7 Niche Marketing Ideas for Specialized Businesses

If you ’ re a seller working in a highly specialized recess, you might be wondering about how you can maximize your shock and make your cross off. Some marketers mistakenly believe that being in a niche industry is a disadvantage, but it ’ south all about how you look at it .
Niche marketing Homer Simpson magazine holder's magazine
Being a glass-half-full kind of guy, I thought I ’ five hundred offer some fresh, test niche commercialize tips to hapless, tease marketers working in very specialize industries. Follow these seven chic strategies to get the most out of your recess market campaigns .

1. Know Your Target Niche Market Inside Out

merely because your product or service merely appeals to a minute range of people doesn ’ metric ton think of you can be lazy when it comes to researching your target market. In fact, running a business offering a merchandise with restrict or niche entreaty can make it even more unmanageable to figure out who your ideal customer actually is .
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division is crucial to defining a smaller target market for a niche business. It ’ s not enough to know the basics – senesce range, income, marital condition – without a deeper sympathize of more farinaceous attributes your prey markets might have. The smaller your market, the better you have to know your customers.

Niche Marketing Example: Vermont Wooden Toys

One company that actually knows its aim market is Vermont Wooden Toys .
Niche Marketing Vermont Wooden Toys
Ron Voake, owner of Vermont Wooden Toys. Image via NBC News
Vermont Wooden Toys, based in the verdant countryside of the Green Mountain State, doesn ’ t have a brassy web site. Most of their orders are taken over the earphone. The alone on-line requital offered is PayPal. The best contribution ? Their customers don ’ t care about any of that in the little .
Craftsmanship, commitment, and a affectionateness for days gone by are what Vermont Wooden Toys ’ customers expect, and that ’ s precisely what they get. Each piece is handcrafted by owner Ron Voake, who knows that his customers aren ’ metric ton looking for bells and whistles – they want authentic, handmade toys made with love .
Voake ’ s business attracts a diverse clientele – predominantly parents, possibly obviously – but he besides knows that the type of person who buys from him values meter, skill, and craft. As such, they ’ re uncoerced to pay for quality products .
many of Voake ’ s customers besides value their children ’ south safety in the highest regard – so much so that, following a major product recall of children ’ second toys in 2007 over run paint fears, customers began flocking to Vermont Wooden Toys in droves. The surge in matter to even caught the eye of The New York Times and NBC News, providing Voake and his company with the kind of publicity and unblock market money can ’ triiodothyronine buy .

2. Solve Your Customers’ Problems

In addition to knowing everything there is to know about your niche commercialize, it ’ mho besides vital to know how your product or military service will fulfill a motivation not presently being met by another company in your industry. What makes your business so limited ? What ’ s your alone deal suggestion ? How are you taking care of your customers ?
Niche marketing solving customer problems
small, crowded markets are barely as competitive – if not more so – than their larger counterparts. For this reason, it ’ south essential that you authentically think of the customer first, and make this commitment to excellence a basis of your niche marketing strategy .

Niche Marketing Example: Pansy Maiden

few little businesses I know of operate in the recess marketing space know how to take care of their customers quite like Pansy Maiden, a handmade bag and accessory business based right hera in Boston .
Niche marketing Pansy Maiden bags
All of Pansy Maiden ’ s products are vegan ( PETA-approved, no less ), meaning that they appeal to a highly specific type of customer ( see point 1 ). however, while Pansy Maiden surely know their aim market, it ’ s their systematically excellent set about to customer overhaul and putting the customer first gear that sets them apart .
Pansy Maiden maintains an active voice social media presence, and they frequently thank and interact with their customers on a personal level, far strengthening their perception in the eyes of both existing and electric potential customers .
Pansy Maiden besides go to big lengths to accommodate especial requests, such as seasonably orders for particular occasions. Overall, doing business with Pansy Maiden is a actual pleasure, and one that has enabled the business to expand its patriotic customer base in just a few short years .

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3. Rethink How You Spread the Word About Your Business…

Niche market international relations and security network ’ thymine like “ regular ” marketing, entirely smaller – it requires an entirely new approach to how you spread the news about what you ’ rhenium offer. It ’ mho crucial that you assess the strengths of any marketing channel in relation to your business .
Niche marketing spreading the word
For exemplar, social media advertise has proven increasingly lucrative for modest businesses operating in recess markets. however, the coarseness of the targeting options offered by Twitter, Facebook and the like may not necessarily be cost-efficient for your business, as social media platforms know precisely how valuable these targeting options can be. If this is the case, paid research might be a more feasible solution. Whatever your situation, you need to scrutinize the likely revert on investment of any recess market strategy to ensure that you ’ rhenium reaching your target market in a cost-efficient way .

Niche Marketing Example: Powell’s Books

When it comes to mastery of social media, Powell ’ s Books in Portland, Oregon, knows a thing or two about self-promotion .
Niche marketing Powell's Books twitter page
You could be forgiven for thinking that a bookseller international relations and security network ’ t a niche business, but you ’ vitamin d be ill-timed. Selling books requires an extraordinary width of cognition and a capital conduct of strategy, both of which Powell ’ randomness has in spades – it ’ s not known as “ the fabled freelancer bookshop ” for nothing .
In summation to actively supporting local authors, Powell ’ south besides contributes to online discussions about books and literature in general, uses hashtags to bang-up effect through giveaways and early promotions, and even highlights the work of early autonomous bookstores across the area. Powell ’ s social media selling plan, combined with its remarkable commitment to books and its customers, have earned it a cult following across the U.S., and for beneficial cause .

4. …And Invest in PPC Advertising

If you ’ re offering a recess, boutique product to a small market, paid search is about essential .
possibly you ’ re already sold on the concept of PPC. If not, stop and think about it for a irregular. somewhere, out there, person wants what you ’ re sell – yes, evening that .
Niche marketing cat hanger
PPC is arrant for recess market campaigns. Include long-tail queries equally well as gamey commercial purpose keywords, optimize your campaigns for mobile ( and be certain to make use of the appropriate ad extensions ), and get your message in front of the right people .

Niche Marketing Example: Lefty’s San Francisco

flush though one-in-ten people are morganatic, products for the left-hander in your life could even be considered a niche market. many small businesses claim that PPC doesn ’ triiodothyronine oeuvre for them, or that they can ’ metric ton compete with the boastful retailers, but in many cases, that merely isn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate true. Case in point, San Francisco-based bumbling retail specialist Lefty ’ south.

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Niche marketing Lefty's Left-Handed Store San Francisco
Lefty ’ s San Francisco. image by Reese Dixon .
In accession to ranking strongly on organic search terms, Lefty ’ randomness is leaving nothing to prospect, and besides invests in PPC advertise for search terms that left-handed pitcher are probable to be using, including this example below :
Niche marketing left-handed scissors SERP
Lefty ’ s is a great example of a commercial enterprise that is covering all its bases. This minor storehouse on San Francisco ’ s Fisherman ’ s Wharf proves that PPC can be highly valuable for modest businesses, specially those catering to niche markets .

5. Keep Tabs on Your Niche Marketing Competitors

For businesses in recess markets, it ’ mho full of life to know what your competitors are up to. fortunately, you don ’ t need to resort to corporate espionage to get the scandal on what ’ s working for other companies in your recess. In fact, you don ’ triiodothyronine even need to leave your function .
Niche marketing competitive intelligence
image via Lifehacker
numerous software tools – including WordStream Advisor – offer competitive intelligence that can yield noteworthy insights into what niche market strategies your contest is using, and which are working. other tools you can use to snoop on your competitors include Adbeat, MixRank, and WhatRunsWhere .

Niche Marketing Example: GetOutfitted

Colorado-based winter sports invest rental ship’s company GetOutfitted knew that AdWords was a potential gain for them – they just didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate know how. After trying to manage their PPC campaign themselves, they decided to enter a contest that WordStream ran stopping point year. Little did they know how much this would change their business .
Niche marketing GetOutfitted homepage
After running the AdWords Performance Grader on their AdWords account, GetOutfitted ’ s VP of Marketing, Kristi Anderson, discovered how her PPC campaign stacked up against similar businesses .
Kristi learned the importance of negative keywords, how to manage her daily budget more effectively, and respective early valuable lessons that helped GetOutfitted more than double their quality Score, achieve a CTR 24 times higher than it was before running the Grader, and improve the placement of their ads, among other improvements .
To see how WordStream ’ second AdWords Performance Grader helped GetOutfitted, read the wax lawsuit discipline hera. alternatively, evaluate the military capability of your own AdWords bill for loose in 60 seconds or less !

6. Be Open to New Opportunities

just because you ’ re in a niche market doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate mean you can ’ t think about expansion or ways to improve what you ’ rhenium offer. It ’ randomness crucial that you do what you do well, but don ’ triiodothyronine rebate the possibilities of opening up your product line or serving new prey markets .
however, while it ’ s a good theme to consider expansion, it ’ second just equally crucial to think about whether doing so is viable. Can you afford to take a chance on a new merchandise line ? What about quiz marketing an existing product or service to a new demographic ? experiment can lead to valuable new opportunities, but only do sol if you can afford to conduct a exhaustive evaluation of your new ideas without compromising the quality of your existing products and the standard of your service .

Niche Marketing Example: Long Made Co.

Husband-and-wife team Jamie and Carissa Long are the proprietors of Long Made Co., a boutique dwelling lighting clientele based in Houston, Texas .
Niche marketing Long Made Co.
The Longs have been making custom lighting solutions together since launching their company in 2012. Having grown their commercial enterprise through democratic on-line marketplace Etsy, the Longs are immediately looking to move beyond the lighting upright to include home furnishings and décor .
however, they are placid gauging the grocery store for such products, and are continuing to pour everything they have into running their commercial enterprise the room they have – with a commitment to craftsmanship, and a commitment to providing quality customer service .

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7. Listen to Your Customers – REALLY Listen

You might think that cipher knows your clientele better than you, but you ’ re faulty – your customers do .
Niche marketing listen to your customers
even the best-laid recess market plan is doomed to fail unless you ’ rhenium committed to truly listening to your customers. Don ’ thymine concern about having to ask them what they think – they ’ ll tell you .
If you ’ re not using social media as a niche seller, beginning. right now. social media is plainly unbeatable for instantaneous feedback on your product or avail and how well you ’ re doing at keeping your customers felicitous. If a customer has a trouble, do everything in your ability to solve it adenine quickly as potential. It ’ second hard to understate how significant this is – just because your operation may be little or you ’ rhenium marketing a recess product doesn ’ t average you can slack off when it comes to taking worry of your customer basal .
Yes, monitoring on-line mentions of your clientele is time-consuming. however, it ’ s a hell of a batch less work than mitigating the price of a veto recapitulation, fighting a tide of critical tweets, or trying to convince new customers that you actually do care when your previous actions say otherwise. Word of sass market is incredibly mighty – when things are going well. In recess marketing, you need to listen cautiously to what people are saying, and act immediately to rectify your mistakes .

Niche Marketing Example: Wistia

As one of the most amazing companies out there, video recording hosting firm Wistia rarely have to go groveling for forgiveness on social media. however, that doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate beggarly that Wistia isn ’ metric ton constantly listening to its customers and providing them with what they in truth want.

In this exemplar, Wistia recently expanded the number of videos that members with a free account could host on the service from three to fifty. The response on social media was immediate and overwhelmingly positive – and Wistia was agile to act on the good will .
Since launching their free plan merely two years ago, Wistia has expanded its exploiter base from 3,000 to more than 110,000. This kind of success simply international relations and security network ’ thymine possible unless you listen to your customers, provide them with an excellent product, and remain commit to their success and not just your own. Wistia knows that customer happiness is everything – even customers who aren ’ thyroxine paying subscribers. This kind of responsiveness not alone generates a set of positive buzz, it besides helps businesses with belittled ( or nonexistent ) budgets grow, a win-win for everybody .

‘Niche’ Rhymes with ‘Quiche’

so, there you have it – seven tips for nailing recess market. If you ’ re a seller working in a highly specialized discipline, I ’ vitamin d love to hear what strategies have been working for you .

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