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Tuesday, July 13, 2021
Title IX Action Plan Update
We continue to make progress in our responses to the Husch Blackwell recommendations. We have now completed 10 of the 18 recommendations, with major landmarks this calendar month of adding staff to the Office of Civil Rights & Title IX, significant education in injury inform practices for staff members involved with Title IX cases, and a revision of PM 73 that provides more clearness and specificity to our process when person files a report. Download the update Action Plan .
Friday, June 4, 2021
Progress on Husch Blackwell Recommendations
The Husch Blackwell report provided 18 clear recommendations, which are enumerated beginning on foliate 137 of the report and are updated with LSU ’ s current level of legal action in the Action Plan Progress Report .
Thursday, April 29, 2021
Title IX Update

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As we continue to implement our Title IX carry through design and the recommendations made by Husch Blackwell, we want to plowshare several important updates with you .
We understand the importance of having a Title IX Coordinator whose lone duty is to serve in that capacitance on campus, and that ’ s why we have brought in Daniel Swinton to serve as Interim Title IX Coordinator .
Read the wax message .
Monday, April 19, 2021
On Building Trust at LSU
We ’ ra committed to construction reliance through our actions .

Saturday, April 10, 2021
Interim Vice President Jane Cassidy makes presentation to LSU Board of Supervisors
Jane Cassidy, Interim Vice President of Civil Rights & Title IX, presented “ Response to the Husch Blackwell Report ” to the LSU Board of Supervisors at its April 10 meeting .
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Monday, April 5, 2021
Office of Civil Rights & Title IX Update from Interim President Galligan
When we shared the Husch Blackwell report with you one calendar month ago, I promised that we would take immediate action to implement the recommendations in the report. Since then, we have deployed several measures that are already improving our response to intimate and domestic rape allegations, enhancing our digest of survivors, and making our campus a safer plaza for everyone .
Read President Galligan ‘s message .
Monday, April 5, 2021
Q&A with Susan Bareis, Assistant Director of Wellness & Health Promotion and Coordinator
of The Lighthouse Program at LSU

Through The Lighthouse Program, Susan Bareis is creditworthy for coordinating interpersonal violence prevention, defend and resources for LSU students through the Office of Wellness and Health Promotion in the LSU Student Health Center. In addition, she oversees the Student Health Center ’ s rapid HIV testing program and provides campus-wide health department of education on topics impacting LSU students. Bareis has been working at LSU for seven years .
Read Q & A with Susan Bareis
Wednesday, March 24, 2021
LSU Begins Search for Civil Rights & Title IX Positions
The newly formed LSU Office of Civil Rights & Title IX is adding to its staff :

  • Assistant to the Vice President 
  • Civil Rights and Title IX Case Manager
  • Civil Rights & Title IX Investigator (Position R00054002)
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interested candidates may learn more about these positions on the LSU Careers web site .
Thursday, March 18, 2021
Q&A with Jane Cassidy, Interim Vice President of Civil Rights & Title IX

Jane Cassidy has been a character of the LSU family for 33 years. She was first hired in 1988 as an assistant Professor in the School of Music. Since then, she has worked hard to forge relationships, conduct groundbreaking research and create change on campus. In her new character as Interim Vice President for Civil Rights & Title IX, Cassidy will lead the campus to make LSU safe and stronger through changes to policies and procedures, and supporting survivors of domestic and sexual violence.

Read Q & A with Jane Cassidy

Wednesday, March 17, 2021
New Website for Sexual Assault Resources
beloved LSU Community ,
today, as mentioned in an earlier notice from Interim President Tom Galligan, we are launching a new web site that offers help and digest to anyone who has been impacted by domestic or sexual violence. The locate pulls together in one put the many different resources that are available to our LSU residential district, from medical and genial health services to the variety of reporting options that survivors can utilize .
The web site contains information on confidentiality, advice for those who don ’ thyroxine know how to get assistant or what actions to take, and how to help a friend or coworker who may be going through trauma from domestic or intimate violence. The web site besides links to both on- and off-campus resources available to students and employees .
Visit the Domestic & Sexual Assault Support & Reporting web site .
Wednesday, March 17, 2021
Message from Interim President Galligan
When we received the Husch Blackwell reputation, we put together an action plan that, combined with steps we had already taken, would immediately improve the way LSU responds to sexual and domestic assault allegations – and ultimately make our community a safer position for everyone .
Read President Galligan ‘s message .
Monday, March 15, 2021
On Behalf of Jane Cassidy, Office of Civil Rights & Title IX
On our best days, LSU is a place where students come to live and learn in a safe and welcome environment. Yet we have heard brave and painful testimonies of students who became victims and lost faith in our university to protect them. This is unacceptable. We now know with great clearness that our arrangement to protect one another from sexual harassment and ferocity has failed, and we must act efficiently to remediate the problem .
Read Jane Cassidy ‘s message to campus .
Friday, March 5, 2021
Message from President Galligan

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today is a meaning milestone from which we will forever measure our advancement. During the LSU Board of Supervisors touch, which begins at 10 ante meridiem this dawn, Husch Blackwell will present the findings of their mugwump probe of how LSU handled allegations of sexual and domestic assault in years past. The meet will be live-streamed and available for viewing at lsu.edu/bos, and the report will be posted at lsu.edu/titleix-review following the display. I encourage you to watch the presentation ( which will besides be recorded and made available after the merging ) and read the report. At 148 pages, it is very comprehensive and detail. After Husch Blackwell is done, we will hold a brief press conference, which will besides be available via livestream at the like yoke .
Read broad message .

Tuesday, March 2, 2021
Title IX review findings will be released Friday
On Friday, we will release the report by Husch Blackwell on LSU ’ s wield of intimate attack and violence cases, vitamin a well as the firm ’ s analysis of our Title IX policies and procedures .
Read full moon message .
February 8, 2021
Update on Title IX Review
Husch Blackwell, the firm retained to conduct an independent follow-up of the university’s overall Title IX reporting process, is inviting any students who would like to meet with them to do so either in a group or individual arrange .
Husch Blackwell ’ sulfur report is on track to be finalized in late February or early March, and it will be made public at that time. It will include an judgment of the cases reported on in the media, ampere well as an analysis of whether intimate and domestic assault allegations have been handled properly and systematically at LSU .
Read wide message .
January 21, 2021
Sexual Trauma and Awareness Response (STAR)
LSU engages Sexual Trauma Awareness and Response ( STAR ) to :

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  1. develop and provide train for LSU staff and staff on how to respond to students who disclose dating and/or sexual violence with paleness, dignity, and obedience, in accordance with their legal rights ;
  2. review stream train for LSU students on the dynamics and prevalence of dating and intimate ferocity, how to respond supportively to survivors, how to prevent and intervene in dating and sexual violence, and how to create a culture that does not tolerate intimate ferocity ; and
  3. identify ways to improve processes and services to support scholar survivors of dating and intimate violence .
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