How to Earn a Teaching License in Minnesota

If you want to be a teacher in Minnesota, you ’ ll need to follow a determine series of steps-and your first step is to earn certificate. While there are several pathways to doing this, your options depend on your charge of education and feel .

This lead can help you determine the pathway that ’ s mighty for you at any point in your career .

possibly you ’ rhenium beginning your journey and indigence to know about the Minnesota state of matter authentication process. Or possibly you want to learn how to progress to advanced documentation, or you ’ re a teacher looking to move to Minnesota from out of state, and need data about teacher reciprocality .
You ’ ll find all that information and more right hera. The short video below gives an overview of what to expect as a certified teacher in Minnesota state. Our article will provide answers to all your other questions.


Minnesota recently overhauled its teacher documentation organization to help remedy a growing teacher dearth and maintain its favorable teacher-to-student proportion of 1:16. New license requirements are intended to make the authentication process more elastic and streamlined. A restructure tiered teacher system, scheduled to take consequence July 1, 2018, puts more control in the hands of employing school districts. It besides allows for wider consideration of credentials such as professional experience and out-of-state licensure to count toward Minnesota authentication .
As part of the reorganization, a new means was formed to oversee teacher certificate, effective January 1, 2018. At that meter, the Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board ( PELSB ) took over the responsibilities regarding teacher certificate previously handled by the Board of Teaching and the Educator Licensing Division at the Department of Education .
Requirements for Minnesota teacher certification wear ’ thymine change for candidates submitting applications before July 1, 2018. New candidates who apply for licenses anterior to that date are still eligible to qualify for one of two chief licensure levels, which include a annual Temporary license or five-year First Professional license .
however, if you ’ re good starting the travel toward teacher certification, you will be capable to the requirements of the modern four-tier certificate system that took consequence July 1, 2018. To earn a annual Tier 1 license, you must have a bachelor ’ s degree for all subjects, though you can earn a license in Career and Technical Education ( CTE ) and Career Pathways ( CP ) with a minimum of an associate academic degree, professional certification or five years of relevant cultivate experience. A Tier 1 license can be renewed three times .
Requirements for a biennial Tier 2 license include a knight bachelor ’ s degree and registration in a teacher cooking broadcast, or a maestro ’ s degree. You besides can earn this degree by having two requirements from a tilt of options including the completion of a teacher readiness program, eight upper-division credits in your certificate submit area, training in subject-specific teaching methods, passing scores on state tests in your certificate area, or at least two years of teaching have in your subject area. This license can be renewed three times .
A three-year Tier 3 license can be renewed indefinitely. Requirements are a knight bachelor ’ s degree and ephemeral scores on teaching and subject assessments. To earn this license, you besides must complete one option from a list that includes graduation from a Minnesota-approved teacher preparation program, completion of an out-of-state program that meets Minnesota standards, presentation of a portfolio in a given field, proof of three years of Tier 2 experience without placement in an improvement course of study or a professional out-of-state teaching license with two years of experience .
A new Tier 4 license is valid for five years and is renewable indefinitely. To qualify for this certificate, you must meet all requirements. These components include having a bachelor ’ mho degree, completion of a teacher readiness program, passing scores on content and teaching assessments and the state-approved skills examination, three years of Minnesota teaching experience and a late summational evaluation with no reading of improvement needed .

Minimum Education Requirements for Minnesota Teachers

For Minnesota teacher licenses in most subject areas, the minimum education necessity is a bachelor ’ s degree. however, under the new certificate organization, you can earn a Tier 1 licensure for CE or CPE by substituting the bachelor ’ s degree necessity with completion of an associate degree, professional authentication or five years of relevant work know. Candidates seeking licensure in Tiers 2, 3, and 4 in CE or CPE besides are exempt from the requirement for a knight bachelor ’ s academic degree if they meet other requirements for a particular Tier level .
engagement in a state-approved teacher formulation course of study, whether in conjunction with a bachelor ’ south degree or as a separate registration, besides remains an significant component of the modern documentation system. You must graduate from a state-approved teacher planning program to earn Tier 4 licensure and it is among the variable options for meeting the requirements for Tier 3. proof of registration in a teacher preparation program is necessary for Tier 2 licensure. however, applicants for Tier 1 licensure do not have to meet this educational prerequisite .
In summation, all Minnesota-approved teacher cooking programs are required to include a human relations course on teaching students of diverse backgrounds. Candidates who do not complete a Minnesota-approved broadcast may have to take this course individually to meet this requirement .

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Student Teaching

scholar teaching in Minnesota is completed while you are enrolled in a state-approved teacher cooking course of study. This have lasts a minimum of 12 weeks during which time you work with a mentor teacher who holds a Tier 3 or 4 license in the topic area in which you are seeking documentation. A provider supervisory program besides oversees your student teaching experience. A student teaching opportunity is designed to allow for your mentor teacher and supervisor to provide observation, feedback and evaluation on your performance .

Pass Minnesota Certification Exams

Minnesota certification exams buttocks basic skills ampere well as professional and topic area cognition. You must demonstrate basic skills in interpretation, writing and mathematics by passing the MN National Evaluation Series ( NES ) Essential Academic Skills examination. You besides can meet this prerequisite by submitting acceptable scores from the SAT or ACT Plus Writing .
All Minnesota candidates must pass both teaching method and subject sphere tests from the Minnesota Teacher Licensure Examinations ( MTLE ), given by Pearson Education, that correlate with the license field being pursued. however, candidates seeking licensure in Adult Basic Education ; American Indian Language, History and Culture ; and Parent and Family Education do not have to take a teaching method test for initial licensure. however, these teachers must pass a teaching method test to add another license field. Candidates in these subject areas besides are exempt from content area tests .


After you fulfill the education and assessment requirements for the type of license you are pursuing, you are ready to apply to the PELSB. Minnesota established a new on-line application system that will be updated on July 1, 2018 to reflect the new tiered licensure structure. Your application for authentication requires proof of registration or completion of a state-approved teacher formulation course of study, depending on the type of licensure you are seeking. You besides must have proof of the degrees and judgment scores needed to obtain your license. initial applicants besides must submit results of a national criminal background check by the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension and the FBI. A processing fee besides is required .

How Much Do Teachers in Minnesota Make?

Teachers in Minnesota earn salaries affected by factors such as a teacher ’ randomness department of education, know and type of license. A sample of average teach salaries is indicated here .

salary outlook

Position Median Salary
Early Childhood Educator $40,280
Elementary School Teacher $62,560
Secondary School Teacher $64,570
Special Education Teacher $64,490
Education Administrator $111,070

7 %

Job Growth for Teachers through 2030

source : U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Employment Statistics ; *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook

Specialty Certifications

Minnesota Specialty certifications are offered in areas designated by age/grade level and content area. Certifications transition to a newly tiered licensure system beginning July 1, 2108. Teacher preparation programs and assessments for peculiarity certifications under the new organization remain the like. State-approved teacher planning programs allow candidates to complete a bachelor ’ sulfur or master ’ sulfur degree as part of the program course of study. You can add contentedness area endorsements to your initial degree sphere by completing state-approved certificate programs or post-baccalaureate academic degree programs and associate assessments .

Early Childhood Education

type-preschool You can earn Minnesota documentation in early on childhood education ( Birth – 8 years ) to teach the youngest students. Requirements include a bachelor ’ s degree. registration in a state-approved early childhood department of education teacher formulation program is required for Tier 2 licenses in the new licensure system. Graduates of these programs can apply for Tier 3 or 4 licenses. You besides must pass the compulsory Minnesota NES Essential Academic Skills test, or another state-recognized basic skills equivalent. Additional required assessments include the MTLE for Pedagogy : early Childhood ( Birth to Grade 3 ) and the early Childhood ( Birth to Grade 3 ) content-area exams.

Elementary School Teacher

type-elementary Certified elementary school teachers in Minnesota earn the Elementary Education ( K-6 ) teaching certificate. Qualifications include a knight bachelor ’ s degree. New candidates seeking a Tier 2 license under the newfangled licensure system will besides need to enroll in an elementary educate teacher training plan. only graduates of a state-approved preparation program can apply for a Tier 3 or 4 license. Passing the Minnesota NES Essential Academic Skills test or a state-approved basic skills assessment besides is required. In addition, you will have to pass the MTLE for Pedagogy : Elementary ( Grades K-6 ) and the elementary education ( Grades K-6 ) discipline area examination .

Secondary School Teacher

type-highschool certificate as a secondary school teacher in Minnesota allows you to select a forte licensure area for grades 9-12. Requirements include a bachelor ’ second academic degree or higher in the discipline area in which you plan to specialize. You must be enrolled in a state-approved teacher preparation course of study to apply for a Tier 2 license in the new licensure system. To apply for a Tier 3 or 4, you must complete the program .
Requirements for this documentation besides include passing the Minnesota NES Essential Academic Skills test or acceptable scores from a state-approved basic skills appraisal. You besides must pass the MTLE for Pedagogy : secondary education ( Grades 5-12 ) and the content-area test that matches the area of specialization you plan to pursue for documentation .

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Substitute Teacher Certification

type-substitute Minnesota offers two types of substitute teacher certification. A biennial Short-Call substitute teacher license is available to candidates who have a bachelor ’ s degree in a major other than education. A school zone must verify that they are unable to locate higher qualify teachers when they hire Short-Call substitute teachers. With this license, you can teach for a maximum of 15 days in the lapp classroom. however, your license is limited to the school district that primitively hired you. A five-year Short-Call stand-in license is available to teachers who completed a teacher licensure plan but have not applied for full licensure. This license allows you to teach for 15 days or more in the lapp classroom assignment .
Under the new licensure system effective July 1, 2018, ersatz teacher certifications will be streamlined to include Short-Call substitutes and Long-Call substitutes. Tier 1 teachers can qualify as Short-Call substitutes, while teachers with Tier 3 and 4 licensure can qualify for Long-Call substitutes. go to bed teachers who hold a Lifetime Substitute license besides can qualify as Long-Call substitutes .

Physical Education (PE) Certification

type-physical-education To get physical department of education ( PE ) documentation in Minnesota, you can earn certificate in physical education ( K-12 ). This authorizes you to teach PE at all senesce levels. completion of a bachelor ’ second degree is necessary. registration in a state-approved teacher training course of study in physical education is required to apply for a Tier 2 license under the new system. completion of the program is needed a Tier 3 or 4 license .
extra requirements include passing the Minnesota NES Essential Academic Skills test or a state-approved stand-in. You besides must take either the MTLE Pedagogy : elementary education ( K-6 ) or education : secondary education ( Grades 5-12 ) to match the grade levels you intend to teach. To prove message area cognition, you must pass the MTLE for Physical Education ( K-12 ) .

Special Education Certification

type-special-education particular education certificate in Minnesota is available to first-time teaching candidates by obtaining the Academic and Behavioral Strategist ( ABS ) License. This authentication allows you to work across several disability areas for children from kindergarten to age 21 with a range of balmy to moderate needs. completion of a knight bachelor ’ mho academic degree is necessary. You must be enrolled in a state-approved teacher readiness program in extra education to apply for a Tier 2 license under the newly system. Proof of a completed program is needed to apply for a Tier 3 or 4 .
Required assessments include the Minnesota NES Essential Academic Skills test or a state-accepted option trial. In addition, you must choose between the MTLE Pedagogy : elementary education ( K-6 ) or education : secondary education ( Grades 5-12 ), depending on the rate levels you want to teach. To prove subject area cognition, you must take the MTLE for special education : All Fields ( Birth-12 ) .

English as a Second Language Certification

type-tesol You can apply for English as a second Language ( K-12 ) certificate in Minnesota as a first-time teach license. It besides can be added as an sanction late to an existing certificate. Having this certificate allows you to teach English as a second gear Language across all grade levels. You must be enrolled in a state-approved teacher training program in English as a moment terminology to apply for a Tier 2 license under the new licensure system effective July 1, 2018. You can apply for a new Tier 3 or 4 license upon graduation .
Required assessments include the Minnesota NES Essential Academic Skills test or a state-accepted alternative. While the certification is valid across all ages, you must specialize in a rate level by passing either the MTLE Pedagogy : elementary department of education ( K-6 ) or teaching method : junior-grade education ( Grades 5-12 ). You besides must take the MTLE for English as a second Language ( K-12 ) to prove contentedness area cognition .

Certifications for School Administrators

type-principal School administrators in Minnesota can earn certifications for Superintendent, Principal or Director of Special Education. Applicants must have three years of successful classroom teaching experience while holding a valid teach license for the positions in which the experience was gained. Requirements include completion of a state-approved post-baccalaureate educational administration degree program .
Applicants for licensure as a superintendent or principal must complete a playing field feel of at least 320 hours or 40 eight-hour days within 12 continuous months in elementary, in-between schools and eminent schools. A minimum of one week must occur at each charge not represented by a candidate ’ s former professional experience. Applicants for licensure as director of special education must complete a field experience of at least 320 hours in an administrative status directly under a accredited and practicing film director of extra department of education. A minimum of one workweek must be served at a special education administrative whole not within the campaigner ’ s primary coil feel area .
No assessments are required for school administrator certificate in Minnesota, though candidates must have completed the allow MTLE related to their teach licenses .

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Certificate vs Certification

A certificate is awarded by an educational initiation, and signifies that a scholar has satisfactorily completed a given course of study. Certificate programs can help students prepare for certification exams .

A authentication is broadly awarded by a trade group after an individual has met certain master requirements ( e.g. earned a specific degree, worked professionally in a given field for a set measure of time, etc. ) and passed a authentication examination.

In short, a security is evidence that person has completed an educational plan, while a documentation denotes that person has met a certain typeset of professional criteria and/or passed an examination .
not all programs offered are designed to meet state educator license or progress requirements ; however, it may assist candidates in gaining these approvals in their submit of residence depending on those requirements. Contact the submit board of education in the applicable state ( mho ) for requirements .

Teaching Reciprocity Agreements in Minnesota

If you are applying for Minnesota teaching documentation based on out-of-state education and know, teaching reciprocity agreements can expedite the process. You may be able to use a valid out-of-state license or previous professional have toward the requirements of a Minnesota license .

NASDTEC Interstate Agreement Minnesota participates in the NASDTEC Interstate Agreement.
State Grants Full Reciprocity Out-of-state teachers do not receive full reciprocity in Minnesota.
Coursework Requirements All licensure candidates who completed out-of-state teacher preparation programs must meet Minnesota’s human relations coursework requirement. Other coursework may be required, depending on the curriculum of the specific out-of-state program.
Test-out or Exemption Minnesota does not have a test-out option.
Assessment Requirements All out-of-state candidates must pass MTLE content and pedagogy exams for a Professional license. After July 1, 2018, candidates who have not passed the exams can apply for a Tier 2 license prior to passing the required exams if offered a position. After passing the exams, they can qualify for a Tier 3 license.
Different Requirements Based on Experience Candidates who completed out-of-state preparation programs can receive a new Tier 3 license if they completed field-specific student teaching equivalent to 12 weeks for initial licensure and passed content and pedagogy exams there, according to the new license system effective July 1, 2018.
Performance Requirements Minnesota does not require out-of-state candidates to provide evidence of effectiveness.
Special Reciprocity for Advanced Credentials A teacher who has a professional license “in good standing” from another state and two years of teaching experience is eligible for a Professional license until July 1, 2018, at which time they can qualify for a Tier 3 license under the new system.

data reported by the Education Commission of the States .

Alternate Teaching Certification

The new licensure system effective July 1, 2018, allows several options for alternate teach certificate, depending on the type of license being pursued. At every Tier, requirements were revised to allow teaching candidates more flexibility in gaining licensure. allow teaching know can be used to substitute for teacher planning plan requirements at the Tier 2 and 3 licensure levels. Candidates seeking Tier 1 licensure can use relevant feel to fulfill the prerequisite for a bachelor ’ s academic degree.

Teach for America

The mission of Teach for America is to support all U.S. students in gaining access to education equality. In Minnesota, this national organization works to close the educational gaps in the Twin Cities, where volunteers work with local anesthetic school districts to help increase the numeral of low-income students who go to college. Volunteers are selected during a competitive application procedure that identifies natural leaders. Those chosen reside and teach in the under-served school districts after completing a rigorous teacher education program to earn Minnesota teaching certifications .

Transition into Teaching for Career Changers

Minnesota submit colleges and universities offer many state-approved teacher formulation programs that help career changers transition into teaching promptly while gaining the education and have necessary to succeed. flexible options allow you to complete licensure requirements in evening, weekend and/or summer courses so you can continue working full-time while learning. With on-line or blended online/in-place programs, you can take classes on your own schedule to accommodate shape and personal responsibilities. accelerate programs in specific message areas can reduce the time needed to qualify for licensure by awarding citation for professional cognition, previous coursework and have .

Minnesota Teacher Shortage Loan Forgiveness Program

The Minnesota Teacher Shortage Loan Forgiveness Program rewards teachers who help to alleviate statewide teacher shortages. Participants receive $ 1,000 each year for up to $ 5,000 over five years. To qualify, you must agree to work in a specified licensure deficit subject area or an economic development region experiencing a teacher dearth. You can apply for this state of matter course of study in addition to federal programs that reward educators who teach in low-income schools .

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