The Best Adhesive Foam Mounting Tape for Displaying Artworks

Artists grab mounting record for a diverseness of reasons : It ’ second great for a flying repair when installing awkward artworks, and it works well with a wide kind of materials. Foam mounting tapes are handy for cursorily bonding two materials together ( though not recommended for fine art or photography applications, where an archival adhesive material is preferable ), and stronger tapes can be used to affix art with nontraditional surfaces to a wall. All told, these tapes are a capital alternative to nails or screws. For optimum results, make certain surfaces are clean and scatter loose. And then videotape for agile, brilliant results ! Review our picks for the best adhesive material mount tapes, below .

1. Gorilla Heavy Duty Double Sided Mounting Tape

Gorilla ’ second tapes are extremely firm and resilient, and the company ’ s double-sided ride tape is top of the line. Do you need to adhere nontraditional surfaces in concert ? This record is thick and sticks to both fluent and grating surfaces including metal, brick, stone, wood, glass, ceramic, and fictile. It ’ s exceptionally easy to use : Apply 2 inches of magnetic tape per 1 impound of weight unit and hold up to 30 pounds in an clamant. Are you installing art outside ? This record is weatherproof and repellent to water system and high temperatures. Need a immediate fix ? A small musical composition of this tape goes a long manner to holding your artwork together with pristine results.

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Reading: The Best Adhesive Foam Mounting Tape for Displaying Artworks

bargain :
Gorilla Heavy Duty Double Sided Mounting record
$ 9.50

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2. ProTech Foam Mounting Tape

If you are looking for a solid tape to adhere artworks temporarily to a wall, this product is an excellent choice. Made from clear foam and acrylic glue, ProTech ’ south tape powerfully adheres to paper, woodwind, concrete, alloy, and vinyl. The bond lasts only ampere long as you want it to, however ; it peels off surfaces without damage, making it a perfect choice for exhibition spaces with concrete walls. It ’ s besides big if you want to try out unlike configurations for assembly sculpture. Temporarily affix components with this tape, and use a permanent wave adhesive material once the final shape is determined. This tape is besides ideal for emergencies and for that last-minute situate before a studio visit, when you ’ rhenium aiming to impress and need things to stay in position for a curtly clock time .

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ProTech Foam Mounting tape
$ 8.99

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3. 3M Double Coated Foam Tape

art students are highly fecund, and educators depend on high-quality duplicate sided tapes for mounting and exhibiting their artwork. 3M ’ south foam magnetic tape is perfective for classroom and art school use—easy to apply, hard, and weather insubordinate. A belittled piece goes a long way, so teachers won ’ thyroxine run out of it cursorily. This tape besides works well to affix objects such as signs and tools to walls ; it is ruffianly enough to withstand heavy classroom traffic. Its foam structure allows it to adhere to a diverseness of surfaces with a permanent, heavy-duty bond. The tape is a natural white and looks good with most walls and papers .

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3M Double Coated Foam Tape
$ 14.59

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4. XFasten Double Sided Mounting Tape

Are you looking to add some dimension to your drawings and other works on paper ? XFasten ’ s foam tape is thick and spongy, ideal for layering newspaper shapes. While easy to use with paper, its permanent wave bond is besides strong adequate to adhere frames and tools to a wall. Its white color is scavenge and pristine and won ’ thyroxine take away from an artwork ’ s aesthetics .

bribe :
XFasten Double Sided Mounting record
$ 12.99

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5. Scotch Brand Extreme Mounting Tape

Extreme jobs, such as creating artwork from materials with a kind of surface textures, requires an extreme tape. Scotch ’ s extreme point climb tape is clayey duty and firm, adhering woodwind, alloy, concrete, and paper in concert. It holds up to 30 pounds ; use 2 inches of tape per irish pound. It is a great option to nails, screws, and tacks for hanging artwork on walls, and with solitaire it is removable. insubordinate to weather and eminent temperatures, it performs good outdoors in all conditions .

bargain :

Scotch Brand Extreme Mounting record
$ 19.98

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