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What is mymcps classroom and how do I get access If you ’ re an educator, you may be wondering what MYMCPS classroom is, how to entree it, and how to use it as an effective resource in your classroom .
MYMCPS classroom is a digital learn environment tailored to the needs of MCPS staff, students, and parents in the twenty-first hundred !

This platform replaces newspaper report cards with blink of an eye and secures digital information
This article aims to answer all of those questions and more ! Whether you ’ re an administrator, teacher, or scholar, we have everything you need to know about the exciting new app that aims to revolutionize education today !

Designed to enhance communication between teachers, parents, and students, it ’ s an on-line portal site that allows students to log in via a calculator or tablet and receive assignments, messages, grades, etc. In a district like Prince George ’ s County Public Schools ( PGCPS ), where teachers can often teach up to 25-30 different classes in one day—myMCPS Classroom becomes evening more crucial for managing grades .
This free resource besides provides each student with their own digital portfolio of oeuvre so they can easily save their writings, presentations, or projects from each class period. Once a educate class has started however you won ’ metric ton be able to merely sign-up ; your teacher will need to assign you into their class .
By accessing MYMCPS classroom, parents will be able to view attendance, absences, and other general information related to their child .
In addition, parents will besides be able to monitor their child ’ s grades and classify agenda adenine well as commune with their teachers electronically via messaging or electronic mail. Whether on-line or from anywhere in the world—parents will find ease when accessing such important information about their children whenever they need it .

MYMCPS classroom login

For students, teachers, and parents to entree their My MCPS Classroom Account on-line, Montgomery County Public Schools has created a new login splash page. This web-based course of study provides a up-to-date digital eruditeness environment that includes everything from teaching and learning to community outreach and professional development .
Learners can use their My MCPS Classroom Online Account Login to access course seafaring, find class announcements, reach with teachers, and much more .

Student MYMCPS classroom login:

  • Visit classroom.mcpsmd.org 
  • Click the “Log in” button beneath “STUDENTS” in the middle of the page.
  • To sign in, you can use your Google Account or any other Google Apps username and password.
  • To log in to your account and access your My MCPS Classroom dashboard, click the “Sign In” option.

Staff MYMCPS classroom login:

  • Visit classroom.mcpsmd.org
  • On the left-hand side of the website, look for the ‘STAFF’ area.
  • To sign in to your My MCPS Classroom Online Account using your Google login credentials, click the “LOGIN W/ GOOGLE” button.
  • If your Microsoft Account is linked to your My MCPS Classroom, select “LOGIN W/ OUTLOOK.”
  • To log in, type your MCPS email address in the format username@mcpsmd.org and then click “Next” to enter your password.

Guest or Other MYMCPS classroom login:

Guests with the necessary login can entree the resources of My MCPS Classroom through Canvas, in addition to students, instructors, and employees. You ’ ll need to do the following to gain access to that account

  • Visit classroom.mcpsmd.org, which is the same as the above-mentioned myMCPS Classroom website.
  • Scroll down to the ‘GUEST/OTHER’ section and select the “Log in” option.
  • In the appropriate areas, type the provided login username and password.
  • If you want to enable the feature, tick the “Stay signed in” box and then click the “Log In” button.
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Have you forgotten your password ? Submit your login by clicking the “ Forgot Password ? ” link under the login field .
Request a password reset, and My MCPS will give you a password reset connect to your register e-mail account .

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How to access myMCPS classroom?

My MCPS Classroom is a web-based learn and teaching chopine that can be accessed using any current, up-to-date web browser. however, MCPS Classroom suggests that users use the Google Chrome browser for the best results .
In addition, depending on your function in the school and your MCPS Google Account, there are a total alternative methods to access My MCPS Classroom. here ’ s a immediate tutorial on how to access your My MCPS Classroom Online score .

How to log into myMCPS Classroom as a parent/guardian? 

How to log into myMCPS Classroom as a parentguardian
My MCPS Classroom is accessible through the Synergy ParentVUE portal vein for Montgomery County Public School parents and guardians. They must do thus in order to accomplish this goal .

  • Chose the MCPS ParentVUE portal at md-mcps-psv.edupoint.com
  • Select “I am a parent” from the left-hand menu.
  • Use your Synergy ParentVUE credentials to fill out the username and password boxes.
  • To access My MCPS Classroom, click the “Login” option.

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How to make specific course tiles easier to find in myMCPS Classroom?

How to make specific course tiles easier to find in myMCPS Classroom
Give the courses nicknames to make it comfortable to identify who they belong to at a glance. This only affects the course ’ south name for you. To do so, go to the course tile ’ s three dots, accede in a Nickname, and then click Apply .

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mymcps classroom dashboard

Students can entree a variety of aspects on the mymcps dashboard, including class notes, assignments, attendance, course of study updates, and much more. Each area is separated into parts that give the digital platform with the necessity information and material .
The Global Navigation bar is a key feature that allows you to see everything on your mymcps dashboard. Students can access sections such as courses, score information, the most late updates, course calendars and timetables, and links to utilitarian resources .
Near the navigation portal vein on the Dashboard is a section called “ Account. ” Students can access their account information preferences, ePortfolios, extended files, and user reset data in this department .

Elements on the Dashboard:

  • Attendance
  • Grades
  • Grade History
  • My Schedule
  • Weekly
  • Matrix
  • School Information
  • Account Preferences
  • Syllabus
  • Calendar
  • Student Emergency Information
  • Course
  • Inbox
  • Resources


Students can access path information, assignments, updates, and more using Canvas, which is exchangeable to mymcps.

All of the material on mymcps is linked to the sail portal site, which students and teachers in Montgomery County Public Schools can access. Although the Canvas dashboard differs from mymcps in appearance, the means of each chemical element and subsection stays the same .

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Canvas Dashboard

The Canvas Dashboard gives you a immediate snapshot of all of your student ’ south stream courses. A user can customize the dashboard ’ s layout with three different viewing options :

  • Card View
  • List View
  • Recent Activity

mymcps classroom calendar

How to see calendar items in myMCPS Classroom
How to see calendar items in myMCPS Classroom? On the blue sky left menu, select the calendar icon. then, from the list on the right, select the calendars you want to see. It ’ sulfur worth noting that the beginning calendar listed is the one for your personal account. Each course has its own calendar in the other calendars. calendar events are color-coded and appear next to anything with a deadline .

How to change notifications from myMCPS Classroom?

How to change notifications from myMCPS Classroom
With an Observer bill, parents and guardians will receive reminders about assignments, due dates, grades, and more. To disable or modify notifications, follow these steps :

  • On a computer, log in to your ParentVUE account (not with the mobile app)
  • At the bottom left of the ParentVUE screen, select Parent Resources.
  • In the center of the ParentVUE screen, click on the myMCPS Classroom link.
  • snapAccount
  • snapNotifications
  • Set preferences on the right field side

How to see each student’s activity in myMCPS Classroom?

All courses for all students linked to parent accounts will be displayed on the like dashboard, giving parents a single sharpen of contact. Determine which student is enrolled in that course by looking at the scholar listed on the course tile vitamin a well as the course diagnose .


The official mobile application allows users to access the MyMCPS ideal on-line web site from their mobile and personal devices. aside from the functionality found on the MyMCPS portal, the app provides extra information on :

  • News, events, media coverage and articles, images, and other public information about MCPS are available.
  • The mobile application provides students and parents with real-time access to grades and alerts them to changes in grades, missing or skipped assignments, absent notes, and more.
  • Common aspects of the main portal include aggregated attendance and term attendance statistics.

What is ParentVue?

ParentVue is a web-based or mobile-based parent interface for MCPS ’ s Synergy Student Information System. It is accessible in seven languages. It ’ s a safe and dependable way to get information regarding attendance, classes, grades, report cards, on-line school registration, acrobatic registration, Synergy mail, and a liaison to the MyMCPSClassroom digital learn platform, among other things .

How to access ParentVue?

  • You will need an activation letter from one of your child’s schools
  • Website browser: https://md-mcps-psv.edupoint.com/PXP2_Login.aspx
  • Download the ParentVue app for Apple or android mobile devices on Google play store

How to activate my ParentVue account?

  • Parents new to MCPS will create a ParentVue account during the enrollment process
  • Parents will be sent an activation letter by email or by US mail
  • Contact your child’s school to obtain an activation letter if you did not receive one
  • Here are directions for activating your account

Importance of ParentVue account?

  • It provides up to date information and announcements
  • ParentVue is available in seven languages
  • MCPS instructors and staff use ParentVue as their primary means of communicating with parents about school and student information.

Differences between ParentVue and MyMCPSClassroom?

  • ParentVue displays information from the Synergy Student Information System such as attendance, class schedules, grades, report cards, calendars, school information, and other data.
  • The learning management system, or digital learning platform, is called MyMCPSClassroom. Parents can create a “observer” account to examine educational materials and information. Click here for more information.
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hypertext transfer protocol : //docs.google.com/document/d/1bbw1xQv37_CaL0yd4tBAlbp6R60A7_AkRaZ6nqu3jZE/preview
Are you the parent or defender of a child ? Please use Synergy ParentVUE to access myMCPS Classroom. To learn more, go here .

mcps zoom

Students will be required to join a Zoom meeting hosted by MCPS using their MCPS Google account.
Students must first create an history before attending a meeting .

  • While students may appear to have the ability to host meetings, other students and staff are unable to attend or participate in them.
  • Additionally, students cannot use their account to invite or record a meeting.
  • The account’s main purpose is to ensure that students must sign in with an MCPS account in order to participate in activities. to join their teachers’ meetings and are therefore not anonymous.

How to set up your MCPS-Licensed Zoom Account

  • Visit https://mcpsmd.zoom.us .
  • Click Login
  • To continue, enter your MCPS Google email address (@mcpsmd.net) and password.
  • You’ll be able to see your Zoom profile as well as your settings. While it may appear that you can host meetings as a student, other students and staff will not be able to attend or participate in them. The account’s aim is to allow you to participate in your teacher’s meetings.

Check out this screencast to learn more !

Joining a Meeting | Chromebooks

Students can join and participate in Zoom meetings from their Chromebooks by using the Zoom Chrome App, which is installed by nonpayment.
You ’ ll need to sign in with SSO if you ’ re using the Zoom app on a Chrome OS device .
To sign in with SSO, MCPS staff/students will need to :

  • Open the Chromebook’s Launcher (the little circle at the bottom left of the screen) and select the zoom app
  • Click Sign In .
  •  Click Sign in with SSO .
  •  Enter mcpsmd.zoom.us and click Continue .
  • Sign in using your @mcpsmd.net username and password.
  •  You are now signed in to the app and can join/start a meeting.

To join a meeting, MCPS students will need to:

  • To open the Zoom meeting app on their Chromebook, go to the Zoom meeting link provided by their teacher.
  • If requested, students should sign in using their Google Apps email address and password, then click join.
  • If you receive the notice “This meeting is for approved attendees only,” sign into Zoom.
  • If prompted to be placed in the teacher’s waiting room, enter their MCPS Google Apps account details.

Joining a Meeting | Mac/Windows:

  • Students can use the Zoom application to join and participate in a Zoom meeting from a Windows or Mac-based desktop or laptop computer using the Zoom application.
  • Download the Windows application  https://zoom.us/support/download
  • After you’ve installed the program, go to the Zoom support article: How to Get Started on a PC and a Mac

note : choice Sign In with SSO and input “ mcpsmd ” as the caller domain when logging in to the application.
You ’ ll be taken to a sign-in page before being asked to launch Zoom .

Joining a Meeting | iOS/Android

Students can join and participate in Zoom meetings using the Zoom app on their Android or io phones .

Contact Information:
MCPS Student Help Desk Phone Number : 240-740-3000
Email Address : ASKMCPS @ mcpsmd.org
MCPS Employee & Retiree Service Center Phone Number : 301-517-8100
Email Address : ersc @ mcpsmd.org

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