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Lake Superior College is a biennial community and technical college affiliated with the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System. long leader in on-line education, LSC offered its beginning on-line path in 1997 and has been approved by Higher Learning Commission to offer AA, AS, and AAS degrees entirely online since 2002. In holocene years, LSC ’ s on-line registration has held regular at 28 % of full credits as most students choose to take at least some of their courses online. The College credits video recording course material as one divisor in its on-line success.

Instructional Videos > Textbooks

Over their years of experience, the college developed its on-line learning program to promote the best eruditeness memory. They find that shorter videos are the most absorb amongst students. Instructors now make a conscious effort to crop full-length lectures into 2-5 minute instructional clips focused on specific skills. Instructors tend to record hot demonstrations of themselves performing the skill, or lecturing over powerpoint display. LSC leverages these videos and early educational resources to cut down on student costs. supplementary videos are now replacing textbooks, saving students expenses while enhancing their learn. Instructors even share video among themselves to give videos a longer liveliness span.

“ I was elated by the intersection ’ randomness ease and the relief of habit for our staff. The VidGrid team has a firm focus and committedness to Higher Education. ”

Steven Fudally, Chief Information Officer, Lake Superior College

S Building on Lake Superior College Campus

More Streamlined Than Panopto

As LSC was choosing video technology, comfort of use for instructors and approachability for students were their independent priorities. Priding themselves on being on top of modern technologies, LSC had been using Panopto for about seven years. They were actually quite glad with the service until they realized that Vidgrid could offer them indeed much more. The advanced VidGrid features that won over LSC were :

  1. Easy to Use – Means that instructors have the ability to capture and share in minutes. A 20-minute supplemental video takes approximately 21 minutes to create.
  2. No Intrusive Downloads – Means that teachers can get started immediately, without needing heavy client software.
  3. Automatic Uploads – Means that videos automatically upload to the cloud without instructors needing to store any files on their computers.
  4. 1-Click Human Closed Captioning – Means that teachers do not have to factor “accessibility” in their decision to create video – it’s always a given. No 3rd party vendor necessary.
  5. Seamless D2L Brightspace Integration – Means that VidGrid integrates seamlessly in the pre-existing systems for instructors and students.

“ VidGrid has transformed the video capturing community. Their scheme and product enhancements are focused on memorize and student success. ”

Steven Fudally, Chief Information Officer, Lake Superior College

LSC loved how the platform ’ s intuitive purpose, along with the close caption and LMS integrations, allowed teachers to utilize videos immediately. Student with head in hand on a laptop

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Sharing the Love Across Campus

At LSC, video engineering started for coursework and then spread into other departments across the university. Faculty and government leverage video for everything from course material, faculty education, technical support around the campus, and faculty-run podcasts. To share a few use cases…

  • An Art Instructor discusses famous artwork in person, gives students video feedback of their work and demonstrates skills such as how to use different camera angles, edit photos, and more.
  • An Accounting Instructor records herself as she solves accounting problems on her tablet.
  • A Truck Driving Instructor uses a go-pro camera to record live actions in his truck and synthesizes videos into short skills snippets.
  • A Nursing Professor records short skills videos on different topics, such as how to check a urine sample, how to examine a patient, and more.
  • A Librarian records errors she sees when she encounters database issues to get help immediately.
  • An Instructional Technologist demonstrates actions in D2L Brightspace with quick 2-3 minute videos showing how to print PowerPoint slides, how to use the group tool and more.
  • A Faculty Trainer records podcasts and training videos to share best practices in online teaching with other faculty across campus.

“ Faculty love the ease-of-use. It ’ s sol intuitive – with scantily any teach curvature at all. ”

Hanna Erpestad, Academic Dean of Arts and Sciences, Lake Superior College

What’s Next?

Faculty love how easy it is for them to record enlightening videos for their students. The next step for LSC is encouraging more student engagement by having students criminal record video for teachers to review. They are excited by the estimate of students using the VidGrid platform in new ways to get work done creatively.

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