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Mikey Williams is an american english basketball player who is touted to be one of the brightest future NBA talents. He presently attends San Ysidro High School in San Diego, California, and is the number 3 pick in the 2023 class. Williams is besides regarded as the face of the future as he presently boasts a follow of 2.5 million on Instagram. He is followed by celebrities and athletes such as Kevin Durant and Drake .
possibly Williams ’ biggest praise is that he is ‘ better than Lebron James. ’ Comparisons don ’ thyroxine get better than that, but the downside is that there is huge coerce on the young boy ’ second shoulders. so far, he seems to be dealing with the pressure, and is poised to deliver on his huge promise .

Mikey’s dad was a pro basketball player, but it was his mom who first taught him how to dribble and shoot

Mikey was born on 26th June 2004 to Charisse and Mahlon Williams. Mahlon was a basketball player at Sweetwater High School, while Charisse played softball in high school and university.

Mikey showed interest in basketball when he was very new. contrary to popular belief, it is Mikey ’ s ma and not his dad, who beginning trained Mikey. Mikey said in an interview with Overtime, “ My ma actually taught me basketball. A lot of people think it ’ south my dad, but my ma taught me how to dribble, how to shoot, all of that stuff. ”
Mahlon started training Mikey when he recognized that his son had star potential.

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As a youth, Mikey’s dad was touted to be one of the best players in the NBA but he got mixed up in gangs and went to jail

Mikey Williams' dad MahlonMikey Williams' dad Mahlon
Mikey is an especial basketball musician, but at Mikey ’ second long time, Mahlon is said to have been better than his son. Mahlon was a star actor, and he was touted to break records in the NBA. however, before making the step up, he got shuffle up with gangs that stunted his growth. Mahlon told Overtime :
“ I got into the hale crowd expression and ended up getting locked up. I did ten months. I made some mistakes in my life, you know what I mean ? I have been through some sturdy things, but we all live. We live we learn. ”

Mikey has the opportunity to do what his dad couldn ’ triiodothyronine by making it to the NBA. He has a better gamble than his dad because he is surrounded by positive influences. One of Mikey ’ s main motivations is getting to uplift his kin in the direction that Lebron James did. Mahlon told Overtime :
“ He ’ second actually taking a page out of Lebron ’ s book. He wants to be able to create that same atmosphere for his kids and his parents that Lebron has created for his kids and his parents. ”

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