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Canvas Communication, 2016

Dear Faculty and Staff ,
As you may be mindful, the Colorado School of Mines has invested in a new Learning Management System called Canvas. Canvas is live now at Mines, and available for you to begin using for your courses. The Trefny Innovative Instruction Center and the CCIT teams are working hard to make this as smooth a conversion as possible. Below are some important points to help you in the process .
Logging in to Canvas
To find and log on to Canvas, go to
Select the eLearning button in the clear nav bar, in the middle ( book picture ).
Select “ Canvas for Mines. ”
Use your multi-pass login credentials to sign in .
What you’ll see in your Canvas account
All employees have a Sandbox course inside their Canvas report, where they can practice build up message for deployment into their courses. For staff who are assigned courses to teach in the form, winter, and descent, you are able to view your presently assigned courses inside Canvas, and you can build your contentedness directly into them, or build it first in the Sandbox, and then copy it into your naturally when you are fix.

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Crosslisting course sections for easier management
Some staff might want to combine their course sections, so they only have to develop content one time, but use that same message for each section that they teach. This is called Crosslisting. Please file a help desk ticket at to request a Canvas administrator crosslist your courses for you .
Training Opportunities
Canvas is rather intuitive, so you are welcome to login and begin building contented in your assign courses for spring, summer and fall 2017. however, if you need help, the Trefny Center is providing support in a count of ways listed here : hypertext transfer protocol : //—deadlines.html
Using Canvas for purposes other than teaching
Many groups on campus have been using Blackboard as a topographic point to organize documents and communication for things like committees and other campus groups. We will begin providing training for how to use the Canvas Groups feature of speech for this aim on February 23 and March 17, 2017. More details to come.

Transitioning from Blackboard to Canvas
Blackboard is placid available for all of campus to use throughout spring 2017, and will turn off in June, 2017. Please migrate any Blackboard message that you would like to save to Canvas during the jump of 2017 .
Migrating Courses from Blackboard or from the free version of Canvas
If you have courses in either Blackboard, or in the exempt version on Canvas ( ), you can find directions for migrating your content to our raw Canvas score here – hypertext transfer protocol : //

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Asking for Help
When in doubt, use the CCIT Help Desk hypertext transfer protocol : // and click on Canvas to generate a ticket for support .

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