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eminent school in Helotes, Bexar County, Texas, United States
Sandra Day O’Connor High School is a public high gear educate in Helotes, Texas, United States, in the San Antonio metropolitan sphere. It is a part of the Northside Independent School District .

overview [edit ]

Opened in 1998, O’Connor High School followed the tradition of all the Northside high schools in being named after a Supreme Court justice, Sandra Day O’Connor, who served from 1981 to 2006, and was the first female justice on United States Supreme Court. The school colors are dark blue amobarbital sodium, white, and previous gold, and the mascot is the Panther. The first base principal was Dr. Ken Patranella, who served from 1998 to 2003. He was succeeded by Mr. Larry Martin, who served as principal from 2003 to 2009. The O’Connor library is named in Mr. Martin ‘s honor. Ms. Jacqueline Horras is the stream principal. O’Connor High School serves the entire town of Helotes along with parts of unincorporated Bexar County and the larger cardinal city of San Antonio. In 2017, the school was rated “ Met Standard “ by the Texas Education Agency. [ 3 ]

In keeping with a moo build scale with respect to the rural surroundings, the campus was designed by Marmon Mok, LLP with a “ village concept ” and now consists of 15 separate main buildings connected by cover walkways, and 7 buildings for the FFA program. Metal roof, limestone colored split confront CMU, and steel siding were used to follow the german Hill Country common stylus. The campus features a 990-seat auditorium and an 1800-seat contest gymnasium. The electric feeders and chilled/hot body of water piping to the buildings are located above the soffits of canopies connecting each construct, avoiding dearly-won trenching. To meet an aggressive construction schedule, pre-engineered steel frames were used for all common buildings while classroom buildings G, H, J, and F use a combination of structural steel and reinforced concrete. [ 4 ] To accommodate a scholar population larger than the 2,400 designed for, a newly build including a band mansion and dance studio and the multipurpose AG build was built and the cafeteria expanded in 2003. New walk and bus loop canopies, a canopy to create a shroud eat area, and the step loom for build H were besides built in 2003, along with the blacktop march pad, expansion of the brick-paved court area, and the addition of another hair-raiser. Two newly AG barns were built in 2007, and a newly two-story classroom building ( F ) was built in 2012. Despite the additions and the construction of Louis D. Brandeis High School, O ’ Connor has experienced overcrowding since its hatchway and has always had over 30 classes in portable buildings. [ 5 ]

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Athletics [edit ]

Students can participate in a wide kind of school sports including : [ 6 ]
Most school sports have practices and home games at O’Connor High itself. however, the football team, soccer team, and swimming & diving team uses the Dub Farris Athletic Complex off of Loop 1604 and Bamberger Trail for practice and home venues .

future Farmers of America [edit ]

O’Connor has the largest and most expansive future Farmers of America complex in the Northside Independent School District. The Agriculture Department at O’Connor is a singular program in which students learn a wide variety of agrarian techniques in a hands-on environment. any students residing in the Northside Independent School District are able to transfer from their zoned high school to attend O’Connor to participate in the agriculture program. The O’Connor National FFA Organization is one of the largest in the Texas FFA Association. [ 7 ]

band [edit ]

The Sandra Day O’Connor High School Marching Band has been in universe since the school was opened, and it is one of the largest high educate marching bands in Texas, with over 360 members at its stature. The band was led by Wallace Dierolf from its origin until 2004. After Dierolf ‘s retirement, the school ‘s newly built multipurpose facility, containing both a set hall and a dance studio, was named after him. When Louis D. Brandeis High School opened in 2008, the band ‘s numbers dropped to 230, but grew back to 380 members. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the set ‘s numbers slenderly dropped to 250 due to some members leaving and the social outdistance protocols that were in effect. When Dierolf retired, Roland Sandoval took his rate and led the band from 2004 to 2018. The current head director is Alfonso Alvarado. Associate Directors are Gabriel Valdéz, Michael Bradford, and José Marín. [ 8 ]

Year Theme Musical Composer Drill Writer Notable Achievements
2001 “Homage: Three Tapestries”
2002 “Riverdance”
2003 “Fiddler on the Roof”
2008 “Things That Go Pop” Key Poulan Roland Sandoval Advanced to State Competition for the first time, Placed 26th out of 31 bands
2009 “BOO! In a Darkened Hall” Key Poulan Roland Sandoval
2010 “Phobia: What Are You Afraid Of?” Key Poulan Roland Sandoval Advanced to the State Competition, Placed 33rd out of 36 bands; 20th out of 53 bands at BOA San Antonio Super Regional
2011 “Chrysalis: A Journey Within” Aaron Guidry Roland Sandoval 27th out of 59 bands at BOA San Antonio Super Regional
2012 “Rain” Daniel Montoya Jr. Roland Sandoval 2nd place in Area, Advanced to State Competition, Placed 22nd out of 38 bands; 28th out of 62 bands at BOA San Antonio Super Regional
2013 “Zombie Apocalypse” Daniel Montoya Jr. Roland Sandoval 44th out of 64 bands at BOA San Antonio Super Regional
2014 “Between Heaven and Earth” Daniel Montoya Jr. Roland Sandoval 1st place in Area, Advanced to State Competition, Placed 28th out of 37 bands; 40th out of 64 bands at BOA San Antonio Super Regional
2015 “Access Denied” Daniel Montoya Jr. Roland Sandoval 40th out of 59 bands at BOA San Antonio Super Regional
2016 “The Living Sea” Ron Ellis Roland Sandoval 32nd out of 63 bands at BOA San Antonio Super Regional
2017 “Welcome to the Jungle” Ron Ellis Roland Sandoval 35th out of 68 bands at BOA San Antonio Super Regional
2018 “iFly” Cesar Gonzales Brandon Smith 58th out of 84 bands at BOA San Antonio Super Regional
2019 “More Than Machine” Cesar Gonzales Brandon Smith 46th out of 84 bands at BOA San Antonio Super Regional
2020 “Dreams” Cesar Gonzales Brandon Smith (non-competitive season due to the COVID-19 pandemic)
2021 “The Fairest of Them All” Cesar Gonzales Brandon Smith 41st out of 72 bands at BOA San Antonio Super Regional
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theater [edit ]

The O’Connor theater program was pioneered by the Drama Department film director Deann Fleming ‘s ( whom has since retired ) senior one-act undertaking. It allows senior dramaturgy students to direct their own shows and produce them through via the International thespian Society at the Texas State and International Thespian Festivals. Mrs. Fleming ‘s inaugural year at O’Connor included performances of Foxfire, Any Number Can Die, Oklahoma, and The Grapes of Wrath. year two would consist of Noises Off!, The Music Man, Steel Magnolias and Of Mice and Men.

The production of Of Mice and Men in the 1999–2000 season would be a great success for the school. Two members of the ensemble would go on to win scholarships for their roles in the product, however they would not use them. The cast competed in the Selena Auditorium at the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, TX, and won Regionals securing a travel to the International Thespian Festival. The show was featured twice in Lincoln, and the ensemble, production staff, and Mrs. Fleming received big incontrovertible from the reviewers. In addition, the drama students participate as Korny Klowns in the annual Helotes festival Cornyval, an consequence that allows the students to express themselves creatively and humorously while providing a service to the Helotes community. The Drama Department is a 6A participant in The University Interscholastic League. The O’Connor theater broadcast is presently a separate of the Texas Thespian Society Troupe # 5872 .

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Air Force JROTC [edit ]

O’Connor activated their Air Force JROTC detachment ( TX-20082 ) for the 2008–2009 educate year. The current Senior Aerospace Science Instructor is LtCol Jesus Ramos ( USAF ret. ) and The Aerospace Science Instructor is MSgt Ralph Perez ( USAF ret. ). In 2012 the JROTC department, along with the Math department, moved into a newly constructed permanent wave facility on the northwest slope of the campus. JROTC performs ceremony Color Guard and Saber Guard for numerous school and Civic Organizations. They have 13 teams that compete at the local anesthetic, state and national levels. Those teams are Cyber Patriot, Rocketry, Marksmanship, female and male Physical Training, Female and Male Color Guard, Armed Drill and Unarmed Drill, Orienteering and Academic Bowl. They have won numerous awards over the school year. noteworthy awards for the 2016–2017 educate year. forcible trail placed in the exceed three of every rival they entered this year, with the female team capturing first overall in six of twelve competitions. O’Connor captured the coveted title of overall Grand Champions at Somerset and Kennedy H.S. Drill Meets. Marksmanship placed first at the Lee H.S. Invitational, Wagner, Clark, Kennedy H.S. O’Connor placed a team of 4 shooters and an person taw in the Air Force National 3 position Championships in Feb, then 2 shooters qualified for the JROTC Nationals in March. O’Connor competed at the National Drill Championships in Daytona Beach, Florida in May 2017. JROTC detachments are required to perform community service in addition to teaching an Air Force approved course of study. Cadets performed over 4,270 hours of residential district serve in the 2016–2017 school year. They are frequent volunteers at the San Antonio Food Bank, have a long-standing relationship with the Helotes Cornyval Association and Scholarship Beauty Pageant and participate in 6-8 elementary School Carnivals for Northside Independent School District schools. They instituted a training program for Kuentz Elementary School ‘s Safety Patrol Squad that raises and lowers the ease up every day .

noteworthy alumni [edit ]

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