Getting Started with D2L Brightspace

D2L Brightspace is the primary on-line creature that you will use to access course materials whether you are in a face-to-face, hybrid, or participating in a amply on-line run .

  • D2L Brightspace is used to support online, hybrid, and face to face courses.
  • Students can access content wherever they have a computer with an internet connection.
  • Some features are also available on mobile devices.
  • Read through this page, and watch the video playlist below for more great information about D2L.

Accessing D2L Brightspace

There are multiple ways to access D2L Brightspace :

  • Through the Normandale D2L site. This link will take you directly to D2L Brightspace. If you are using the direct link, we recommend that you bookmark this web address to access it more easily in the future.
  • Through the Normandale homepage. This link will take you to the Normandale homepage, where you can find the D2L link.. This liaison will take you to the Normandale home page, where you can find the D2L link .

  • Through the Minnesota State website. Select your institution’s specific D2L Brightspace login.. Select your initiation ’ sulfur particular D2L Brightspace login .
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Accessing Your Courses with D2L Brightspace

once you have logged in to D2L Brightspace, there are two main places where you can access your run that allow you to switch between courses more easily :

Option 1: Course Selector / “Waffle”

While in D2L Brightspace, at the acme of the page you will see the Course Selector or “ Waffle ” as it is frequently referred to. Clicking on this icon will show you a list of your active courses. You can click the thumbtack icon next to any course in this number to pin it to the top for quicker access. Use the waffle to promptly jump between courses without going second to the home page.

Option 2: My Courses

The My Courses doodad on the D2L Brightspace home page will show you images of all your courses. Click on an picture to access the course. little icons besides appear on the naturally tiles when you have assignments to submit, unread discussion posts, and quizzes you have even to take .

Navigating Your Courses within D2L Brightspace

Within your courses in D2L Brightspace, you will use the navigation bar towards the exceed of the page to navigate to different tools ( discussion, grant upload ) that may be used in your course. This seafaring banish besides includes links for other accompaniment services if you need them.

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  • Content brings you to course materials like the syllabus and course schedule.
  • Communication dropdown allows you to access tools to communicate with others in your course, such as viewing other’s emails in Classlist, participate in online Discussions, or view the instructor’s course Announcements.
  • Assessments dropdown displays tools like Assignments where you can submit papers, Quizzes where you can take online tests, and Grades where you can view the grades given to you by your instructor.
  • Resources dropdown has links to useful academic resources such as Academic Services, Technology Support, and more.

How to D2L – YouTube Video Playlist

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