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Welcome to the air combat command portal vein we want youto be companion with the portal site before using it so let ‘s take a quick touraround its design and features to access the my CC portal site go to https colon slashslash portal site AAC edu login with yourusername and the password you created using the password management tool ifyou seaport # 39 ; metric ton gone through the passwordmanagement tool please do so earlier accessing the portal site you can learn moreabout this by going to WW AACC edu /password once you login to the raw portal film prison term to explore our academiclife fiscal life and college life tabs across the peak of the foliate and thedrop-down menu below them check out our list of top links quick links how do Ihelp topics self services Quick Links announcements campus features and eventslet ‘ ’ s review some key features to accessyour e-mail suction stop on the add my mail accede scholar e-mail liaison you canadditionally entree your e-mail by selecting the opinion student emailcalendar and tasks link this takes youth an alternate opinion and may take alittle longer to load for students thesis an expanded 25 gigabyte microsoftoffice 365 e-mail where you can manage your messages update your calendar orgive yourself tax students can not only access electronic mail inside the portal vein butalso outside the portal site through a address connect students can besides sync their emailto a smartphone or tablet the aim e-mail connect and directions on how to syncemail to a smartphone or tablet are in the how do I help topics in the portalamong many early helpful resources if you have a specific harbor on your accountperhaps an delinquent bill or invalid explanation information you will see anotifications message this message will tell you precisely whyyou ‘ ’ ra receiving that notification andprovide a link to where you need to correct it once corrected thenotifications message will go away my bookmarks allows you to add your ownpersonal links to your page that are only viewable to you you can add a linkthat takes you inside or outside myCC you could even add a connect from theself services menu like my textbooks or pay my bill you can learn more about howto do this by visiting how do I helptopics in the portal site my classroom is the space to access all of the currentcourses you # 39 ; re taking just choose theaccess my courses link which will take you immediately into the college ‘s canvaslearning management organization where you can access your course materials andcommunicate with your teacher and classmates if you ‘re registered for anon-credit class offered through one four partner schools select thecontinuing education at a distance web site if you are once an active memberor leader in a CC group you ‘ll beable to access these groups which arrow called team sites under the collegelife tab by selecting my report team siteshere you can create a team site become extremity of a team site communicate withother team members participate in discussion board watch documents photosand more self services is where you can search and register for classes …

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