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What is MyThedaCare?

MyThedaCare offers patients personalized and dependable on-line access to portions of their medical records. It enables you to securely use the Internet to help manage and pick up information about your health. With MyThedaCare, you can use the Internet to :

  • View your secured medical record using your computer or mobile device
  • Request appointments with members of your care team
  • Get answers from your personal care team to important medical questions
  • View lab results and track progress over time
  • Request prescription renewals
  • Download key portions of your medical records to your computer
  • View and pay your ThedaCare hospital and ThedaCare clinic bill online via Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express (Note: Click on “Detail” to view additional information about your bill.)

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Is there an app for that?

Yes ! Download MyChart ( Epic ) in the App Store and choose ThedaCare as your provider. If you prefer not to download an App, is besides wholly mobile friendly .
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Is there a fee to use MyThedaCare?

MyThedaCare is a release overhaul offered to our patients .
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How do I sign up?

It ‘s easy !

  • Access and click on the New User/Sign Up Now button.
  • Enter the MyThedaCare Activation Code provided during your visit. (If you do not have an Activation Code, see the information below regarding how to obtain one!)
  • Enter the required information, select next. Screens will walk you through the sign up process.
  • If you have questions, call (877) 259-6180.
  • If you already have your Activation Code and are ready to sign up, click here to sign up!

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Where do I get my Activation Code?

If you do not have a MyThedaCare explanation and are over 18 years of age, you will receive an Activation Code on your After Visit Summary. Parents and patients 18 or older can besides call to receive an Activation Code by calling ( 877 ) 259-6180 .
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Can you send me a new Activation Code as I have lost it, let it expire, or did not receive it?

Contact your doctor ‘s position or call ( 877 ) 259-6180 .
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What information is needed to sign up for an account?

You will need your Activation Code, the last 4 digits of your sociable security number, and an electronic mail address to activate your account. We use the final 4 digits of your sociable security numeral to verify your identity. This is for the base hit of your aesculapian information. While we need your electronic mail address for sign up, we will never send medical details via e-mail. We only use your e-mail to send you notifications of fresh lab results, appointment reminders and messages from your supplier. As a policy, we never sell e-mail addresses .
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I’ve also seen a Bellin physician. Can I still see my info from Bellin on MyThedaCare?

Yes. ThedaCare and Bellin and many mugwump clinics share MyChart information, so you can see all your checkup information in one portal. therefore, if you already have a login for, the like login will work on .
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Who do I contact if I have further questions?

Please contact your provider ‘s position for more data in respect to obtaining MyThedaCare access .
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When can I see my test results in MyThedaCare?

The majority of tests are viewable the like day as they are resulted, but there are some exceptions :
– Tests which may reveal the gender of an unborn fetus ( Maternat21, First Trimester Maternal Screen, Sequential Maternal Screen, AFP Single Marker Screen, etc. ), american samoa well as the Huntington test are not released.
– electric potential cancer revealing tests ( pathology, cytology, and PET scans ) are not released until 14 days after being marked concluding.
– human immunodeficiency virus tests are not released until 14 days after being marked final.
– All other tests are released within one hour of being marked final.
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Why are certain test results not shared electronically via MyThedaCare?

Please keep in thinker that if a test was ordered by a doctor who does not actively subscribe MyThedaCare, the consequence will not be released to your MyThedaCare account until 14 days after it is marked final. besides, please be aware that tests performed at a location that is not using ThedaCare ‘s electronic aesculapian record system will not display in MyThedaCare .
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If some of my health information on MyThedaCare is not correct, what should I do?

Your MyThedaCare information comes directly from your electronic checkup record at your doctor ‘s office. Ask your doctor to correct any inaccurate information at your future clinic visit. Your health information is reviewed and updated in your electronic medical record each visit .
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If I send a message to my doctor or nurse, when can I expect a reply?

You will broadly receive an answer within one business day. Please note that MyThedaCare should not be used for pressing situations. Please contact your aesculapian center if the situation requires immediate attention or dial 911 if it is an emergency.

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Can I view a family member’s health record in MyThedaCare?

Yes you can. This is called Proxy entree and allows a parent ( or defender ) to log into their personal MyThedaCare history, and then connect to information regarding their family member.

For proxy access to a minor ‘s record, click here to request access via an on-line class. ( To comply with respective state and union laws and regulations, specifically Wisconsin Statutes Chapter 51, HFS 92, and Chapter 42 of the Code of Federal Regulations ( 42CFR ), child proxy access for reviewing aesculapian records on-line is limited for children between ages 12 and 18. )

For proxy access to an adult read, snap here to download, print, and complete the mandate form and give it to your provider ‘s office sol they can grant you access .
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Can I ask questions regarding a family member from my MyThedaCare account?

If you want to ask questions regarding a family penis, you should utilize Proxy access to ensure the messages become separate of the family penis ‘s graph, preferably than part of your chart. failure to utilize Proxy access means the information would not appear in the right health record and could potentially jeopardize aesculapian concern .
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Can my spouse and I share one MyThedaCare account?

No, ascribable to the sensitive nature of aesculapian data, each pornographic should sign and submit an Authorization Form and establish their own MyThedaCare account. If you want to use MyThedaCare on behalf of your spouse, you should get authorized for Proxy access to the history
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I forgot my password. What should I do?

If you have previously established a security question and answer, you can click the “ Forgot password ” link on the sign-in foliate to reset your password on-line. If you have not established a security question and answer, please contact your doctor ‘s position to have your password reset .
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Where can I update my personal information (e.g., home address, e-mail or change my password)?

Log into MyThedaCare and from the forget menu, go to the Account Information part and select the appropriate option .
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Who can I call for billing issues?

For non-ThedaCare entities, please call that clinic directly. For ThedaCare entities alone, you can call 800-236-4102, M-F between the hours of 8am – 5pm for avail with these and other charge questions for your ThedaCare hospital or ThedaCare clinic bill :

  • Answering billing detail questions, such as balance information
  • Establishing payment plans
  • Setting up recurring payments
  • Transferring payments if you accidentally paid upon the wrong account
  • Processing refunds
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What payment methods are available online? accepts credit circuit board payments via Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. note : Be certain to enter the measure you want to pay before you hit the present clitoris. Once you press present, the requital is concluding. ( You can not go back and make changes. )
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Can I get a receipt for my payment?

You will receive a confirmation code once your payment is processed. Click on the printer icon to print a copy of your receipt, or print a copy of the reception sent to your MyThedaCare inbox. You can besides look bet on at past receipts by running a detail on a specific date period .
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Why was my credit card declined?

Make indisputable you ‘re using your credit tease charge address ( if different from your physical address ). If that does n’t resolve the issue, try another credit card or call your accredit card company.

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How is MyThedaCare secure?

We take great caution to ensure your health information is keep open individual and secure. Access to information is controlled through procure entree codes, personal ID ‘s, and passwords. Each person controls their password, and the account can not be accessed without that password. Futher, MyThedaCare uses the latest 128-bit SSL encoding technology with no caching to mechanically encrypt your session with MyThedaCare. Unlike conventional e-mail, all MyThedaCare message is done while you are securely logged on to our web site .
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Can I access MyThedaCare from outside of the United States?

In decree to prevent exposure to potential malicious cybersecurity attacks that span throughout the universe, MyThedaCareAccess is lone accessible from within the United States .
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Who can I call for technical issues?

Call 877-259-6180 for avail with these and other technical questions :

  • Setting up account /retrieving an activation code
  • Resetting locked out accounts
  • Researching missing information or test results
  • Assisting with password issues

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