NH Craigslist Has This Wicked Cool Must-Have For the Summer

I good found a camper that you could buy for under $ 10,000. You ‘re welcome. Check out this Craigslist find by clicking here. It does n’t say where this is located, but from the call act, I would guess it ‘s Vermont. You know that “ Spring into Cash with Sarah & A-Train ” started yesterday and we are all very excited at the candidate of winning up to $ 10,000 ! even though we are not eligible to win, my conserve and I love to dream about what we would do with the money. recently, we ‘ve been thinking about getting a camper/RV, but those things can be pretty costly, waaaay more than $ 10,000, however I just went on Craigslist.org and I found one for $ 9,975.

The pictures of this bad boy expect in truth commodity and to be honest, I ‘m not certain why anyone would buy one of those severe big RV ‘s with all the bells and whistles on the inside. If I ‘m going to travel in an RV, I ‘m gon na be spending a helluva draw of time OUTSIDE, so mother Nature already has all of my perks that I need. SO, when I saw this one, I thought, it ‘s perfect. It has a queen size layer, air condition, something to cook on, what more do you need ? Oh yeah, you might need a bathroom and a shower. It has that excessively ! If you have an RV or something exchangeable, I would love to know what you think. As a matter of fact, I put a question up on my Facebook page and got a couple helpful responses from my friends :

storage is the most obvious. But with that memory can come issued. Got tantalum make certain there are no leaks and no infestations while it ’ randomness stored.

We love ours and have been camping for 30 years now. Started with a tent, little pop up, bad pop up, travel trailer with bunks for the kids and now a couples travel preview. It is cheaper than hotels over all and you meet some courteous people along the manner while seeing some of the great sights this country has to offer. It does take some work, however but anything deserving while, takes a short bite of work .

even if you do n’t want to buy an RV, there ‘s always other stuff for you to dream about. Dream big, my ally, dream big.

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