4moms Mamaroo Review

Let ’ s be honest, as an anticipant mother, I thought the 4moms mamaRoo looked like the pinnacle, the king bee of swings, and I wanted one. deplorably, no matchless bought it for me off of my register, most likely because this swing costs over 200 dollars .
We ended up using an 80s-style adopt swing for our foremost daughter about four years ago. When I was meaning with our second daughter, my acquaintance asked if I wanted to borrow anything, and this was on her list of possibilities .
I was thrilled about the prospect of using such a fondness swing for our daughter who would probably be getting hand me downs for about everything else .
For this 4moms mamaRoo inspection, I spent about six months using the 4moms mamaRoo4 with my neonate child. After I got over everyone asking why we had so much “ space equipment ” in our living room, I began to enjoy the ease of putting our baby in the swing, snapping her in, pressing the movement I wanted, and sitting down on the couch to about relax.

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What’s a Mamaroo?

There are a battalion of swing, bouncer, and rocker choices for newborns and babies on the market, but adults don ’ thyroxine swing or resonate, we sway back and forth and bounce our babies lightly in our arms. That ’ s the beauty that I found in the 4moms mamaRoo. The 4moms Momaroo is like a combination of a swing, a rocker, and a bouncer all in one, that besides happens to look like it belongs in an episode of The Jetsons .
The mamaRoo has five motions that are meant to mimic the way in which we hold our babies. Car ride, kangaroo, corner swing, rock-a-bye, and wave are the alone variations on motions that the 4moms mamaRoo4 moves in to soothe your baby when finical or to merely relax with while staring at the mobile. There are besides diverse speeds to choose from once you pick the movement you want .
This swing is more pack than some others on the market because its foundation doesn ’ triiodothyronine extend out adenine far as some others and it doesn ’ t hang from framing. That makes it slenderly more desirable in terms of how much space it takes up in your live areas. In creating a 4moms mamaRoo revue, it is significant to note that every baby is different and while one of your children might love the 4moms mamaRoo, the early might hate it. All three of my friends ’ babies hated this swing, but my daughter loved it !
The mamaRoo looks a spot like a space discus that sits up off the ground and sways back and forth on one arm that reaches from the base of the product astir to the seat. You can besides connect your call to your mamaRoo and switch the motions without even getting off the frame. It will cost you either $ 220 or $ 250 for these unique features depending on the kind of seat you purchase, while some other rockers are less than $ 100 .
One night, our neonate child Ryan was crying up a storm and nothing seemed to be working. She wasn ’ metric ton hungry, didn ’ triiodothyronine seem tired, and didn ’ triiodothyronine want to be snuggled, so we put her in the 4moms mamaRoo4, turned on the tree motion, and that was that. It was easy to place her in the seat, I simply laid her in and snapped the condom straps like I would in a high president. You can recline the seat more or less depending on your baby ’ randomness needs and size. She quieted down about instantaneously .
A baby in a Mamaroo with a dog next to her
The entirely problem we found with this golf stroke was that occasionally, it would just stop. Ryan would be felicitous as a dollar, and then the apparent motion would stop. That either woke her up or upset her which completely defeated the determination. I asked my supporter who loaned us the mamaRoo if that ever happened when she was using it, and it did not .
I looked up some reasons why the motion might halt completely, and all I could find was that if something was blocking the swinging movement, that might cause the 4moms mamaRoo to stop moving wholly. We did use a blanket to protect the seat cover, and that occasionally dipped below the swing which might have inhibited movement. I besides think the base might have merely gotten dirty and that was blocking the roll of motion .
The seat cover is removable and machine washable, which makes it nice when you have one of those atrocious pamper blowouts. The mobile on the machine lacks lastingness. It is not a necessity musical composition, but a nice feature of speech for keeping babies occupied. Ours was pulled on adequate that it tilted thus far forward, it was in Ryan ’ s face, so we fair removed it .

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How to set up your 4moms mamaRoo

This mamaRoo swing comes in several pieces, but the assembly is pretty true forward. On the basis, unlock the recumb switch, slide the center support barricade through the back of the base until it comes through the front several inches, then lock the recumb switch. Place the front end cap on the front of the digest bar until it clicks. then attach the two rounded side rails to the front and second end cap. future, zip the fabric to the side rails. Place the crown of the fabric over the play banish and snap in concert. Pull the bottom of the framework and snap in plaza. Thread the child condom belts through the rear of the fabric, making certain they are not twisted. Insert the toy banish at the acme of the seat so that it is off to the side and then rotate 90 degrees until it is over the seat. once all steps are dispatch, ballyhoo in the mamaRoo. Press the play button to begin motion .

Who can use the 4moms mamaRoo

This singular baby swing can be used from birth to 25 pounds or until a baby can sit up on his or her own. We found that our baby grew out of it quite cursorily, but we credibly could have pushed using the swing for a fiddling morsel longer. For the first copulate of months of her life sentence, this was a great addition to our baby equipment repertory. then we found that our daughter enjoyed being on the ground, or let ’ randomness be honest, in our arms, and playing with toys .

What sounds can the mamaRoo play? 

The mamaRoo has sounds alike to a sound machine including rain and waves, but it can besides be connected to your telephone to play whatever music you ’ d like. We never used this feature because the sounds seemed sufficient for our daughter. There are several complaints on the 4moms network locate about how connect your phone to the swing seems outdated and annoying .

What accessories are available with the mamaRoo? 

When you ’ ra spend upwards of $ 200 on a swing that you ’ re going to use for six months, but credibly less than that, it ’ mho difficult to imagine that there might be add ons, but there are if you want them. The classical mamaRoo starts at $ 220 and the lavish and cool mesh models are $ 250. then if you want a Newborn Insert, we never used one even though our daughter was a newborn when we started using this product, that will run you another $ 30- $ 35. You can besides purchase an extra seat cover for $ 40 .

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How safe is this product? 

If you follow the safety guidelines and don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate consumption this product when your child can climb out of it, exceeds the 25-pound system of weights limit, or is left unattended without the condom straps, it seems identical safe. We never used the fastest accelerate on our mamaRoo because our baby was such a little peanut it made me anxious, but I would assume all speeds are safe with the condom straps properly secured. We liked to leave ours at about a flush 3 .
It might be comforting to some if there were shoulder straps to make surely the baby is guarantee, but when Ryan was using the swing, she was not going anywhere. We didn ’ triiodothyronine even strap her in most of the time, until she got big enough to slouch down in the seat and I was worried she ’ d scootch out the penetrate .

What other 4moms products are out there?

If you want a more budget-friendly choice, you could opt for the 4moms rockaRoo. We never used this 4moms merchandise, but it will run you about $ 160. In this swing, your child is rocked like they are on a rock horse or in a glider chair. This swing has five speeds but does not have the unique swing motions of the mamaRoo. It ’ s more compendious than a typical lilt so it doesn ’ t take up your stallion know sphere. This is inactive more expensive than several other swing options on the market and does not have the singular swing features that set the mamaRoo apart.

The Awesome

Space Saver – this dangle got the speculate done taking up well less space than the one we used with our first daughter. I in truth appreciated that particularly since items tend to accumulate when a new baby is about .
Unique Movements – these movements mimic a human ’ south so it makes sense to comfort your child in the same way. Ryan immediately calmed down the first clock we put her in there when she wouldn ’ thymine calm down using our typical methods .
Sound Included – most swings do include strait, but I appreciated that this came with both white noise and the option for music .
Somewhat Portable – while this international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine precisely a portable swing, I moved it from our syndicate room to our dining board about every nox while Ryan was a neonate. It was then dainty to have a stead to put her down while we were “ survive, ” or likely quiescence during the day, and besides while we were eating dinner. It wasn ’ t arduous or grave to move, but it was reasonably awkward. I think I got to the period where I was able to hold the baby in one branch and move the mamaRoo with the other .

The ‘Wish it Were Different’

The Price – this is a big-ticket item that you will only use for a few months, possibly six at most. While it was lovely to have, I never would have spent that a lot on my own. The old school, 80s style swing we used for our first daughter besides worked for us. If this is not a fiscal strain for you – go for it ! This is a lovely swing that your pamper will hopefully love .

The Verdict

While my family was in no stead to buy a swing of this cost, it was a nice addition to our pamper equipment. We borrowed a baseball swing from a supporter for our firstborn, and it took up a huge part of our exist room. It worked well and we used it for about the same come of time as we used the mamaRoo. We besides borrowed this mamaRoo from a ally, and it worked well. I appreciated the smaller amount of distance that it took up, but was frustrated when it stopped working .
If this baseball swing makes sense for you financially, or if a few people want to buy you a big-ticket item, the mamaRoo is a truly decent lilt ( particularly if you can use it for multiple children ). If you don ’ t have friends and class lined up around the block to get you gifts, you might want to invest in some other things like a variety show of baby bottles to try, burp cloths for all those spit-ups, and a wubbanub conciliator for those late-night cries. And diapers ! If it were me, I would possibly put this on my register and keep my fingers crossed that person buys it for me. Our friends were much more bequeath to buy us smaller, more cost-efficient items.

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Where to buy

The Mamaroo is available on Amazon here and contribution of Prime for fast shipping if that ’ s your thing .

Frequently Asked Questions

Can babies sleep in the mamaRoo? Ryan sleep in this for some afternoon naps, and while she was an baby and napping most of the day, she would sleep in the mamaRoo sometimes. I would not recommend having a child sleep in this all night long. Ryan was spitting up a draw as an baby, so we did occasionally put this in our bedroom for her to sleep in indeed that she would be propped up. Do babies like the motions? Ryan loved the apparent motion of the mamaRoo. That being said, my friend tried this swing with all three of her children and none of them liked it. Can you use the mamaRoo without plugging it in? We did this frequently. Ryan was glad as a clam just hanging out in the swing even without it moving. That being said, this would defeat the purpose of the bells and whistles of this swing. Is the seat cover washable? The seat cover is obliterable and machine washable. How expensive is the mamaRoo? On the 4moms vane site, the mamaRoo4 starts at $ 219.99. There is besides an choice for a monthly requital plan. You can find it for the lapp price on Amazon, at Target, and at Bed Bath and Beyond. Walmart has the best deal I have found for $ 175.99 for the 4moms mamaRoo. Can I reuse the mamaRoo for a second kid? Of course. This swing should be used, in my opinion, for as many children as possible to get the best bang for your buck. My supporter used it first her two children and then let us borrow it for our moment. She plans on using it again in the future, even though the mobile separate international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine useable anymore.
What ages is the mamaRoo appropriate for? The mamaRoo can be used from birth to 25 pounds or until a pamper can sit up on his or her own.

Will my baby turn into a container baby if she uses this swing too often?  While it ’ randomness crucial to spend time holding your baby, it ’ mho besides significant to let her spend some time not attached to you. The mamaRoo was a safe rate for us to put Ryan down for a few minutes and take a breath.

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