Who Is Nadine Caridi? Jordan Belfort Ex-Wife Biography, Age & Net worth

Do you know who Nadine Caridi is ? If you are not companion with her career as a model, you may remember her as the celebrated stockbroker ’ second wife, Jordan Belfort. The couple met at the former attack of the 1980s and fell in love. however, their happily ever after did not concluding very long, but she continued to keep her presence intact in the limelight even after the disassociate. So lease ’ s keep scrolling toss off and find out more about her in this article .

Who Is Nadine Caridi?

Who Is Nadine Caridi
You might know Nadine Caridi better as the Duchess of Bay Ridge. She was born in London, England, on 24th December 1967. She belongs to a British-American nationality and holds the zodiac bless Capricorn. Although she was a model, her career as a model did not retain enough fame compared to what she got as being known as Jordan Belfort ex wife .

Early Life And Education

Early Life And Education

Nadine was born in London. But she soon moved to Brooklyn, New York, with her parents and spent her entire childhood there. unfortunately, the model never talked much about her parents or her class, so there is not much information available .
About her early on education, we can say she went to the Dewey High School in Brooklyn. After completing her high school education, she went to the Pacifica Graduate Institute to complete her Master ’ south in Clinical Psychology. She tied got her doctor’s degree in the lapp subject in the year 2015 .

Career Graph

Career Graph of Nadine Caridi
Nadine Caridi wanted to be a model initially, and after she became the poster daughter of the celebrated beer mark ‘ Miller Lite, ’ her career took a fortunate turn. She appeared in several national campaigns arsenic well. But no model fame can even come close to the bar that she got while dating Jordan .
so, when the model married Jordan, she quit her modeling career. But, after her divorce from the ill-famed stockbroker, she earned her bread and butter with her doctor’s degree in Clinical Psychology .
She soon started working as a career counselor and a family therapist and goes by Nadine Macaluso. She believes in the healing power of therapy and believes in its power because it helps people restore their connections with their authentic selves .
You may besides be surprised to know that Nadine never changed her name to Nadine Belfort after the marriage, so possibly there never in truth was any true connection to Nadine and Jordan ’ s bond, and it was all a big publicity stunt. even in the movie besides Naomi does not change her appoint to Naomi Belfort, so we must say Jordan stayed true to the real-life events .

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Personal Life Details

If you have seen the celebrated movie ‘ The Wolf of Wall Street, ’ starring Leonardo DiCaprio, you ’ ll know how celebrated Jordan Belfort ’ s parties used to be. Talking about that, it was Nadine ’ s ex-husband Jordan Belfort ’ sulfur life narrative that was the main diagram of this movie .
now, coming back to the topic, Jordan ’ south parties used to be very celebrated, filled with alcohol, drugs, and girls. It was during one of those parties, Nadine and Jordan met each other. Jordan was already married to Deniso Lombardo at that time. But Jordan was so attract to Nadine that it compelled him to divorce his first wife, and they married in 1991.

Nadine and Jordan parcel the hands of two children named Carter and Chandler. If you are wondering who is Jordan Belfort wife Naomi in the ‘ The Wolf of Wall Street, ’ it ’ s Nadine Caridi. Jordan changed his wives ’ names in his memoir, and the director portrays it accordingly .

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More Information

The stockbroker was head over heels in love with the duchess as he bought a yacht for him and named it ‘ Nadine. ’ During this time period, Jordan much made the news program headlines because of his fishy business activities. He was even sentenced to jail in 2003 for four years. however, due to his thoroughly behavior records, the U.S. politics released him after serving a sentence of 1 class and 10 months .
This incident, Jordan ’ second addictions, his affairs with other women. Plus, his physical pervert towards Nadine, acted as the catalysts in Nadine ’ s decision to divorce Jordan .
After her divorce, she married ex-entrepreneur, John Macaluso who was besides the chief executive officer of Wizard World. He still has shares in the caller worth $ 8 million. Though Macaluso was 22 years older than him, it was never a problem for the couple because they were still living their lives together .
The couple doesn ’ t have any children of their own, but Macaluso has three daughters from his beginning marriage. so, that ’ s an addition to Nadine ’ s two children. Nadine even goes by the name Nadine Macaluso when she professionally conducts her therapy sessions .

Net Worth

Nadine is graced with her talents of beauty and elegance. She is presently 56 years previous. She has been a therapist most of her life, and after her disassociate from Jordan Bellfort. finally, she finally resumed her career as a therapist only .
Her net worth is estimated to be $5 million. We assume that she got a fair share of wealth from her divorce settlement with Jordan Belfort. It is because he was, after all, a millionaire. But, Nadine earns quite a hunk union come of money as a therapist. So most of her net worth is the result of her hard work and decision .

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1: Why Did Nadine Leave Jordan?

Ans: Nadine and Jordan ’ s marriage was the exercise of a true, high-class extravaganza, which turned out to be a catastrophe soon after. The couple was married to each other from 1991 to 2005. She left Jordan because of his victimize as a stockbroker, prison sentence, illicit love affairs, addictions, and his nature of domestic violence .

2. What Is Nadine Caridi Doing Now?

Ans: Nadine Caridi is presently married to ex-entrepreneur John Macaluso. She stays in Florida and works as a professional therapist. She is better known among her clients as Dr. Nae. Her net worth of $ 5 million is chiefly the solution of her education and arduous work as a clinical psychologist.

3. What Happened To Jordan Belfort’s 2nd wife?

Ans: Jordan Belfort’s 2nd wife, Nadine Caridi, is nailing her name as a trophy wife. Though her marriage to Jordan Belfort brought her to the limelight, she maintained her stature even after her divorce from the ex-stockbroker caption. She has more than 9k followers on her Instagram, and she is pretty active on her Twitter account arsenic well .

The Bottom Line

The celebrated movie ‘ The Wolf of Wall Street ’ perfectly depicts Nadine Caridi and Jordan Belfort ’ mho biography, where the stun actress Margot Robbie plays Nadine ’ randomness function. But, as the movie showed Jordan Belfort and Naomi ’ s divorce at the end, that was their end in real life excessively. however, the most inspire aspect of her character is that nothing could demotivate her even after her separation from Jordan. alternatively, she built a newly life for herself and is apparently quite successful in her field .
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