11 Simple Ways to Say ‘Of Course’ in Spanish

11 Simple Ways to Say ‘Of Course’ in Spanish

When I was a child in Mexico, my dad used to answer many of my questions fair by saying, “ Of course, my dear. ” now I know that those were the alone four words of English he ever learned, most probable having picked them up from a movie or television show. alike to English, the phrase “ of course ” in spanish is a simple kind of agreement, an easy filler in a line of remember, and an appropriate response to plenty of questions. In this blog station, we ’ ll cover the determination and think of of the phrase, some of its most common uses, and 11 casual ways to say “ of course ” in spanish.

What is the Purpose of the Phrase “Of Course”? 

sometimes, saying “ yes ” barely isn ’ t enough. We feel the motivation to emphasize that affirmation and possibly add a slenderly different mean. That ’ south when a phrase such as por supuesto or “ of class ” in spanish comes quite handy.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, “ of naturally ” is used to :

  • Say yes or give someone permission to do something
  • Show that what you are saying is obvious
  • Show that a situation is not surprising

But, in world, this simple give voice has many other uses. You can say “ yes, of course, ” but you can besides say “ of run not, ” mean that it works both as an affirmation and as a negation. In the end, “ of course ” is a herculean tool that enriches your conversations with nuanced meaning.

Using Of Course in Spanish 

“ Of course ” in spanish is a phrase that has several different translations. We ’ ll see those in a moment, but inaugural let ’ s explore what it means and how it ’ s used in spanish. The beginning thing to understand about the phrase “ of path ” in spanish is that it ’ mho one of the best ways to express your agreement with something or share an opinion. Just like in English, it can besides express the lapp idea as some agreeable adverbs such as obviously ( obviamente ), surely ( ciertamente ), or clearly ( claramente ).

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11 Ways to Say Of Course in Spanish

You can say “ of run ” in spanish in many unlike ways. here, you have 11 of the most common ones :

1. Por supuesto

This is possibly the most literal translation of the phrase “ of class ” in spanish, and one of the most normally used besides. Por supuesto functions as a vigorous affirmation—not necessarily to state that something is obvious. – ¿Vendrás a la fiesta mañana?
– ¡Por supuesto, ahí nos vemos! – Are you coming to the party tomorrow ?
– Of course, see you there ! of course in spanish

2. Desde luego

similar in meaning to por supuesto, desde luego is besides widely used to express agreement and affirmation. – ¿Me puedes ayudar a limpiar la casa? 
– ¡Desde luego! ¿Qué necesitas?  – Can you help me to clean the house ?
– Of run ! What do you need ?

3. Claro

Claro is another utilitarian way to say of run in spanish. It ’ s a word that expresses affirmation by itself. As we ’ ll watch in the follow points, it normally comes with add words to complete the mind it wants to express. – ¿Te gusta el jazz? 
– Claro.  – Do you like jazz ?
– Of course.

4. Claro que sí

A variation of the previous way of saying of course in spanish, claro que sí works as a double over affirmation that leaves no room for doubt. – ¿Estás seguro de que cerraste la puerta al salir?
– Claro que sí.  – Are you surely that you closed the doorway when you left the theater ?
– Yes, of run.

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5. Claro que no

precisely as it happens in English, of course in spanish can besides be used to reinforce a negative answer, with a bit of indignation even. As if you were offended by the interrogate. – ¿Tú sabías que Miguel estaba mintiendo?
– ¡Claro que no!  – Did you know that Miguel was lying ?
– Of course not !

6. Claro está

The meaning of claro está is not adenine straightforward as the other phrases using the give voice claro. It ’ s another direction of saying of run in spanish, but it can besides be sympathize as ‘ indisputable enough. ’ Claro está que haremos lo necesario para ayudarte. 
Of course we ’ ll do whatever we need to help you.

7. Es un hecho

Although not precisely a transformation of the idiom of course in spanish, e united nations hecho conveys the same mean, and that ’ s why I ’ ve included it on this list. In English it means “ it ’ s a fact, ” and in spanish, you besides hear it as a simple ¡hecho !

– ¿Estás seguro de que aprobaste el examen?
– Es un hecho. – Did you pass the examination ?
– It ’ s a fact. of course in spanish

8. Cómo no

This one may be a snatch counterintuitive as it means yes, even though it includes the news no. Saying cómo no in spanish is like asking the question “ how could I not do it ? ” or “ how could I say no ? ” in English, which is ultimately just another way of saying of course in spanish. – ¿Te gustó la casa?
– ¡Cómo no, está hermosa! – Did you like the house ?
– Of course, it ’ south beautiful !

Agreeable Adverbs

The end four ways of saying of course in spanish are agreeable adverbs. Adverbs are words that can modify verbs, adjectives, or flush early adverbs. In this shell, we use them to express solid agreement.

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9. Obviamente

Meaning “ obviously ” in English, obviamente is the best translation of the phrase of course in spanish when it ’ s used to express the theme that something is obvious. Which is a identical obvious statement, by the way. – ¿Viste el partido del Real Madrid?
– Obviamente.  – Did you watch Real Madrid ’ s match ?
– obviously.

10. Ciertamente

Translated as “ surely, ” ciertamente expresses an mind of avowal that will normally be followed by an add gossip or explanation. – ¿Estás de acuerdo en que el Real Madrid es el mejor equipo del mundo?
– Ciertamente creo que tienes razón. – Do you agree that real Madrid is the best team in the world ?
– Certainly, I think you ’ re right.

11. Definitivamente

Definitivamente, or “ decidedly ” in English, is a conclusive adverb that leaves no room for any doubt. When you say definitivamente it ’ second because you ’ re wholly indisputable of your answer. – ¿Estás seguro de que quieres ir?
– Definitivamente.  – Are you certain you want to go ?
– Definitely.

Of Course, You Want to Improve Your Spanish!

now that you know the most common ways to say of class in spanish, try to introduce them in your conversations. You can judge by the reaction of the people you ’ re talking to whether you used them correctly. A perfect room to do merely that is by signing up for a detached trial class with one of our native, certified teachers from Guatemala. Start saying por supuesto, obviamente, and more nowadays !

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