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Mike Sievert is president and foreman executive officeholder of T-Mobile and is a penis of T-Mobile ’ s Board of Directors. Mike leads a customer-crazed team of disruptors and innovators, working indefatigably over the last eight years to change the rules of radio, resulting in T-Mobile becoming the fastest-growing company in the industry. He most recently served as president and foreman operating officer of T-Mobile .
As CEO, Mike is responsible for leading T-Mobile into the 5G future as it combines operations with Sprint to supercharge the successful Un-carrier strategy. His concentrate is on ensuring that T-Mobile is the fastest growing company in its quad, with the best network and best experiences, delivered by the best team. To do this, Mike and team are all about unlocking the electric potential of the combine companies ’ increased scale, which is expected to result in over $ 43 billion in synergies, enabling lower costs and the ability to deliver even more to customers, at lower prices. A centerpiece of that focus is building the worldly concern ’ sulfur best 5G network—with massive increases in network capacity and 5G coverage. Every day, Mike ’ second precedence is on cultivating T-Mobile ’ randomness culture and build a party that is world-famous for putting customers first gear, treating them right, and changing the rules in their favor—all with one childlike finish : creating the most sleep together brand in the history of the telecommunication industry .
Mike has been actively involved in all of T-Mobile ’ randomness significant corporate decisions since he joined T-Mobile in 2012 as chief marketing military officer and since he became COO in 2015. In 2018, he joined the board of directors and was appointed president of the united states of the company. Prior to being CMO at T-Mobile, Mike joined Clearwire Corporation, now function of T-Mobile, in 2009, serving as EVP and head commercial officeholder. Mike was instrumental in building T-Mobile ’ s “ Un-carrier ” strategy to solve customer pain points, an approach that has been the foundation for T-Mobile ’ mho unprecedented growth over the by seven years. He worked aboard anterior CEO John Legere since 2012, transforming T-Mobile into the enormously successful Un-carrier, all while pursuing the Sprint amalgamation, to cement T-Mobile ’ s ability to continue to be a disrupter well into the future.

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Mike believes that great customer experiences can entirely come from a great party polish. Over the years, Mike has been extensively involved in leading and shaping T-Mobile ’ s customer-obsessed “ Un-carrier ” culture—one that encourages communication, diverseness, opportunity, collaboration, and transparency—all of which are vital to T-Mobile becoming a bigger and more disruptive force out for consumers and businesses in the wireless diligence.

Mike besides serves on the board of directors of Shaw Communications in Canada. Prior to joining the Un-carrier, Mike had a about 25-year career in commercialize, engineering, and entrepreneurship. Over the years, he has served in assorted roles, including EVP and head sales and marketing officer at E*TRADE, EVP and foreman market policeman at AT & T Wireless, and corporate vice president of the Windows Business Group at Microsoft. He started his career in commercialize at Proctor & Gamble and IBM .
He ’ s an avid aviator and mariner, and an enthusiastic patron of conservation and the environment—especially in his adopt home of the Pacific Northwest. He ’ s a proud husband and don to two boys in their 20s. Mike owes his achiever to daily doses of a perfectly crafted dark roast french press, the source of all his earthly ability .

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