Notepadqq An Alternative To Notepad++ For Linux

Notepadqq is a programmer ’ second text editor program program for Linux. It is an alternative to Notepad++, a identical democratic Windows text editor among the programmer ’ s community. Notepadqq is available as a snap app on Ubuntu platform presently, and therefore is Notepad++. So what makes them different ? The suffice is one of them is actually a Windows binary that runs on top of WINE ( Notepad++ ) and the other is a native Linux plan implemented using Qt engineering ( Notepadqq ). That might leave you wondering which of the two is best. Well, the choice is up to you and both of them have their own pros and cons. Read on below to discover more about the two text editors and of course we ’ ll further discuss the capabilities of Notepadqq course of study. besides, read – Best Code Editors For Linux

Why is Notepad++ popular?

​Notepad++ is popular among Windows residential district because of :

  1. It’s a powerful text editor (for developers) as compared to Windows default text editor program called Notepad.
  2. The program is based on Scintilla, uses fewer resources, is extendable with plugins and has tools for almost all programming languages.

frankincense, inspired by Notepad++ text editor program, Notepadqq has been developed that about looks and works the same as the erstwhile one .

Pros and cons

Both Notepad++ and Notepadqq are available as break down apps on the Ubuntu platform. So what sets them aside from each other ? here are the pros and cons of them :


Since Notepad++ snap app runs on top of WINE, you get the exact same program used on Windows platform. But the offspring with this running-under-WINE thing is the course of study ’ s window scale is excessively little ie., the User Interface ( UI ) fonts and people with poor people eyesight find it afflictive to work on such programs. Plus you don ’ thyroxine get the native look and feel, alternatively, the program has a window 2000 like interface .

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Whereas Notepadqq is a native Linux platform developed using Qt engineering. It goes well with the Ubuntu environment ie., its UI has proper fonts ; neither besides little nor excessively large. The merely downside with this platform is that certain features might be missing and besides like Notepad++ its UI is themed to Windows classical front and feel. so with the pros and cons done, we ’ ll get back to the subject in discussion. We ’ ll learn how to install Notepadqq and discuss the program ’ s overview, capabilities, and cool features .

Install Notepadqq

launch Ubuntu Software and type in “ notepadqq ”. Click the platform identify to load its installer page and then select Install button.

Notepadqq Overview

The program has the following components :

It is precisely identical to how Notepad++ looks ; its menu options and toolbar icons. Some missing menu options from Notepadqq include Tools, Macro, and Plugins .

Syntax highlighting & auto indentation

about all program languages are supported by syntax foreground feature on Notepadqq. To enable this feature go to the Language menu on the menu measure and levitate around the initials of your prefer program speech, then choose one from the sub-list. however, the best method is to save your source charge inaugural and let the program mechanically highlight your reference code by determining its charge extension. In addition to syntax highlighting Notepadqq besides supports automatic code indentation. so if you open a stimulate and press Enter key, the next occupation will be automatically indented by one yellow journalism distance. subsequently, closing the brace and pressing the Enter key will auto-indent back one yellow journalism space. This gives you the tractability to focus on your code while the job of beautifying-your-code is taken care of by the course of study .

Resume session

Notepadqq resumes all the unclosed tabs/buffers so programmers don ’ t have to manually re-launch all the informant files again on every program ’ south establish. This allows the exploiter to get good at work, therefore, saving more productivity time .

Code Duplicating

This is not something to do with violating DRY ( Don ’ t Repeat Yourself ) program principle 🙂 Rather, it ’ s a utilitarian sport that most programmers like. Code double is performed by pressing the samara combination Ctrl + D. Code duplicating allows the programmer to copy an accurate line of statement without the boring process of using Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V.​Suppose you are writing a Python program and somewhere along the lines of code, there arises a necessitate to use multiple mark ( ) statements ( possibly you ’ re designing an option based program ). therefore, rather of typing all the lines of code by hand, you come up with a blank and clever plan to efficiently type those lines. You first create a boiler argument ie., photographic print ( “ ” ), and duplicate that code by pressing Ctrl + D repeatedly arsenic much as you want. now you have lines of print ( “ ” ) statements and all you have to do is fill the empty string with ease to finish up your program.

That ’ south fast and effective, correctly ? Well, I ’ ve got another theme for you. Why not use the same above method acting on a reasonably complicate instruction like an if-else-if run on one of your darling scheduling languages .

Line transposing

Notepadqq allows transposing one or more lines of instruction up or down. This is something akin to cut and paste operation but using the keyboard combination Ctrl + Shift + Up/Down arrow key. Assume you have a variable declared as local inside a for loop argument in a C program. Once the loop exits the variable expires but you made a mistake and realizes that you still need that variable outside the loop topology. To perform channel transpose process, place the cursor on the variable announcement line and using the Ctrl + Shift + Up arrow key, move the note up to place it outside the iteration. The adjacent time you compile the broadcast there ’ ll be no errors about the varying not being declared. furthermore, you can do this operation on multiple lines of statements by highlighting them with the avail of the mouse.

Multiple editing

Another cool feature of Notepadqq and besides rarely used is the multi-editing capability. This allows you to have multiple cursors ( done using Ctrl winder and mouse click ) across your beginning code so you can edit them simultaneously. however, such a site where programmers perform the multi-editing operation is rare but below is a sample distribution Python source code demonstrating that : The programmer forgets to add “ ( str ) ” on the four print ( ) statements. He adds them by holding down Ctrl winder and clicking the mouse cursor at the appropriate places and then typing “ ( str ) ” simultaneously on the four print statements. Multi-editing saves clock if you have to type the lapp statement across multiple lines of code or delete them depending on your situation.


Notepadqq allows you to change the editor ’ s body with themes and it comes in respective color variants : light and night. To change the appearance go to the Settings menu and select the Preferences option. Click the Appearance class and choose the appropriate color dodge to set it as your editor program ’ south composition .


Notepadqq is a big alternate text editor for Notepad++. It is rich with tools for programmers who like to code on a potent text editor. To install Notepadqq, be indisputable to set up snapd on your Linux calculator if you haven ’ thymine installed Ubuntu but for some other popular Linux distro. And besides don ’ t forget to share your opinions/experience in the gloss part below .

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