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Florida PrePaid

Use a Florida Prepaid savings plan to pay for tuition .
Florida Prepaid plans are educational savings plans purchased by families on behalf of a student to pay for college tuition. Florida Prepaid is a submit administered program managed by the Florida Prepaid College Board. There are several plans ; all entitle the scholar to either 60 or 120 credits. The traditional FPP tuition plan covers a four-year tuition of 120 credits .
For more details regarding the plans you can contact the Florida Prepaid College Board at 1-800-552-4723 or www.myfloridaprepaid.com .

Pay with Florida Prepaid (FPP)

Students can call or visit Bursars office at any campus to request to use their FPP to pay for current terminus Tuition and eligible fees. MDC does not require students to show their Florida Prepaid menu or documentation for verification, it requires only student ‘s MDID. You simply need to verify that your Social Security Number and Date of Birth is correct and matches in both the MDC and Florida Prepaid systems.

anterior to requesting to use Florida Prepaid to pay your MDC tutelage and fees, we recommend contacting Florida postpaid to verify the condition of your Florida Prepaid plan, ensuring your Social Security Number and Date of Birth is correct and active agent in their organization on the Florida Prepaid Plan website .
Please note, Florida Prepaid contracts do not cover 100 % of tuition and fee charges. If there is any difference between the total tutelage charges and the come of credit that FPP plan can cover, the scholar is creditworthy for paying the deviation .
Upon activation of your Florida Prepaid to pay for current term fees and eligible fees, you will receive irregular credit for the maximum total that can be billed to your Florida Prepaid plan. If for any argue the College is ineffective to complete the bill process, the irregular credit will be reversed and the student will be billed in full with an contiguous due date .

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Reasons why prepaid is not applied:

  • The SSN on file at MDC or FL Prepaid may not match
  • The FL Prepaid account could be delinquent
  • You may have placed a hold on your FL Prepaid account
  • The enrollment (or matriculation) year may be incorrect

*Matriculation class is the class of registration in college


How can I use my Florida Prepaid at MDC?

You can call or visit the Bursar ‘s Office at any of the campuses to request to use your Florida Prepaid. You must provide your MDID .

Does Florida Prepaid cover all my cost per credit fees?

No, Florida Prepaid does n’t cover all types of fees, coverage varies by plan. If there is any difference between your total tutelage and tip charges and the amount of credit that your Florida Prepaid can provide, you are responsible for paying the difference .

I’m reviewing my Student Fee Invoice, what is the difference between Florida Prepaid Deferral and Florida Prepaid Plan?

A postponement is the irregular credit rating placed on your report by MDC to provide time to placard your Florida Prepaid Plan. If for any rationality the College is unable to complete the placard process, the credit rating will be reversed and the student will be billed in full with an immediate due date .

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Can I cancel my Florida Prepaid coverage?

Yes, cancellation must take place anterior to the 100 % refund date. If you do not want to continue using Florida Prepaid please visit the Bursar ‘s Office at your campus of predilection to cancel the plan.

Can I activate my Florida Prepaid for a prior term?

No, In general MDC will not placard Florida Prepaid for prior terms but you can submit your bill to Florida Prepaid immediately .

When does MDC invoice Florida Prepaid?

typically, Florida Prepaid students will have their Florida Prepaid accounts billed close to end of the term every semester based on the total of credit hours enrolled .

What will happen if I cash out or freeze my Florida Prepaid plan in the middle of the semester?

The irregular recognition posted will be reversed and will be subject to Tuition Differential fee .

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