Monkey Madness II

Old School RuneScape uses the British convention for floor numbering: Ground floor, first floor, etc.

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Monkey Madness II


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Release date

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6 May 2016

Quest series

Gnome, Monkey

Official difficulty



Mod Jed, Ian Gower, Mod Ash,

Mod Maz, Mod Bond, Mod Ian

Monkey Madness II: The Renegade Returns is the sequel to Link to Monkey Madness I Monkey Madness I, and is the 129th bay on Old School RuneScape. Following the events of Monkey Madness, Chat head image of Glough, File:Glough chathead.png Glough has vanished, prompting Chat head image of King Narnode Shareen, File:King Narnode Shareen chathead.png King Narnode Shareen to enlist the actor ‘s avail once more in tracking down the war criminal and uncovering his following evil plan .



Warning: Ape Atoll and its underground dungeons are very dangerous, and returning to get items may prove difficult – bring only what you are willing to risk! Always be certain to have food, Antipoison(1).png anti-poison or Superantipoison(1).png superantipoison potions, and an hand brake teleport when travelling through the island and be prepared to use protection prayers .

chapter I

Items required: 3 inventory spaces, a lemon, grapes, pestle and mortar, logs, magic logs, translation book (Monkey Madness I or obtained from King Narnode), no weapons or armour

chapter II

Items required: Pickaxe, m’speak amulet, monkey talisman, ninja monkey greegree or ancient gorilla greegree, light source, slash weapon. Note: Pickaxe and slash weapon are not required if running agility route. Recommended: Food, antipoison, one-click teleport, combat equipment, super combat, stamina, and prayer potions. Warning: Do not underestimate the dungeon ! It is filled with respective 130+ Combat level monsters, which will hit identical systematically. Prepare consequently, and keep your health and Skill icon of Prayer, File:Prayer icon.png Prayer high at all times .

  1. Make your way to Ape Atoll, and head to the northern section of the island. (Wear your M’speak amulet and a Ninja greegree or Ancient gorilla greegree.)
  2. On the eastern side of the island, speak to Chat head image of Garkor, File:Garkor chathead.png Garkor, who will tell you to speak to Chat head image of Awowogei, File:Awowogei chathead.png King Awowogei.
  3. Talk with Awowogei, and ask him about military plans. He will explain that he will not speak to anyone other than Chat head image of Kruk, File:Kruk chathead.png Kruk.
  4. Report back to Garkor. You will need to find and kill Kruk to create a greegree from his remains.
  5. Head onto the hill west of the main gate to where the Chat head image of Monkey Archer, File:Monkey Archer chathead.png monkey archers are; cross the bridge to the east, and one of them should have a talk option. Talk to the monkey, and ask him where Kruk is. He will tell you “there is only one way off the wall.”
  6. Head back down the hill, and you should see some tracks/footprints. Follow them to a hidden trapdoor near a tree. (The trapdoor is south of the northern transport-icon.)
  7. Open the trapdoor. The greegree will lose its effectiveness when you enter the cave and “wrench itself from your hands.” If your inventory is full, the greegree will drop to the ground when you enter.
  8. Kruk is located behind the handholds north of the entrance. You will have to walk across the whole dungeon which is full of traps, Skill icon of Agility, File:Agility icon.png Agility obstacles and monsters to reach him. There are two ways to approach the dungeon.

Below is a map of Kruk ‘s dungeon :

The Agility Method ( 70+ recommended )

Note: The correct path is random for every player.

The Agility part will consist of many obstacles in which there is only one decline path. You will much have to find out which course is the right way using trial and error. You can fall navigating the obstacles ; however, if the game gives a message stating “ Something about this path feels wrong … ”, that path has a 100 % fail rate for you. A abstemious source is recommended as the bottom deck is colored, and you will be bitten by insects continually until you leave the area. If you fall during the beginning two vines, you will drop in a location filled with Maniacal monkey.png Maniacal tamper, which merely use melee on you. If you fall after the third base vine, you will fall into an area with Maniacal Monkey Archer.png Maniacal Monkey Archers, which use range alternatively. Be aware that each vine serves as a “ checkpoint ” of sorts, so you can not merely go to the bottomland shock and cut through the wholly maze .

  • To begin the agility method, you will want to start heading south and then east. When you first begin the course, you will come across the “Dodgy Ground”. All you have to do is to follow the flat-looking parts of the ground. (Stepping onto one of the parts covered with an “X” will result in you setting off the trap, and you will fall.)
  • Continue passing obstacles until you reach a very large room filled with the Dodgy Ground. You will need to get to the door on the east side. Follow the correct path on the ground until you make it to the chest. Unlock (right click) and search the chest to receive the Battered key.png bronze key.

Note: If you need to teleport out before you reach the end of the keep ( reaching the foreign wall ), taking a second key is recommended to save clock .

  • Go back out onto the dodgy ground, and make your way north. Use your bronze key on another door to continue through the maze.
  • Once you make it to the northern end of the cave past all the obstacles, take the western corridor to go to Kruk’s lair. The eastern corridor is the tanking path.

warn : If you should teleport out or die after passing the bronze door you need to get the bronze identify again !

The Tanking Method

Recommended: Good tanking equipment

Note: If you choose this method, you must bring a slash weapon to break webs and a pickaxe to clear rocks.
  • The dungeon is in a oval sort of shape, so it is pretty straightforward to navigate your way through it. The tunnels are all multi-combat. There are many aggressive monkeys, in addition to the odd scorpion or snake.
    • The monkeys can deal very high damage quickly, even with good tanking equipment. It is recommended to use Protect from Missiles as the monkey archers have a much longer range and deal just as much damage as the melee ones.
  • For your consumables if taking the tanking route, it is best to bring Saradomin brew(1).png saradomin brews to get as much healing as possible. Super restore(1).png Super restores are not needed unless you are planning to kill Kruk on the same run.
    • Runes for blood burst or barrage are useful to heal off the maniacal monkeys if you need to.
  • Make your way through the dungeon slashing webs. If you find a web that is “too strong to slash”, you are going the wrong way.
  • At some point in the dungeon, you will find three chests. You will need to unlock the chests by right clicking and selecting unlock chest; if the game says it resists your attempts to open it, try to unlock the other chest. If it opens, search it for a Combat damaged key, which is used to open a door further ahead. Taking a second one is advised if you need to bank before reaching the end of the dungeon. Note that one chest is further down the path. Alternatively you can skip getting the key and pick-lock the door later.
  • After the door, there will be several traps ahead of you, including dart dispensers and spinning blades. You can tinker with them to disable it for a short time. Like the other obstacles throughout the dungeon, you will know if you are going the wrong way if you cannot disable the trap.

Reaching Kruk

The two paths converge at the north end of the keep. Continue west, where there is another vine serve as the final “ checkpoint ”. There are three Maniacal monkeys near it, then pray melee until they can not reach you. The way will then divide into an westerly and eastern route, then a final wave of chancy land. Before passing the last dodgy ground, investigate the rampart to unlock a shortcut back to the entrance. If needed, go to a bank and prepare for the battle against Kruk. Use the shortcut when you return to skip to the end of the cave. A cavern entrance will lead to Kruk ‘s chamber .

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Killing Kruk

Warning: Kruk can be very unmanageable to kill. The lair is instanced, which means any dropped items will disappear and cannot be reclaimed.

  • When you enter the room with Kruk, there will be some short dialogue. Turn on Protect from Missiles and attack Kruk. He can hit up to 33. Kruk has no particular weakness to any attack style.
  • When attacking Kruk, the best method is to attack with range using stamina potions. This is similar to fighting Commander Zilyana. Attack and run away and stay out of melee range. This method reduces the amount of high hits from Kruk. Keep in mind you will still be hit by certain ranged attacks. It may be optimal to pray Eagle Eye and Steel Skin, or Rigour, in addition to Protect from Missiles. 
  • Kruk can also be safespotted and flinched from the western wall 
  • Given high enough combat, Kruk can be easily meleed without flinching with protection from melee and piety, while only using a few sharks to be safe.
  • After defeated, take Kruk’s paw and exit the dungeon through the rope to west of the chamber. This rope will lead you back up in the ruined building where you hid from the monkey’s aunt during Monkey Madness.
  • You now need to make a Item image of %7B%7B%3AKruk+monkey+greegree%7D%7D, File:Kruk monkey greegree.png Kruk monkey greegree. You must navigate through the tunnel you originally trekked through during the original Monkey Madness I.
Note: Wearing a greegree will prevent you from being attacked by the undead monkeys and Spider.png spiders inside (an antipoison or similar will make you immune to spike damage), but falling rocks will still damage you. It is highly advised to bring a Stamina potion(1).png stamina potion, Super energy(1).png super energy potions and food when going to Chat head image of Zooknock, File:Zooknock chathead.png Zooknock.
  • Speak to Zooknock, and talk to him about the quest you are on—he will create the Kruk monkey greegree for you.
  • Teleport out of the dungeon once you get the greegree and return to Ape Atoll.
  • Wield your new greegree and speak with King Awowogei. He will reveal that the monkeys are planning another attack with the help of some Troll General.png troll generals. With this information, talk with Garkor to finish Chapter II.

chapter III

Items required: Weapon, armour, and exactly 20 coins (for Gu’Tanoth).
Recommended: Ape Atoll teleport, Trollheim teleport, Yanille or Castle Wars teleports for fast access to Gu’Tanoth, food.
read/write head to the Troll Stronghold near the troll generals —there will be Chat head image of Kob, File:Kob chathead.png Kob ; fight him ( beg melee or safespot by walking through the door ; he ca n’t walk through it ). It is highly recommended to use the Protect from Melee prayer before speaking to him and and accepting his challenge, as he can hit up to 57. Although Kob can hit through Protect from Melee, he will deal far less damage if it is active. Players can safespot Kob by running extinct to the door, as he will not be able to reach you. however, note that using a Item image of %7B%7B%3Ahalberd%7D%7D, File:halberd.png halberd will prevent him from reaching/attacking you. When he is defeated, Kob will beg for mercy and agree to not help the monkeys .
You will then need to go to Gu’Tanoth and find Chat head image of Keef, File:Keef chathead.png Keef, who can be found near the other Chat head image of city guard, File:city guard chathead.png city guards past all the bridges ( where you solved the riddle a guard gave you in the Watchtower Quest ). You may need to steal a rock cake and/or bring 20 Coins 1.png coins to pass the bridges again. (If you have more than 20 coins, it will work.) Challenge Keef to a deathmatch ; like Kob, Keef can hit through protection prayers, albeit at a reduced output. As Keef is a big NPC, you can use the nearby tree, for example, as a safespot. Be sure to activate Protect from Melee before you enter the dialogue with him. When Keef nears death, he will beg for mercy and agree not to help the monkeys.

return to Garkor to tell him that the Ogre.png ogres and Arrg chathead.png trolls have agreed not to help the monkeys .
He will tell you to go and look for Chat head image of Assistant Le Smith, File:Assistant Le Smith chathead.png Assistant Le Smith, who can be found somewhere on Ape Atoll on the rooftops or other high places within the city. coarse locations are :

  • On top of the bridge that connects the two watchtowers of the entrance.
  • Top floor of the jail. Use the northern ladder on the first (UK) floor of the jail.
  • Top floor of the building next to the rune stall. To access this building, go to the building east of the rune shop and search the SE crate to enter a cave. Go to the west end of the cave and climb up the rope.
  • Top floor of the broken building next to the Chat head image of Monkey Child, File:Monkey Child chathead.png monkey child and Chat head image of The Monkey's Aunt, File:The Monkey's Aunt chathead.png aunt.

address with Le Smith by telling him that you were going to ask him the lapp wonder followed by asking him why and about the ships, and he will inform you that the monkeys are constructing a fleet of ships on the west seashore of Ape Atoll. talk to Garkor before heading west to the north western coast of Ape Atoll. While wielding the Kruk grigri, address with the putter by the dinghy. He will take you to the platform .
now, on the platform, you will be transformed back into homo form. You will have to collect six Satchel.png satchels, fill them with explosives, and then place the charges around the platform. Begin by following the main path, skipping the first ladder you get to. Continue until there is a ladder at a dead end. Go up the ladder ( note that there is another run to go up ; ignore it for immediately, but this will be crucial late ), and continue south until you reach another ladder. Climb down this ladder and follow the way to find the satchels. Make indisputable to collect six satchels before going back up the ladder you good climbed down, around the corner, and back down to the ground1st shock [ ? ]. Return to the first ladder you encountered, climb up, and follow the path around until you reach another run. Climb down this ladder and follow the way north, and you will finally reach a barrel with the explosives. Fill up all of your satchels before making your way to each of the locations where charges must be placed. Guards are all over the platform, and if you get caught by one, the guard will throw you out of the platform. Each guard ‘s credit line of sight ( LoS ) is 2-3 squares in front of them. “ Corner flim-flam ” the guards are highly advised as it can save time. You may want to memorise the patrol patterns of the guards so you do not unintentionally bump into one .

Warning: If you are caught by the guards, the explosives will be soaked and become useless, forcing you to get more explosives again. However, any charges you’ve already planted will stay on the rig, even if you log out. When you finish planting all the charges, DO NOT teleport out; leave via the same ladder you came in. Leaving at any point in this way will not reset the explosives.

Charges must be placed on two pillars on the ground1st floor [ ? ], two floorboards on the middle floor, and two natural gas canisters on the top floor. One of the floorboards is immediately south of the ladder when you climb back improving. One of the pillars is back towards the start. Planting a satchel on a pillar along the way, go back to the dead end ladder on the ground floor and climb up. Up again is to the two gasoline canisters ( in each management ), while the last floorboard is to the west across a vine swing and to the north. note that you can cross the middle of the first floor via a vine rise. Once you establish the end explosive, your character should acknowledge this. Leave the chopine VIA THE LADDER by the ladder at which you arrived ( to speed up this share, you can let a guard detect and throw you out of the chopine ). Leaving this way at any point will not reset the explosives .
After reporting back to Garkor, head back to Kruk ‘s Dungeon where you defeated Kruk in the tangle. If you forgot to bring a mallet and chisel, you can search the crates downstairs where you fight the gorilla until you find one of each. You can skip traversing the tangle by heading north and using the monkey bars with Kruk ‘s grigri equipped. There should be a passage to enter once you have crossed the tamper bars, in the board just past where Kruk was found. Make indisputable to equip Kruk ‘s grigri and insert. Walk through the big doors straight ahead, climb onto the Tortured gorilla.png stunted demonic gorilla, and climb down the stairs where three Tortured gorilla roll. Glough will appear, and order you to send the three tormented gorillas back into the cage. Riding on your demonic gorilla, attack all three tormented gorillas one at a time. Use Protect from Melee to negate the damage they deal to you. When they reach low health, the gorilla will go back into the cage. Glough will teleport out to find Le Smith ; go onto the nearby holding area to dismount from the demonic gorilla. Climb back up the stairs, unequip the grigri, and take the Item image of %7B%7B%3ACharged+onyx%7D%7D, File:Charged onyx.png Charged onyx out of the device at the north end of the room. Use the chisel and hammer to Item image of %7B%7B%3ADeconstructed+onyx%7D%7D, File:Deconstructed onyx.png deconstruct it, and place it back in. Investigate any one of the incubation chambers to confirm they have been corrupted, and then report binding to Garkor. Garkor will tell you to report to King Awowogei that his plans have been foiled. Do this, and return key to Garkor. At this distributor point, a cut-scene will play showing Glough continue with his attack plans anyhow .

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chapter IV

You ‘ll need fight equipment to defeat several Tortured Gorillas .
composition to King Narnode Shareen that the Gnome Stronghold will be attacked by the airship. Recruit Chat head image of Nieve, File:Nieve chathead.png Nieve for help in defending. Tortured gorillas will appear throughout the Stronghold by plainly walking around with Nieve in tow. Kill four of them ( they can be safespotted using respective trees and scenery in the Stronghold ), and return to the bank if necessity. If Nieve disappears at any prison term, she will be outside the Grand Tree. If you can not find her there, logging out and then logging back in will return her. You can besides hit the “ Call follower ” button in the bottom of the Worn Equipment interface .
Go back and talk to the king. After that, head north-west of the Grand Tree, and talk to Garkor. He is located by the Item image of %7B%7B%3Aswamp+toad%7D%7D, File:swamp toad.png swamp frog and Item image of %7B%7B%3Aking+worm%7D%7D, File:king worm.png king writhe deluge and the Tortoise.png tortoise enclosure. Go through the crash site and enter the Crash Site Cavern. There are four more Tortured gorillas outside ; pray magic or scope, and run past them. Prepare to fight two tortured and two Demonic gorilla.png demonic gorillas. After the cutscene ends, the anguished gorilla will move in and attack ; these are slightly stronger than the ones you fought outside and can use multiple Combat styles. When you kill one of the anguished gorilla, a demonic gorilla will jump devour into the crusade. The demonic gorillas are far stronger, boasting more health and damage. Most luminary is their ability to use protection prayers which act similarly to the musician ‘s prayers in a PvM site ( Player vs. Monster ) ; however, Verac ‘s set will not hit through their protect from Melee, so you must bring two forms of fight if you kill them normally .

Warning: Like the Kruk fight, this area is instanced. Do not bring items you are not willing to lose. If you die in this instance, Nieve will be waiting outside the Grand Tree upon your return.

The demonic gorillas have all three attack styles. Their white ‘throwing ‘ fire is Skill icon of Ranged, File:Ranged icon.png Ranged, green is Skill icon of Magic, File:Magic icon.png Magic, and fighting melee is Melee. Protect accordingly ! It is besides possible to let Nieve kill all four gorillas for you. Wait for her to start attacking one of the Gorillas then run out of the room and hide behind the batch of rocks. For the demonic gorilla, ensure that they are not using Protect from Melee ; if they are, keep attacking them with charming or range until they change prayers so Nieve can hit them. Nieve will not attack the gorillas if you use “call follower”; it will take Nieve a bit of time to aggro the gorillas if you end the cutscene early—let the cutscene end to one of the gorillas attacking you.

Note: If you are on a black demon slayer task, the demonic gorillas count as on task kills and a slayer helmet may be used.
For Struggling Players: If you are having difficulty killing all the gorillas, simply kill both the tortured gorillas that appear; then, leave the room and hide in such a way that the demonic gorillas get stuck behind the wall. You MUST tank a few hits from a gorilla in order for Nieve to attack as she will only attack the last monster you were in combat with. For example, after you’ve killed one or both of the tortured gorillas, tank a few hits from Demonic Gorilla 1 so that Nieve knows which one to attack; then, hide and let her finish off that specific gorilla. Repeat these exact steps for the second demonic gorilla. If they are praying Protect from Melee, use ranged or magical attacks until they switch to Protect from Missiles or Magic, and then hide again.

chapter V

After defeating Glough ‘s demonic gorilla, he will drink his own mutagen, transforming himself into an abomination. Nieve will attempt to stop him, but gets knocked back to the wall, causing a boulder to fall and crush her, killing her instantaneously, and then retreating. Players will immediately have to defeat Glough ; it is recommended to return to a depository financial institution and restock on supplies, as the fight will prove to be challenging flush to the most experience musician. The player will need to fight Glough in three classify chambers, which he goes to when his health falls. Note: If the musician leaves the bedroom through teleportation, death or through the exit at any sharpen during the contend with Glough, all progress is reset back to the first phase. For this reason, it is suggested to read this entire section before proceeding. Like the demonic gorilla crusade, this section is instanced thus do not bring items you do not want to lose .
In the first base room, Glough attacks using Melee and can be attacked safely from the hallway using Ranged or Magic. once Glough falls to 75 % of his hitpoints, he goes into the irregular room. In the second board, Glough uses ranged attacks vitamin a well as melee, stomping the ground and dealing up to 30+ damage. It is possible, but difficult, to safespot him by using a weapon that has an attack range of 10 squares ( In decree of preference as they may be available : Item image of %7B%7B%3ADark+bow%7D%7D, File:Dark bow.png Dark bow, Item image of %7B%7B%3AMagic+comp+bow%7D%7D, File:Magic comp bow.png Magic comprehensive examination bow, Item image of %7B%7B%3ACrystal+bow%7D%7D, File:Crystal bow.png Crystal bow, or Item image of %7B%7B%3AMagic+longbow%7D%7D, File:Magic longbow.png Magic longbow. notably, the Magic comprehensive examination bow hush has an attack range of 10 squares on ‘Rapid ‘ and can double-hit Glough on his third phase if you are attempting to safespot him ). To do this, you will have to lure him to and then stand precisely one square out of his attack rate, which is about halfway through the room where he went for the beginning phase, one square east of the beginning black rock on the southerly wall. It is suggested to activate Protect from Missiles as this reduces his damage a morsel ; but he can still hit up to 21 price with each attack. Lure Glough out of the second room and back into the first, hugging the northerly parts of the wall. When you lure Glough far enough, he will not do anything, allowing you to easily hit him. once he falls at 50 % of his hitpoints, he will walk into the final board. It is possible, but requires great skill, timing, and good connection, to kill him in his third phase without taking any damage at all with a 10 square-range weapon (see #2 below). In the third gear and final room, Glough will now be able to attack the player using both melee and charming attacks. Glough ‘s melee attack can send you flying backwards and dealing up to 66 damage as a result. For this reason, it is recommended that players keep their health at 80+ to avoid dying as a result of this attack. Protect from Melee is highly suggested if using melee equipment to attack him. Glough will only teleport you after he is damaged. Item image of %7B%7B%3ARing+of+recoil%7D%7D, File:Ring of recoil.png Rings of flinch are suggested, specially if attempting to partially safespot him as detailed below. therefore, it is recommended to keep Auto-Retaliate disabled and only attack Glough when the musician is not in risk of dying as you are unable to eat during, and curtly after being teleported .
Glough ‘s magic attack drags the musician within distance of his melee attack and deals a large sum of damage. however, it may be exploited to only allow for damage from his magic trick attack. To do this, use a firm ranged weapon such as the Item image of %7B%7B%3Atoxic+blowpipe%7D%7D, File:toxic blowpipe.png toxic blowgun, stand one square west of Glough, and attack. Whenever he teleports you to him using his charming attack, cursorily reelect to the square just west of him and continue attacking him. Protect from Magic is highly recommend if using ranged or magic to kill Glough, as his ‘teleport deals very senior high school magic-based price. His wrong seems to be approximately halved using the right prayer. If using this scheme, it is advisable to bring jazz band foods ( e.g. a ‘main ‘ food, Item image of %7B%7B%3AShark%7D%7D, File:Shark.png sharks or Item image of %7B%7B%3ATuna+potato%7D%7D, File:Tuna potato.png tuna potatoes, with Item image of %7B%7B%3APineapple+pizza%7D%7D, File:Pineapple pizza.png pineapple pizza and/or brews+restores and/or Karambwans ) more one-click foods ( e.g. tuna potatoes ) over a brew / regenerate method, as the tick for you to move one square away and use your potions is not adequate to counteract his damage. It is besides potential, albeit unmanageable, to eat a karambwan, a high heal food and a potion all in one tick. Another technique to use is when Glough teleports you to him, Protect from Melee and practice melee attacks. When Glough pushes you off, Protect from Missiles and use range attacks. The toxic blowgun and whisk are great weapon choices. besides a Item image of %7B%7B%3ADragon+halberd%7D%7D, File:Dragon halberd.png dragon or Item image of %7B%7B%3Acrystal+halberd%7D%7D, File:crystal halberd.png quartz glass halberd works wonderfully to chunk Glough ‘s health. It is possible to partially safespot Glough on his concluding shape, preferably with a Dark bow because of its double fire. interestingly, the Magic comprehensive examination bow will besides shoot twice if using this method ( # 1 below ) ; the second time immediately after being teleported, even while spam clicking away from Glough. Safespotting him, specially with method acting # 2, requires great time and experience with Runescape ‘s .6 tick organization. Glough has an attack range of 11 squares and an aggression compass apparently between 14-18 squares ( it is unmanageable to tell ). There are two ways to go about doing this. Either way, set up quick prayers for protection from Magic and Eagle Eye .

  1. Turn on quick prayers and then attack him. He will draw you (teleport) to him. If you want or need to conserve prayer, switch it off mid-‘flight.’ After (or during, it doesn’t make a difference) being teleported, very quickly (spam click on the minimap) run back at least 11 squares (1 square north of the small black boulder).
  2. Similar to flinching, you can continuously run between the previous chamber and the hallway to cancel Glough’s aggression. You will have to WALK while shooting at him (otherwise you will run an extra square), and then hold CTRL to run back north out of his range without having to enable run. The first few times you do this before ‘getting the hang of it,’ you should use the quick prayer set up just in case he teleports you, or he could hit upwards of 60 damage. He can be killed very slowly but relatively safely using this method. If you are using magic, cast your spell out of the spell book, DO NOT use autocast, as you will spend a tick standing around before actually using the spell.
  3. Running or walking back has little impact on this method. Using a blowpipe, you can land 2 hits on glough and eat before he draws you back in with his magic attack. This allows you to do a constant barrage of attacks without having to worry about your health. Although it is recommended to use a blowpipe, a crossbow will work as well, only you will will be able to a: land 1 hit with a healing method, or b: land 2 hits without a healing method. If you are already at your maximum hitpoints, you can revert to more damage dealing methods such as a dark bow in place of eating as well.
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Start the conflict by attacking Glough in his first board, then running out into the board you entered through. Glough will get stuck between the passage and you can safely attack him down to 75 % health while taking no damage. protection prayers are not need for this stage of the fight as Glough only uses melee .
For the second phase, run in and attack Glough. He will attack with a range attack, but protection prayers do not affect this attack. Run back into the first room Glough was in and go behind the grey rock. a long as you ‘re behind the line analogue to the rock, Glough ca n’t hit you. From here you can safely attack Glough down to 50 % health. Make sure you ‘re using Long range if using a Longbow .
For the death phase, you must first run up to the grey rock ‘n’ roll in the passage near Glough. Be careful not to go past the rock. Set your quick prayers to Protect from Magic and Eagle Eye or Rigour if you have them. Turn them on, attack Glough, and properly when you start the attack animation, spam chatter behind the grey rock on the Mini map. then move veracious behind the grey rock again, restore Skill icon of Hitpoints, File:Hitpoints icon.png Hitpoints and Prayer if needed, and repeat until Glough is defeated.

Note: If you and Glough die at the same time, you will have to repeat the entire fight again.

once Glough falls to zero health, the chambers begin to collapse. You will automatically be teleported outside the cavern before being instructed to report back to King Narnode. talk to Zooknock who is waiting for you, and he will teleport you to the king. A cutscene will ensue where Awowogei will negotiate a peace treaty with King Narnode Shareen. Congratulations, quest dispatch !


Music unlocked


  • This quest is the first quest to be classified as a Grandmaster quest in Old School RuneScape, as well as being the first Old School-exclusive quest.
  • A log in screen competition was held the week before release to use a player-made log in screen to commemorate the first quest to be released on Old School RuneScape. The winner of the competition, Golden Pleb, was given a 3D printed model of a demonic gorilla and a t-shirt signed by the Old School RuneScape team.
  • The quest was planned to be released to Old School RuneScape on the 5th of May, but was delayed by a day after deciding that further testing was needed.
  • When telling Chat head image of Juna, File:Juna chathead.png Juna a story about the quest, the player says “… so I defeated Glough in his mutant form and prevented a war. King Narnode Shareen & King Awowogei signed a peace treaty.” to which she responds “Glough’s evil plans always threaten to upset the balance of our world. I am pleased you were able to stop him.”
  • After the quest, most monkey NPCs on Ape Atoll will still speak to the player as if they were an ordinary monkey. Exceptions include Chat head image of Duke, File:Duke chathead.png Duke, the Monkey child (as he is normally spoken to in human form), the Monkey archer when entering or exiting the gate of Marim (he will say “an ally wishes to pass”), and Awowogei.

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