Merkur 34c HD Safety Razor Review

overall, it ‘s a capital pick for anyone interest in wet-shaving, but specially beginners. It ‘s an historic company and this is one of the models that built their brand. Most guys, whether new or adept at wet-shaving, enjoy trimming with this razor. many say it has the perfect level of aggressiveness—the blade fish makes it hard to cut yourself and it cuts hair with preciseness without leaving razor burn off. But to precisely call it mild only misses a large point. It can be versatile. Want a more aggressive plane, pop in a sharp blade like Astra blades, Feather blade, Kai, or Personna. Want something mild ? Try a Derby. man with an extra coarse beard or facial hair may besides find they need more firepower than the 34C is capable of. You might want to check out the 37C Slant, like the 34C except with a slightly more aggressive razor read/write head. There are a few complaints about this classical razor but that short size is one of them coming in at 3 inches total distance. If you have larger hands, you may not find a comfortable position. But this weakness is besides a force ; the belittled size is bang-up for detail work.

It registers as heavier than most razors of comparable size evening though it ‘s still an average safety razor weight and excellent physique quality. It ‘s short and wide-eyed, which makes it feel imperial, and the even weight distribution gives you control of the shave. The portly, brass body gives it a dense, significant feel in your hands, earning it the dub the Merkur Heavy Duty. The Merkur 34C heavy duty condom razor is one of the most acclaim and popular condom razors in the earth. It hit the commercialize over 80 years ago and can still be found in Dopp kits and bathrooms of thousands today. It is an extremely estimable razor for anyone new to guard razors, guys with sensible skin, and guys who have been at this for years. There is a draw to love about the Merkur 34C heavy-duty safety razor. This beautiful razor has the charming combination of quality safety razor construction and a relatively gloomy price tag—about $ 45. It feels incredible in your handle and it rarely breaks down. The bikini razor promontory, made from chrome-plated die-casted zinc, lacks parts to break so it withstands many blade changes. The chrome-plated end feels smooth on your skin, but with a full-bodied diamond-patterned non-slip knurling, it feels sure in your hands .

Merkur 34c Double Edge Safety Razor with Blades

Why Shave with A Merkur DE Razor?

Most brands do n’t last a few years, but the Merkur brand is over a hundred honest-to-god, a testament to their skill in satisfying moisture shavers. It might have something to do with where they are from ( and inactive located ) — Solingen, German, which has a rich history of bladesmithing. And besides, who they are—2nd,3rd, and 4th generation bladesmiths .
The craft and the build choice are undeniable. Merkur grazing products are made by some of the steadiest hands in shave and the Merkur 34C Heavy Duty is one of the pillars of the brand .

Wet-Shaving Quality and shaveability

The Merkur 34C HD hits the sweet topographic point and a capital shave for most wet-shavers, giving a polish, comfortable shave with less annoyance. The chrome finish lets the razor glide up and down your face with relief. You can make demand cuts in close places like your mustache, and it only takes one or two strokes to slice the hair off your face .
Guys with thick, coarser hair might find that ‘s two or three strokes, but it depends on the aggressiveness of the blade you use. however, if you have excess midst facial hair, you might be shaving for a while .

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evening though it ‘s known as a “ heavy-duty ” guard razor, that refers to its average weight. It ‘s truly gently aggressive razor, about right in the in-between of the scope. however, you can make it more aggressive by using high quality blades or sharper razor blades like a Feather, or make it a small balmy by using a softer edge, like Merkur blades or Derby ( the Merkur 34c HD razor comes withone blade ). Either room, the blade is angled in a safe but sharp position, so it ‘s hard to cut yourself. The open comb oral sex primes your hair’s-breadth to be cut, so the lone fourth dimension you feel a tug is when your blade is cook to change .

Blade Gap

The .71mm blade col of the Merkur 34c HD lands it squarely in the kingdom of balmy guard razors and you can tell because you get a close shave without a set of cuts. The break and the scallop condom barricade, which preps facial haircloth to be cut, are what make this guard razor feel like it very cares about your boldness .


Merkur put a distribute of think into the grip of the Merkur 34C guard razor. The torso is heavily knurled in a baseball diamond blueprint, delivering an comfortable but firm grip from every fish, even when covered in shaving skim. horizontal grooves at the al-qaeda offer your fingers a few excess anchors .
many wet-shavers say the 34C is the best condom razor bobby pin and it lives up to its promise. That said, it ‘s ideal for people with average-sized hands. It is one of the shortest base hit razors out there, so shavers with big hands may find it unvoiced to grip .
Merkur 34C Safety Razor Box


The Merkur heavy duty comes with a heavy-duty short handle, and one of the thickest cover diameters around. The full cover length is approximately three inches with a cover diameter of .4 inches. This makes the 34C slenderly handle heavy although perfectly weighted. The chrome finish looks fantastic, and the intricate baseball diamond patterned knurled wield makes this one heavy-duty unretentive Merkur razor. If you want a comparable razor with a longer treat, look no further than the 38C, which is the lapp razor with a lodger bobby pin .

Blade Replacement

Changing the blade is easy because it is a bikini guard razor. Simply, twist the furrow knob at the bottom to release the top of the point. Replace the safety razor blade and then screw it back on .
Blade pungency is equitable adenine important a matter as the razor you pick, thus pay up attention to which you use. We recommend feather, Kai, or Personna for sharper blades and Derby for something balmy. It ‘s always a good idea to get a few different packs to start so you can find one that works for you .
Merkur 34c Safety Razor with base plates seperated

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few other safety razors come close to offering quality this high gear for a monetary value this gloomy. At equitable under $ 45, it is about 2x the cost of a disposable cartridge razor but gives you many years more shaves. not to mention savings from not buying expensive replacement cartridge razors .
You ‘d about think the adept people at Merkur had lost their minds. But very, they have actually full minds and know how to make a solid razor for not a lot of money .
Merkur 34C Safety Razor Box


compact size and authoritative design give this condom razor an authentic, old-time appeal. From the consequence you take it out of the box, it feels particular. The masculine knurling and the beautiful engravement of the Merkur logo the Greek idol Hermes the   god of good fortune and mischief   is decidedly gorgeous adequate to display in a proper rack and badger brush .
Merkur 34c Double Edge Safety Razor Blade with Brush

Material Quality

You can feel the timbre of this condom razor just by holding it in your hands. The little, compact frame and the dense weight unit of the dense brass inner consistency make it feel crucial like you ‘re holding something that costs a set more than $ 45. The chrome plating is beautifully crafted and stands up to even wear and tear, although we have heard of it chipping after years of habit .


care for the Merkur 34C guard razor like you would any early razor with a brass body and chrome lining. thoroughly clean and dry the razor after each habit, and storehouse it by rights off from moisture. If you take wish of it, this razor can last you for more than 5 or 6 years. The two-piece head is the least prone to breakdowns of all the types of heads, so it can handle more mistreat than one or three-piece base hit razors with more parts. The worst thing that has been said to happen is the chrome chip off, which can be avoided with some concern .

Who Should Use the Merkur 34C Razor?

The Merkur 34C is a bang-up first base razor because it gives you the politic shave that attracted you to condom razors in the first plaza. but it costs less than a regular disposable razor blade and magazine.

Ask a room full of wet-shavers about their first safety razor and a noticeable come will tell you the Merkur 34C safety razor. But, it ‘s not one of those noob safety razors that get tossed aside once you learn more tricks. Experienced wet shavers keep theirs about because its factory settings are ideal for a close shave with equitable a few swipes. Plus the small size is ideal for detailing .
It ‘s besides balmy enough for guys with sensitive clamber, specially if you pair it with softer razor blades .

Who Should Avoid the Merkur 34C?

It ‘s pretty hard to find mistake with this guard razor, but if you can it ‘s in the size. so if you have large hands or like your razors on the longer side, look elsewhere .

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Merkur 34c Double Edge Safety Razor BladeAlternate Versions Of The Merkur 34c Heavy Duty 

Merkur 37C DE Safety Razor

Merkur 37C Heavy Duty Slant

The same as the 34C except with a aslant point, making it better for blockheaded, coarser hair .
Merkur 34G DE Safety Razor

Merkur 34G Gold Heavy Duty 

The G stands for gold. Everything about the 34C safety razor except the Merkur 34G comes plated in gold rather of chrome .

Other Brands Of Safety Razors Similar to the Merkur 34C 

Edwin Jagger DE89 DE Safety Razor

Edwin Jagger DE89

This safety razor weighs about the lapp as the 34C but the handle is a little longer. There are choices in finishes and grips but you should look at the LBL exemplary or any of the barley series .

Muhle R41

A little spot lighter and a little bit longer but equitable a dependable as the 34C. It comes in bootleg or chrome .

Muhle R89

A little snatch lighter and even longer than the R41 and every bite as effective. It comes in black or chrome .

More Aggressive and Long Handle Alternatives


Merkur 38C HD Long Handle Barber Pole

With a longer body and heavier weight, this condom razor is built for the boastful boys. It comes in a black end

Merkur 39C Heavy Duty “Sledgehammer” Slant Bar Barber Pole

With a awful 90-degree slant known as the “ Sledgehammer, ” this razor is not for the diffident and provides a politic shave that has been compared to the results capable of a straight razor .

If You Are Looking for Double Edge Razor Upgrade…


Merkur Futur 700 Adjustable Double Edge Razor

The Futur is an adjustable base hit razor with a slick, advanced purpose in three finishes .

Rex Supply Co. Envoy Stainless Steel 3 Piece safety razor

Rex Supply Co. Envoy Stainless Steel 3 Piece Safety Razor

The Rex Envoy is a mighty beautiful razor with similar stats to the 34C but in Chrome ( and double the price ) .

Rex Supply Co. Envoy XL Stainless Steel 3 piece Safety Razor

The Envoy XL is like the even Envoy but with a longer cover for the guys who can hold a basketball top down in their palm.


Rex Supply Co Ambassador Adjustable Stainless Steel Safety Razor

If you want the razor that does it all, then turn to the Rex Ambassador. Quality everything, decent 3.5-inch wield, dense 3.5 ounces, and 6 ways to adjust the aggression of the razor head .

Is the Merkur 34C Safety Razor One Of The Best Safety Razors Made?

The Merkur 34C Heavy Duty double edged razor closed comb with a crenate condom bar is absolutely one of the best base hit razors merkur razors offers under $ 50 and a daily make horse for all moisture shaving enthusiast ‘s. systematically delivering a in truth close shave, highly easy to use and the perfect first razor for beginners that will always stand the screen of meter. not excessively aggressive and always delivers a big close wet shave unfailingly with fiddling effort particularly for your 5 O’clock shadow. Its slowly to understand why the Merkur HD is renowned as one of the best safety razors for any moisture paring aficionado and the novice alike searching for the best shave .

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