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School in Canberra, australian Capital Territory, Australia
Lyneham High School is a public secondary coil school in the australian capital of Canberra that was founded in 1959. Located in the suburb of Lyneham, it presently holds over 1000 students from years 7 to 10. The school has a acting arts programs which includes concert and jazz bands, performance-based music classes and drama and dance classes .

registration [edit ]

As of March 2022, somewhere between 1000 and 1200 students are enrolled at Lyneham High School. [ citation needed ] Most students enrol from the schools Turner Primary School, Majura Primary School, North Ainslie Primary School and Lyneham Primary School. Students broadly reside in the surrounding suburb of Watson, Dickson, Hackett, Downer and O’Connor, due to the suburb allotment of precedence registration. [ clarification needed ]

Band Program [edit ]

Lyneham High School ‘s band program consists of five concert bands and two sleep together bands, arsenic well as respective smaller ensembles across school years. The concert bands include the year 7 Beginner Band, the year 7 Concert Band, the year 8 Concert Band, the year 9 Concert Band, and the year 10 Concert Band. All of these bands are run as an elective class, and instruments include those from the woodwind, brass, and guitar families. percussion instruments are besides present in the bands. The Jazz bands are extra curricular bands, including the Intermediate Jazz Band and the Senior Jazz Band. Every year, all bands enter the australian National Eisteddfod, and have won numerous awards from the competition. [ citation needed ] Towards the late stages of the class, Year 10 students are offered places in the Ginninderra Wind Orchestra as a means of continuing their musical careers after leaving Lyneham .

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Lyneham Performing Arts Centre [edit ]

In the late 2000s, Lyneham High School received a grant from the A.C.T. Government to build the Lyneham Performing Arts Centre ( LPAC ). [ citation needed ] Architects completed the blueprints for the $ 5.3 million dollar complex, with construction beginning in June 2009. LPAC was completed in March 2010, being opened by Andrew Barr MLA. The center has hosted numerous melodious performances since its completion, and serves as the big dance band classroom between shows. It was besides the venue for the 2010 australian National Jazz Eisteddfod.

enrichment Programs [edit ]

leap [edit ]

LEAP ( Lyneham Enriched Academic Program ), is an academic program designed to allow high school children to enrich their memorize in the fields of Maths, Science, Social Studies ( HaSS ) and English. It provides a basis for bright students intending to study these subjects at higher levels. The program is selective, with around thirty students being accepted in each class by means of a range of tests determining students ‘ proficiency in each of the four subjects. The requirements of LEAP are that the students are to sit the australian Council for Education tests in the subjects of English, Mathematics, and Science. jump students attend two camps aside from early students throughout their school at Lyneham High School : one in year 8, and one in year 10.

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navy seal [edit ]

The SEAL ( Sporting excellence At Lyneham ) program is aimed at athletic students, giving them the opportunity to improve in their chosen sport by attending scheduled train sessions weekly. meanwhile, the PE system allows SEAL students to catch up on influence missed ascribable to attending the specialist sessions .

dare [edit ]

The DARE ( Developing Adolescent Resilience and Enterprise ) boys ‘ platform .

star [edit ]

STAR girls ‘ program ( Supporting Talent Achievement and Resilience ) .

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