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We value your privacy and the security of your health information. You ‘ll be required to validate your identification either in-person, at one of our many locations, or over the call. Readily-available entree to your health information furthers our mission to be the drawing card in active quality healthcare and alone affected role experience .

Patient Portal FAQs

What can I do on the Ogden Clinic Patient Portal?

Review your Ogden Clinic lab results
You will be able to view your lab results once they have been reviewed by and approved for viewing on the Ogden Clinic Patient Portal.

Review, download, or print your personal health record
You will be able to view and download portions of your personal health criminal record, including : Your demographics, allergies, test results, and more .
Review, download, or print your visit summary
You will be able to view a summary of your holocene visits, including your medication tilt, allergies, demographics, and more .
Request a medication refill
You are able to view a list of your stream medications and request a refill of them .
Note : Your Medication refill request will be forwarded to your provider ‘s office and will be processed american samoa soon as potential. Medication refills are not considered a dangerous hand brake and may take up to two occupation days to process. After two occupation days, you may check with your specified pharmacy to see if your medication is fix or you may call your supplier ’ s function .

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I need help using the Ogden Clinic Patient Portal

If you have trouble or have questions, please review the FAQs to see if your question is answered. If not, please contact our Ogden Clinic Patient Portal support team at 801-475-3399 or via electronic mail by clicking here .

I can’t remember my username or password

Click the ” Can ’ triiodothyronine access your explanation ? ” connection near the sign-in area of the login page. After verifying your information, you will receive an electronic mail with further instructions to reset your password .

My account is locked

To keep your health information secure, your history will automatically lock after 5 unsuccessful login attempts. If your account is locked, please reset your password by clicking the Can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate entree your account ? connect. We recommend using a different password than your previous password .

Why can’t I verify my account online?

For security and privacy reasons, we must verify your identity either in-person or over the earphone .

Can I access my child or other relative’s health information with
my account?

No. At this fourth dimension each individual patient must have their own Ogden Clinic Patient Portal report.

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Test Results

Why isn’t my test result in my Patient Portal?

test results are made available on the Ogden Clinic Patient Portal as a convenience to our patients. Test results may not be available for many reasons, some of which are included below. In most cases you, will be contacted by your supplier ’ randomness position once test results have been received, regardless of the handiness of your test results on the Ogden Clinic Patient Portal. In all cases, please contact your provider ’ sulfur position to discuss any questions related to your test results .
Some Reasons Why Test Results May Not Be Available:

  • The test results have not been received
  • The test results have not been reviewed by your provider
  • Your provider has chosen to not make your test results online
  • Some test results are not able to be made available online
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Health Record

Why can’t I view all of my health information?

We are only able to make certain portions of your health information available on the Ogden Clinic Patient Portal. besides, your supplier may choose to not make some information available on the Ogden Clinic Patient Portal. If you need access to more information than is presently available, please contact your provider office or contact our Release of Information department .

Some of my information is incorrect. How do I have this corrected?

Please contact our Ogden Clinic Patient Portal back team at 801-475-3399 to discuss potential inaccuracies .

Medication Refills

How to request a medication refill
  1. Login and click the “Medication Refill” option in the left menu
    under the “Messages” section.
  2. Select the medication(s) for which you would like to request a refill (view screenshot of the previous steps)
  3. Verify or search for and select the pharmacy to which you would your refill sent.
  4. Enter the number of refills you are requesting.
  5. Enter your contact information.
  6. Click Submit to send (view screenshot of the previous steps)
  7. Your provider’s office will process your request within 48 business hours
My medication list is inaccurate or missing

Our read of your stream medications should be up to date as of your end visit. If you do note inaccuracies in your list of stream medications, we recommend you contact your supplier ’ mho agency to discuss the discrepancy with them.

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How can I check on the status of my medication refill request?

Your provider ’ second office will contact you once they have processed your replenish request .

My medication list shows no remaining refills

We want to ensure that the medication you are taking is working effectively and providing the desire result. consequently, we request that you contact your provider ’ south position to determine the appropriate commission to take—be it to obtain extra refills or to be seen by your provider in the function .
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