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Maximize Your Stay At ABAC with MyABAC app on Windows:

Getting admitted to the college of your dreams can be one of the biggest things to happen. The feel and the joy which follows it is matchless. For candidates whose college of choice is the Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College, the joy of entree normally fades upon your arrival at educate grounds .
however, the confusion which you will feel will only be but fleeting. With the myABAC app, you can easily find your way around campus. You can besides know who does what, and the plan of campus bodily process you should participate in .
As a reputable school with a glorious history, it will offer educational advantages mixed with engaging campus liveliness. however, in orderliness to keep up and avoid being lost in all the hum, you ’ ll need the myABAC app.

App Features:

here are nine features the myABAC app :
# 1. Alumni and Foundation :
You can take advantage of this feature to interface with successful and respected alumni of the college. For a school that has the likes of Elton Gissendanner, Tyler Harper, Lee Anderson and John Bulloch in their ranks, you ’ re in good company. Reach out, be mentored and take advantage of the numerous opportunities which will come your way as a result .
# 2. calendar :
Go through the school year well prepared for milestone days. design ahead and stay on top of developing situations using the Calendar sport on the myABAC app .
This will besides help keep you informed, specially when it comes to events that are not compulsory. You would end up choosing which consequence you want/need to attend, and the events you intend to skip .
# 3. Community :
ABAC is a school that prides itself on having diverse and inclusive communities. You can take advantage of this situation and find the community that best suits your social needs .
To do that, you need to go on the myABAC app and find out about any information on the community of your choice. then you ’ ll be informed as to how best to sign up .
# 4. departmental directory :
With the Departmental Directory feature, you can find out the contact details of all staff, sorted department by department .
# 5. faq :
If there are issues, questions or enquiries you may have about the college, or any of its activities, there ’ s no indigence to worry. All you need to do is to use the FAQ feature and get your answer in read time. There is no need to speak to any representative, just type out your motion, question or business, and get your answer immediately .
# 6. Give to ABAC :
If you ’ rhenium concerned in donating to desirable causes, you could donate to the college. With the app, you can easily make your donations and invalidate bank hassles, or having to come to the school yourself .
# 7. Campus map :
Find your way around the campus grounds without stress. Make use of the Campus Map to find new places and know your position on campus. The feature can help you direct others to find you on the grounds, wherever you may be .
# 8. bookshop :
Enjoy access to the best and relevant books, both academic and non-academic books. The Stallion Bookstore is the proud center where you can go to purchase these books. You could besides buy early stuff from there equally well, like University apparel and other university gear. It is open to everyone, both students and staff .
With the myABAC app, you can easily make your club from the ease of your dormitory room, or anywhere else.

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# 9. academic catalogue :
At a glance, you can gloss over the expected study system for your naturally, angstrom well as the run expectations. With the app, you can even access this datum from anywhere .

Pros of MyABAC:

  • Great Information Source

  • Interactive Interface

  • Mostly great user experience 


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