How To Play McDonalds Monopoly (2022)

McDonalds Monopoly normally runs for six weeks of every year and gives you the chance to win a solid host of prizes from free apple pies to holidays or even a cool £100,000 in cash .
In this scout, I ’ ll tell you everything you need to know to play McDonalds Monopoly. At the end, I ’ ve besides got some useful tips that will give you the best luck of winning .
McDonalds Restaurant

How McDonalds Monopoly Works

When McDonalds Monopoly is on, selected food items feature game pieces. You can use these to win prizes in three ways :

  • Instant Win – Only one winning piece is needed to win a prize
  • Collect to Win – Collect a full colour set of two, three or four pieces to win
  • Online Game – Enter a code from each piece this via the McDonalds website or app to enter a prize draw

What can you win?

The top choice in McDonalds Monopoly is normally £100,000 cash. There are four of these to be won and you ’ ll necessitate to collect both the Mayfair and Park Lane pieces to win.

early prizes include McDonalds food, holidays, electronics, shopping vouchers and McDonalds Gold Cards which will get you one free meal per week for a year. You can besides get discount vouchers which will give you money off respective things .

How long is McDonalds Monoply on for?

McDonalds Monopoly lasts for six weeks, but you ’ ll have a few months after it ends to claim your prizes .
historically, McDonalds Monoply in the UK always started in late March. however, in 2020 all McDonalds stores were forced to close to comply with government guidelines. McDonalds Monopoly was postponed and re-introduced on 25th August 2021 .
It ’ s not so far known when McDonalds Monopoly will take place in 2022. It didn ’ t happen in March, so it looks like late August 2022 could be the most probable time as that will be a year since the last McDonalds Monopoly event .
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What McDonalds items have Monopoly?

You can get McDonalds Monopoly pieces on certain burgers, wraps, fries, salads, sides, ice creams and drinks. Many of the most popular items, like Big Macs and Cheeseburgers, preceptor ’ t actually contain any Monopoly pieces .
Some of the qualifying items have two Monopoly pieces ( double labels ) and some have three ( triple labels ) .
You can see a full list of items here : McDonalds Monopoly Qualifying Items .

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How to Get a McDonalds Monopoly Board

Years ago, you would get a cardboard McDonalds Monopoly board and the pieces were stickers that you would attach to it. however, times have changed .
Nowadays, the McDonalds Monopoly board is shown on the tray lining that you ’ ll scram when you regulate food to eat in. so, if you order to take out or for delivery, you won ’ triiodothyronine get one .
That doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate matter though as the boards aren ’ thyroxine used for anything anymore. And the stickers aren ’ thymine actually muggy, they ’ re just pieces of newspaper !
rather of a forcible board, you can save your pieces and game codes to the McDonalds app. There ’ second besides a photograph of a game board on the McDonalds web site. You can use the control panel to refer to, to see which pieces you need to complete sets, but it ’ s not necessity .

How to Win at McDonalds Monopoly

There are three ways to win at McDonalds Monopoly – Instant Win, Collect To Win and Online Game. To win the best prizes, you ’ ll need to collect a full color set of pieces .

Collect to Win

On a Monopoly board, each property belongs to a color set with one or two more. With stations, you need four for a full set. With McDonald ’ sulfur Monopoly, the Collect To Win pieces will tell you which early pieces you need to collect to get a full set a well as what prize you can claim if you do then .
McDonalds Monopoly is harder than it initially sounds because within each color set there is always one property that ’ s rare and consequently very difficult to get .
You can check out this list of rare McDonalds Monopoly pieces to see precisely which those are. If your piece is on the tilt, then you have a well probability of finding the others in the laid and claiming a pry .

Instant Win

many people think that Instant Win Monopoly piece are the best because you don ’ t need to do anything at all. If you win a food prize such as a dislodge McFlurry, you can barely walk up to the rejoinder and claim your loot.

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Instant Win pieces sometimes have big prizes excessively and people have been known to win holidays, hot tub, TVs and even the highly-coveted McDonalds Gold Cards wholly from a single Monopoly piece .

Online Game

On every McDonalds Monopoly food detail, one of the stickers will contain a unique 10 character-long code to enter the on-line game. For a find of winning a pry, you ’ ll need to enter the code on-line via the McDonalds web site or app .
You can win cash prizes of between £5 and £100 a well as millions of McDonalds food prizes plus some non-food prizes like on-line subscriptions and vouchers .

Tips for Winning at McDonalds Monopoly

1. Know which food items have Monopoly stickers

indeed many people miss out on Monopoly tokens because they ordain food that doesn ’ t have stickers, like Big Macs ! Check out the list of qualifying items so you know what to order to get the biggest hit for your vaulting horse .
And quite than making your meal bombastic ( which won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate assistant with the tokens at all ), may I suggest that you add some carrots or a pineapple stick ? Each of these will get you three more game pieces for merely 79p !

2. Save all of your pieces

Most people are merely interest in clamant wins so they ’ ll discard any of the other pieces. You ’ ll never get a wax set by doing that. alternatively, keep all of your pieces in a dependable place, so that one Mayfair pops up, you ’ ve already got Park Lane fix .
even after you ’ ve submitted your claim on-line, don ’ triiodothyronine throw away your game pieces. McDonalds don ’ metric ton normally request to see the physical pieces, but they can do to validate the call .

3. Pick up discarded pieces

It ’ mho against the rules to buy or trade McDonalds Monopoly pieces, but there ’ second nothing to stop you from collecting pieces that early people have thrown away .
Look around McDonalds restaurants for any stickers that have been left behind. many people forget to peel them off their drinks. You could even stand by the bin and volunteer to empty people ’ s trays of rubbish in exchange for any undesirable stickers .
Profiting from other people ’ second undesirable folderol is known as wombling. It ’ s not illegal, but it may be frowned upon in some McDonalds restaurants, so always be discrete and friendly .
McDonalds bag

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4. Enter the online draw at night

Each qualifying food buy gives you a casual to enter the McDonalds Monopoly on-line draw. Don ’ metric ton forget to do this as a achiever is chosen every 30 seconds .
The non-cash prizes are allocated so that more are up for grabs during the times that people are likely to be on-line. But the cash prizes are spaced equally throughout each 24-hour period .
so, for the best opportunity of winning cash in the on-line pull, enter your on-line codes at night .

How to Claim Your Prize

You can claim McDonalds Monopoly food prizes at the restaurant counter, drive-thru window, self-service machine or via the app. You can ’ t however, use them when you order via UberEats or JustEat .
other prizes can be claimed by filling in a claim shape on the McDonalds web site or app .
If you need more data about how to claim your prize, I have a full template here : How To Redeem McDonalds Monopoly Prizes.

The Bottom Line

McDonalds Monopoly is such a fun game – Everyone loves the exhilaration of peeling back those stickers to check for prizes .
But, if you ’ ve good been looking for Instant Wins, you ’ ve decidedly not been making the most of the promotion. Be certain to save the collectible pieces excessively and look out for whether any of them are rare or not. If they are, you ’ ll want to gather as many bet on tokens as you can until you win .
And don ’ thymine forget about the on-line game besides. There are millions of prizes to be won there including free food and cash. The easiest way to enter is with the McDonalds app .

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