Who Has Skai Jackson Dated, Other Than Beyoncé’s Nephew?

Skai Jackson ’ s ephemeral relationship with Julez Smith hit the headlines. Who else has the ‘ Jessie ’ leading dated ? The relationship between Disney Actress Skai Jackson and Beyonce ’ s nephew Julez Smith made headlines for all the ill-timed reasons .
After a photograph of Skai and Julez started circulating on social media in January 2021, it was rumored that the couple was an item .
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however, things turned ugly with the then 16-year-old son of Solange Knowles after he spilled secrets about ex-husband Skai Jackson .
THETHINGS VIDEO OF THE DAY In accession to lewd comments about their affair, he besides posted an suggest television, obviously after he discovered that the Disney actress had cheated on him .
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It wasn ’ t the first of Skai ’ s relationships to end badly .

Skai Jackson Has Grown Up In The Spotlight

With a massive social media following, it ’ s inevitable that Skai ’ south life will attract attention .
At the age of precisely three, she started appearing in commercials. Two years belated she scored her first movie role, in the film Liberty Kid .
After a number of shows and movies, Skai hit the big time when she was cast in the role of Zuri Ross in Disney Channel ‘s Jessie, which starred a number of celebrity guests, including Michelle Obama. The popular drollery television series ran from 2011 to 2015. She went on to play the same character in the Jessie spinoff, Bunk ‘d .
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The star has surely earned her stripes in the industry, with credits that include performances in Dora the Explorer, The Smurfs, G.I. Joe, the Marvel Rising series, and Ultimate Spider-Man, among many others .
Although there were rumors that she and Jessie co-star Cameron Boyce were dating, both actors dismissed the stories, saying they were equitable dependable friends .
In 2019, Boyce died at the age of barely 20 as the solution of an epileptic seizure. The follow year, Skai dedicated her performances on Dancing With The Stars to her late ally, often wearing purple, the semblance for Epilepsy awareness, to her rehearsals for the show .

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Her First Relationship Didn’t End Well

apart from her doomed liaison with Julez, all the Disney star ‘s other relationships have been with rappers .
Skai and Vietnamese-American knocker Kid Trunks started dating in 2018. initially, fans who followed the couple ’ mho relationship via Instagram posts enjoyed their dulcet interactions .
Those lapp fans were shocked when the 18-year-old Florida-based knocker dumped Skai on Instagram Live. The couple had been dating for about a year and a half when Kid told the devastate Skai to “ …stop bothering me. Leave me alone ” .
apparently, the knocker had found a new girlfriend .

Skai’s Next Relationship Was Much Shorter

After her first kinship ended, Skai hooked up with another rapper, Famous Jay. This time the sexual love matter was much shorter-lived, with the copulate calling it a day after 5 months .
After her inaugural two boyfriends, Skai ’ s next woo featured a rising asterisk. Bronx muso Smooky Margielaa had been making waves on the music scenery since the age of 15. When Skai met him, the knocker had already appeared on phase with Kendrick Lamar and been to parties hosted by Khloe Kardashian and Kanye West .
unfortunately, the relationship didn ’ thymine last very retentive : Skai and Smooky dated for equitable a calendar month .
The Jessie star was 17, Lil Keed, was 21 at the time. The relationship happened chiefly on-line, which led to problems when the rapper ’ south baby ma discovered Skai ’ mho messages .
That led to a confrontation between the two women. acerate leaf to say, the relationship didn ’ thymine last long .

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Is Skai Dating NLE Choppa?

The most late relationship news program about the Bunk ’ five hundred ace features rumors about a connection with knocker NLE Choppa. The stories surfaced in January 2021, after a fan asked Skai on Twitter : “ @ skaijackson if you ever see this I wanted to ask if you unmarried because I fell in love with you this was hard to say. ” She replied : “ LMAOO, Yes I ‘m single for radon. ” NLE Choppa then cryptically responded to Skai ‘s tweet : “ Umhm. ”
The two have since been indulging in flirty chats on social media .

Skai Has A Huge Following

She may have been doomed in the romanticist stakes sol far, but her followers continue to show her love. The YouTuber, who has an estimated final worth of $ 500,000, is followed by 7.6 million on Instagram .
Included in Time ’ s 2016 list of Most influential Teens, Skai has her own Fashion line, and a comedian book character Riri Williams is based on her
She ‘s besides written a book. Reach for the Skai : How to Inspire, Empower and Clapback discusses the veto experiences that can come from life in the spotlight .

Although many believe Skai is the daughter of Janet Jackson, that ’ s not true. Skai has no connection to the Thriller star ’ s family. Kiya Cole is Skai ‘s mother, and she doubles as the star ‘s part-time coach. Kiya besides stood by her daughter during the Julez Smith debacle.

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With thus a lot going for Skai, fans hope she ’ ll be luckier in her future relationships .
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