matters .
specifically, you want to put your keyword in the front of your title tag whenever possible .
For example, my chief keyword for this mail is “ copywriting ” :
Backlinko – Copywriting Guide
As you can see, my title tag starts off with that keyword :
Copywriting guide – Keyword in title
4. Embed Title Tag Modifiers

Title Tag Modifiers are words and phrases to add to your title tag .
When you do, your page can rank for lots of different long-tail keywords .
here ’ s a video that walks you through this process :

5. Use Your Keyword Once In The First 150 Words
Google puts more slant on the first 100-150 words of your page .
so make sure to use your keyword once hera .
For example, for my SEO tools stake, you can see that I use the term “ SEO Tools ” right off the bat :
"SEO tools" keyword at start
6. Use Your Keyword in H1, H2 or H3 Tags
Make sure to include your keyword in H1, H2 or H3 tags .
For exemplar :
You might have noticed that I included the term “ SEO Checklist ” in the first subheader on this page :
SEO checklist – Keyword in H2 tag
well, that subheader is wrapped in an H2 tag. And including “ SEO Checklist ” in an H2 can help me rank higher for that keyword .
That said :
This tip won ’ t make a big indent in your Google rankings .
But when it comes to search engine optimization, every fiddling bit helps .
7. Optimize Images
The images you use say a draw about your contented .
unfortunately, Google still can ’ thyroxine “ interpret ” images as a human can .
sol to help them understand your images, you want to optimize your image elevation tags and filenames .
( As a bonus : optimized images besides help you rank in image search. )
here ’ s how :
first, when you save the visualize, use a filename that briefly describes what that visualize is .
For exemplar, let ’ s say you good took a picture of a spinach omelet with your iPhone .
well, you ’ d want to name that image something like :
then, when you add the image to your page, give it a descriptive elevation tag :
Descriptive ALT tag on image
That ’ s all there is to it .
8. Use Synonyms and LSI Keywords
back in the day, it made sense to “ keyword thrust ” your foliate .
not anymore .
today, Google is smart .
so alternatively of using the same keyword 1000 times, practice synonym and LSI keywords .
For model, let ’ s say you want to rank for “ how to start a blog ” .
well, you ’ d want to mention that accurate keyword a few times on your page… and synonym like :

  • How to launch a blog
  • Starting a blog
  • How to create a blog
  • How to setup a blog on WordPress
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You get the mind 🙂
next, add some LSI keywords .
LSI Keywords are terms that go along with your main keyword .
You can find a bunch of these using .
then, just add a few of these LSI keywords to your page. And you ’ rhenium fit .
9. Use External Links
Make certain to link out to 5-8 authority sites in your article .
For exemplar, in this list of SEO techniques, I link to trusted websites like Wikipedia and .
SEO techniques post – External links
And those links show Google that my message is well-referenced and trustworthy .
10. Use Internal Links
This is superintendent dim-witted :
Whenever you publish a modern man of content, link to 2-5 other pages on your site .
Pro Tip: Use keyword-rich anchor text in your inner links .
For example, note how I use the anchor text “ on-page SEO ”, in this home radio link :
SEO techniques post – Internal link
This tells search engines that the page I ’ megabyte linking to is about : “ on-page SEO ” .

Technical SEO Checklist

technical SEO can make or break your rankings. fortunately, fixing technical SEO problems isn ’ triiodothyronine that hard… particularly if you follow the items on this checklist .
1. Identify Crawl Errors

A “ Crawl Error ” means that Google has disturb viewing a page on your site .
And if they can ’ metric ton view your page, it ’ s not gon na rank for anything .
You can well find crawl Errors in the Google Search Console ’ s “ Coverage ” reputation :
Google Search Console – Index – Coverage
If you notice Google is having trouble accessing one of your authoritative web pages ( for exemplar, robots.txt is blocking search engine spiders ), you ’ ll want to get that fixed ASAP .
2. Find Out How Google Views Your Page
sometimes users can see everything on your page…
…but Google can ’ metric ton .
again :
If Google can’t fully access your page, it won’t rank.
That ’ randomness why I recommend using the Google Search Console ’ s “ Inspect URL ” sport .
just enter a foliate from your web site at the lead of the GSC .
GSC – Enter URL
When you do, you ’ ll see your page from Google ’ s degree of view :
GSC – URL Inspection report
very helpful .
3. Make Sure Your Site is Mobile-Friendly
Google recently launched a fresh “ Mobile-First Index “ .
Which means :
If your site international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine fluid optimized, it ’ s not going to rank very well .
fortunately, you can well see your site ’ randomness mobile friendliness with Google ’ s Mobile-Friendly Test .
merely pop in a page from your site… and get a authorize “ yes or no ” answer .
Google mobile-friendly test
pretty cool .
4. Fix Broken Links
break links can REALLY hurt your SEO .
sol you decidedly want to find break links… and fix them .
The easiest way to do that ? .
It ’ s a absolve tool that scans your web site for break links :
Dr. Link Check – Backlinko
5. Secure Your Site With HTTPS
HTTPS is a confirmed Google ranking bespeak .
Google blog – HTTPS as a ranking signal
so if you haven ’ thyroxine already, it ’ mho time to move your site to HTTPS .
( Or if you just launched a new locate, set it up with HTTPS on day 1. )
here ’ s a guide to help you migrate your site to HTTPS… without hurting your SEO .
6. Check Your Site’s Loading Speed
Does your site warhead madly fast ?
If not, your locate international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate going to rank american samoa well .
That ’ second why you want to head over to PageSpeed Insights .
This dislodge instrument lets you know how quickly your locate loads for desktop and mobile users :
Google PageSpeed Insights – Backlinko – Results
It even lets you know what you can do to speed things up .
Google PageSpeed Insights – Backlinko – Suggestions

Content Checklist

There ’ s no denying it : if you want to rank in Google, you need to publish great message. That ’ randomness why message is now a BIG part of any contemporary SEO strategy. And in this section I ’ ll display you the demand steps to creating the type of content that ranks in 2022 ( and beyond ) .
1. Create Amazing Content Using “The Skyscraper Technique”

The Skyscraper Technique is a knock-down formula for publishing amazing content .
In fact, I used this proficiency to double my search engine traffic :
Backlinko – Early traffic increase
here ’ s the 3-step process :

  1. First, identify a piece of popular content in your industry
  2. Next, create something even better
  3. Finally, promote that content

obviously, I don ’ t have room to go into more contingent on these steps here .
so if you want to learn more about The Skyscraper Technique, here are two helpful resources :
My all-time Favorite White Hat SEO Technique ( 59 % More Organic Traffic )
How I Increased My Search Traffic by 110 % in 14 Days
2. Chunk Your Content to Maximize Readability
No one likes reading colossus walls of text :
Wall of text
That ’ mho why I ALWAYS break my content into easy-to-read chunks, like this :
Chunks of text in post
These chunks keep my bounce rate first gear, which is a identify Google rate gene .
( More on that former. )
3. Cover Your Page’s Topic In-Depth
When we analyzed over a 11M Google Search Results, one thing stood out :
content that ranks best in Google tends to cover an entire topic in-depth.
Higher Clearscope content grades correlate with higher Google rankings
For exercise, a while ago I published this lead on my locate .
Backlinko – Video SEO guide
I could have published a generic piece of content like : “ 5 Tips for Video SEO ” .
rather, I created a usher that covered EVERYTHING about that subject.

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Read more: Niche market – Wikipedia

And that ’ s the chief reason that it ranks in the top 3 in Google for my primary keyword :
Google SERP – Video SEO
4. Use Schema Markup

Schema markup helps search engines understand your capacity better .
That said, implementing Schema can be catchy .
That ’ second why I recommend Google ’ randomness Structured Data Testing tool .
Google structured data
It makes using Schema MUCH easier than trying to do it manually .
5. Focus on Content Formats That Are Working Right Now
The team at BuzzSumo recently reviewed 100 million articles .
indeed, what did they find ?
First, the bad news:
“ The majority of subject gets zero backlinks ” .
Ouch .
Now, some good news:
They discovered that certain content formats perform better than others .
specifically, “ the boastfully winners are sites that have built a potent repute for original, authoritative subject. ”
What do they mean by “ original, authoritative ” content ?

  • Content written by experts
  • Original research (like surveys and industry studies)
  • Content that isn’t just regurgitated information
  • Case studies and real life examples
  • Evergreen content that provides value for YEARS

For model, some time ago I ’ ve put together this giant tilt of SEO tools :
Backlinko – SEO tools
I personally tested and reviewed over 170 tools. It was an insane amount of work .
But it was wholly deserving it .
Why ?
To date, this post has generated over 10 thousand backlinks.
Ahrefs – SEO tools – Backlinks
6. Use Multimedia
You might notice that this post contains LOTS of images .
I do this for two chief reasons :
First, it fair makes for better content .
Second, images and early forms of multimedia help content membership better .
therefore I recommend using these forms of multimedia in your subject :

  • Images
  • Charts
  • Infographics
  • Visual Content
  • Videos
  • Interactive polls and quizzes

With that, it ’ sulfur meter to cover a SUPER significant part of SEO : connection build .

Link Building Checklist

When it comes to SEO, link build is KEY. In fact, Google has confirmed that backlinks are one of their “ top 3 ” ranking signals. unfortunately, building links isn ’ triiodothyronine easily ( that ’ s why most other SEO checklists skip this footprint ). But if you want to rank in Google, links are a must. And in this section I ’ ll show you how to do it .
1. Build Powerful Backlinks With Guest Posting
Guest mail can be a superintendent effective link build scheme .
That said :
There ’ s a good and wrong way to guest post .
Right way: Publish your guest post on respected sites in your industry .
Wrong way: Publish guest posts on any web site that has a “ compose for us ” foliate .
In fact, I merely guest post on sites that will send me target traffic .
For model, I published this guest post on the Buffer web log :
Brian's guest post on the Buffer blog
not merely did I get a big backlink from my guest post, but decent amount of traffic excessively :
Guest post traffic
2. Reverse Your Competitor’s Backlinks
Why reinvent the rack when you can copy your rival ’ mho radio link sources ?
To do this, you ’ ll need a connect psychoanalysis instrument .
I personally use Semrush .
But if you ’ re on a budget, you can use a freemium instrument like Link Explorer ( from Moz ) .
No matter what joyride you choose, the work is precisely the like :

  1. Grab your competitor’s URL.
  2. Pop it into the tool
  3. Finally, get as many of their links as you can

For model, hera ’ s a connection report from Semrush of my site :
Semrush – Backlinko – Backlinks
nowadays :
Some of these links will be about impossible to replicate .
( For case, links from sites I have relationships with. )
But many are pretty easy to copy .
( Like links from guest posts and interviews. )
3. Build Contextual Backlinks With Link Roundups
This scheme works GREAT .
That said, it comes with a catch .
I reveal that catch ( and how this proficiency works ) veracious hera :

4. Become a Podcast Guest
This is alike to guest posting .
But rather of contributing an article, you go on a podcast as a guest .
For example, I went on this podcast a few years ago :
The agents of change – YouTube SEO – Brian Dean
As you can see, I got a sugared backlink ( and a handful of target visitors ) .
The agents of change – Podcast backlink
5. Mention Influencers In Your Blog Posts
This process couldn ’ metric ton be simpler :
first, citation influential bloggers in your capacity .
then, let them know you mentioned them .
( seriously, that ’ randomness it. )
For example, when I published my list of SEO tools, I let the founder of each tool know that I featured them :
Brian – SEO tools post – Email outreach
And, as you can see, they happily shared my content on social media .

Bonus #1: Advanced SEO Tips and Tactics

now that you ’ ve got the basics down, let me walk you through a handful of advanced SEO tips and techniques .
1. Optimize Your Site for Click-Through-Rate
There ’ s no doubt about it :
The more people click on your leave, the higher you ’ ll crying .
More clicks boosts ranking
CTR is a exploiter have signal that Google is paying more and more attention to .
I reveal EXACTLY how to boost click-through-rate ( CTR ) in this video :

2. Limit Website Downtime
If your web site goes down, users get brainsick .
As it turns out, Google gets huffy excessively .
In fact, they state that unplanned locate outages “ can negatively affect a web site ’ randomness reputation. ”
fortunately, you can easily track site downtime with a cock like Pingdom .
Pingdom pings your site hundreds of times per day .
If it ’ s down, you ’ ll get a presentment so you can fix the problem ASAP .
Pingdom alert
3. Delete “Dead Weight” Pages
Google recently said that a huge site with tons of pages can be bad for SEO .
To quote the Google rep ( Gary Illyes ) :

“ Narrow it down vitamin a much as you can. Don ’ thymine make low quality and no respect add pages. It ’ s just not worth it because one matter is that we don ’ t necessarily want to index those pages. We think that it ’ s a waste of resources. The other thing is that you equitable won ’ t get quality traffic. If you don ’ t get quality traffic then why are you burn resources on it ? ”

This is why I make sure that every page on my site is AWESOME .
In fact, Backlinko generates over 500k unique visitors per month…
…despite having only 196 posts :
Backlinko – Published posts
How is this potential ?
It’s because I focus on 100% quality.
Despite the fact that this quality over measure approach clearly works, I see A LOT of sites struggle with “ Dead Weight ” pages .
dead Weight pages like :

  • WordPress category and tag pages
  • Outdated blog posts
  • Duplicate content
  • Low-quality blog posts
  • Ecommerce product pages with zero sales
  • Archive pages
  • Thin content/boilerplate content
  • Old services pages
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And as you just saw, Google said that these Dead Weight pages can hurt your SEO efforts. So I recommend deleting them .
4. Improve Your Site’s Dwell Time

Dwell Time is another key Google ranking gene .
Google wants to see that people stay on your site.
If people quickly bounce from your page and visit another research solution, it tells Google :
“ People hate this page ! ” .
Bounce from search result
But when people get what they want from your page, they ’ ll stick around. And Google will take notice :
Result with low bounce rate
thus :
How can you keep people on your site long ?
here are a few bare tips that work in truth well :

5. Update and Relaunch Outdated Content
Do you have honest-to-god articles on your web log collecting debris ?
If so, check this out :
I recently updated and relaunched this post from my blog :
Backlinko – SEO copywriting guide
I improved the format, added more meaty content, included new screenshots and more .
SEO copywriting – Images and visuals
( Basically, I made the page better. )
then, I relaunched it like it was a raw mail .
And that childlike 1-2 punch increased search engine traffic to that page by 1,102.43 % :
SEO copywriting – Traffic increase
nice !

Bonus #2: Case Studies and Examples

immediately it ’ s time to show you the strategies from this checklist in military action .
specifically, I ’ thousand going to show you how Sean at used a handful of the items on this checklist to increase his organic traffic by 88 % .
1. How Sean Improved His On-Page Optimization
Sean ’ second site had A TON of pages .
So it didn ’ t make smell to spend hours on each one .
That ’ second why Sean focused on optimizing his 10 most important pages.
Some of Sean ’ s most significant pages were blog posts, like this :
a blog post from the proven blog
Others were service pages, like his home page :
proven homepage
But in general, Sean used the on-page SEO tips from this checklist on all 10 pages .
Sean ’ randomness content was already well optimized. So it only needed to make a few tweaks .
For exemplar, let ’ s see how Sean improved his post on questions to ask references .
a piece of content
first, Sean to add his aim keyword ( “ questions to ask references ” ) in the first 100 words of his article :
Using target keyword in content
He besides sprinkled LSI keywords ( like “ business references ” ) into his content :
LSI keyword usage
now that Sean ’ s capacity was keyword-optimized, it was time to boost his click-though-rate .
2. How Sean (Quickly) Improved His CTR By 64.1%

Sean had a mail on his web log called : 100+ Best occupation Boards to Find Niche Talent .
proven blog post
here ’ s what the foliate ’ south organic consequence looked like :
google listing
not bad… but could be better .
here ’ s precisely what Sean did to improve this list ’ second CTR :
first, he looked at Adwords ads for keywords, like “ job boards ” :
And he noticed that most listed a specific number of job boards in their ads :
adwords with a number
( Sean besides noticed that NONE of them used the term, “ niche endowment ”. )
thus Sean changed his championship tag to :
“100+ Job Boards For Job Seekers and Recruiters”
And his meta description tag to :
“Find the best job boards on the web all in one place. See our list of 100+ boards right here.”
here ’ s what his Google result looked after the switch :
new google result
And that page ’ mho CTR was 4.88 % …
64.1% higher than before.
average ctr
Pretty cool, huh ?
3. How Sean Got Users to Spend More Time On His Site

If people stick to your locate like superglue, Google will give you a rankings boost .
hera ’ s how Sean got people to spend more time on his locate :
first base, Sean pushed his message above the congregation .
How ?
well, Proven ’ s blog posts used to have a big gap between the site ’ s navigation and the post title :
Space above a blog post
The top of your foliate is million-dollar real estate .
That ’ sulfur why you want to avoid unnecessary quad that pushes your contented below the fold .
so he reduced that space by 50 % .
Proven ’ south web log besides had breadcrumbs seafaring .
Breadcrumbs navigation
Breadcrumbs seafaring is OK for an eCommerce site. But it ’ s not necessity for a web log .
so Sean got rid of it .
Proven ’ s blog posts besides had massive images at the top of each post .
image usage in a blog post
These decidedly looked cool…
…but they pushed Sean ’ s excellent message below the fold .
indeed Sean made his post images importantly smaller :
Example of image in content
future, Sean made his web log post introductions “ sticky ” .
Your web log stake introductions are HUGE .
Because the accuracy is this :
If you lose someone in your intro, you’ve lost them for good.
But if you hook person with a compel introduction…
…they ’ ra MUCH more probable to stick around .
For case, Sean ’ s changed his presentation from this :
blog post introduction
To this :
new blog post introduction
What did he change precisely ?
beginning, Sean cut out sentences that stated the obvious .
First sentence of content
He besides formatted the content therefore that there were entirely 1-2 sentences per paragraph ( this improves your contented ’ second readability ) .
Short paragraphs
These design and initiation improvements boosted Proven ’ s “ Avg. Time On Page ” by 12.2 % :
google analytics avg time on page
4. What Happened When Proven Deleted 10k Dead Weight Pages
Proven had A LOT of dead burden pages on their locate .
In fact, they had 48,300 pages indexed in Google :
number of indexed pages in google
Because is an on-line occupation board, they had a lot of honest-to-god speculate listings hanging around :
old job posting
not to mention profile pages for companies that hadn ’ metric ton posted a job in months :
company profile page
besides, Proven ’ s search solution pages were getting indexed…
indexed search result page
…which was creating tons of duplicate message .
so Sean promptly deleted or redirected ’ s dead Weight pages .
In entire, Sean deleted or redirected over 10,000 pages.
And this is one of the main reasons that their search traffic improved so quickly .
organic traffic increase in google analytics part 2


As you saw, this SEO checklist in truth works .
But before you get started on the checklist, I’d like to hear from you.

What did you think of today ’ s station ?
Or possibly you have a question about something you read .
Let me know by leaving a gloss below .

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