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Montgomery County Public Schools recently implemented the new myMCPS Classroom system during the 2017-2018 School Year. Created to provide a better, more accessible, and more interactional digital determine environment, myMCPS has replaced Edline .
As an alternative to Google Classroom, myMCPS allows students and parents to easily check grades, see homework updates from teachers, look at class calendars, inspection class syllabuses, and a lot more. This steer will explain how the site works, and how to properly access it .
In order to access myMCPS Classroom, click the play along connect : hypertext transfer protocol : //www.montgomeryschoolsmd.org/mymcps-classroom/. Upon scrolling down, viewers will be presented with the following two options : Staff/Students and Parents/Guardians .
Parents and Guardians who click their connect will be asked to sign in. Parents should have received a login in the mail early in the school class. A number of student classes and condition grades appear after signing in. Clicking on a class degree will reveal the person grant grades the student has received.

The leave column of the screen is a seafaring creature that allows users to easily entree other features of the locate. The choice directly below Grades is Grade History, where students previously enrolled in MCPS can view their past grades .
The adjacent list is Attendance, which displays a scholar ’ s ’ attendance read throughout the year. Beneath Attendance, the feature of speech My Schedule allows students to look at their schedule in two ways : Weekly and Matrix .
hebdomadally view displays the current week, and each day has a column divided into respective rows that displays every class list, teacher, and room count. Matrix view is a horizontal bar that displays the lapp information in addition to the class period number .
adjacent, a connect called “ My MCPS Classroom ”, directs students to their personal myMCPS dashboard. The same rationale applies to the “ Google Classroom ( Student ) ” yoke, which takes students to their Google Classroom account .
The aforesaid links are followed by a “ School Information ” option that provides some basic data about the school the student presently attends. After that, there is a page called “ Account Preferences ” which lets parents and guardians change the language, password and electronic mail used for the account .
The final page is called “ Student Emergency Information ”, and while it is not functioning by rights at the moment, it is designed to display the procedures in place to deal with assorted emergencies .
Students who click the Staff/Student choice on the MCPS web page will inaugural be asked to login with their school google bill. Upon logging in, students are met with a splashboard that displays all their classes .
A navigation jury on the left side of the screen contains the surveil sections : “ Home, Announcements, Discussions, Grades, Pages, Syllabus, Collaborations, Discovery Education, and Google Drive ”. Students can look through each section to see what their teachers have posted, whether it be answer keys, class information, and/or more .
not all teachers post assignments on myMCPS, however. While teachers adjust to myMCPS Classroom, they may hush use Google Classroom or plainly have physical copies of all class knead.

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Above the splashboard section on the navigation portal is a connect titled “ Account. ” Clicking on it brings students to another menu with the following options : Settings, Notifications, Files and ePortfolios .
Below “ Dashboard ” is a associate to courses. This allows students greater ease in navigating their classes. Next, students can check out the “ Calendar, ” which is another way to view course assignments. unfortunately, most teachers don ’ triiodothyronine use this have as of nowadays .
Underneath the “ Calendar ” feature is the “ Inbox ” page where teachers can post messages to their students. last, there is a link to the “ Resources ” page that gives students some extra links in case they need help with some view of myMCPS. One of these links is called “ myMCPS Portal, ” and it redirects parents and students to the login foliate .
There is presently a myMCPS and Canvas app available to download. The Canvas app is the same thing as the myMCPS Classroom where students can view assignments, grades, teacher announcements, and everything listed above .
For extra resources, information, help and clearing on how to guide myMCPS, please visit the come link : hypertext transfer protocol : //www.montgomeryschoolsmd.org/mymcps-classroom/index.aspx and scroll down to the very penetrate for video and extra pages to help you out .
article by Moco Student staff writer Matthew Minton of Quince Orchard High School

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