TikTok: What is the Old Grannies Meme? Users trick others with explicit Google search!

TikTok users are pranking each other with a new viral trend that involves searching a specific word into Google – DO NOT DO IT!
On TikTok, trends spread very quickly. One person copies another person, and then person else copies them, and before you know it everyone is giving it a crack. But sometimes, trends start that you wish never existed in the first place .

That ’ s precisely what ’ mho happened with the Old Grannies tendency. person thought it would be very fishy to trick everyone else into doing a Google search that results in something quite touch – and everyone is falling for it !
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TikTok users prank eachother with the Old Grannies Meme

If you ’ ve been on TikTok a lot recently, then you may have seen a distribute of people talking about old grannies .
Whilst we all love our grandparents, and there are some hilarious accounts dedicated to the universe ’ sulfur OAP ’ s, it ’ s not actually those videos that we ’ re talking about today, it ’ sulfur something slenderly more disturb .

Ozark | Season 4 Part 1 Trailer | Netflix

A new vogue is going round TikTok that sees users pranking each early by telling them to search a particular thing into your internet search engine. The phrase in wonder is ‘ honest-to-god grannies ’. I ’ thousand warning you – don ’ t do it !

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Social media users are telling everyone not to do it

After the TikTok swerve went viral, many people have been taking to Twitter to tell others precisely why you SHOULDN ’ T search ‘ old grannies ’ into Google .

One Twitter exploiter said : “ DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT GO TO GOOGLE AND SEARCH OLD GRANNIES AND GO TO IMAGES. Damn you TikTok damn you. ”
Another said : “ Okay so I just saw this TikTok and whatever you do good don ’ thymine search up old grannies on images. ”
still intrigued ? Alright we ’ ll tell you what happens when you search it .
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What happens when you search ‘old grannies’ into Google?

If you truly want to know what happens when you search the phrase ‘ old grannies ’ into Google, then we ’ ll tell you .
The search term brings up hundreds of explicit photos of aged people. And we don ’ metric ton mean just a little moment revealing, these are serious X-rated images .
You ’ ve been warned !

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