‘Love Alarm’ Season 2: Is Brian really Chun Duk-gu? CDH being in contact with Gul-mi will reveal all secrets

The person behind the shield who allowed Jojo ( Kim So-hyun ) to keep her romantic feelings a secret from the populace and from the love alarm clock app was her senior high school schoolmate Chun Duk-gu. He was a alone high school kid who had fallen for Gul-mi ( Go Min-si ) and had no means of expressing it to her and alternatively founded the app. however, when he last manages to ring Gul-mi ‘s love dismay, he is humiliated by her and that results in Duk-gu becoming cynical about love .
so he offers Jojo an option. He tells her that she can choose between a sword or a harbor. She chooses a shield to stay safe and that is how her app gets a carapace that does n’t work like everyone else ‘s app. After spending a considerable total of time with Hye-young ( Park Ga-ram ), and despite her confidence that she has begun to like him excessively, she is uncertain because of Sun-oh ‘s ( Song Kang ) reappearance in township. She hush falters around him and that was visible when he had kissed her.

‘Love Alarm ‘ Season 2 : Whose alarm clock did Jojo choose to ring as Sun-oh and Hye-young continue to fight over her ?
‘Love Alarm ‘ Season 2 : What is Hye-young hiding from Jojo ? Secrets may ruin their otherwise dessert romance
however, the last we saw of Duk-gu ( Lee Jae-eung ) was him jumping from his room and there has been no newsworthiness of him since. The founder who claims to besides be the co-developer of the app tells Jojo when she approaches him that Duk-gu is not around anymore. There seems to be a huge unavowed here as Brian seems to be aware of all the key players in Duk-gu ‘s life but no one can make out who he could be, not even Duk-gu ‘s supporter Jojo. After learning that the shield can not be removed, she is desperate to do something and that is when she ends up receiving a spear.

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A still of Brian Chon in ‘Love Alarm’ season 2. (Netflix)

A spear that allows her to ring the alarm of anyone that she chooses manually. It is this spear that she uses to make Hye-young feel guarantee and rings his alarm but lone after she had come to the realization that she had fallen in beloved with him. however, when Hye-young learns that she had not been truthful about this entire incidental, he becomes distant. The more Jojo wonders who had sent her the spear, the more she wants to speak to Duk-gu and she realizes that there is something fishy about Brian .
In the interim, we besides see Duk-gu receiving mails from Jojo sometime in the past, hinting at the hypothesis that he had probably not died. We besides see Brian find out about the spear and wonder what Duk-gu had done while looking at the screen in which a person seems to be hospitalized for a serious medical condition. So who sent Jojo the spear ? Gul-mi was besides in equal with person who went by CDH, which we believe could be Duk-gu as this person sent Gul-mi a endow — a map of everyone who uses the app, and statistics that allowed her to track individuals who may be concerned in giving her a center on the app .

A still of Duk-gu in ‘Love Alarm’ season 2. (Netflix)

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even as Brian tries to keep an eye on any bodily process that he believes is by Duk-gee, we wonder why there is then much mystery around the establish of the Love Alarm app. interestingly, it is Duk-gu who helps Hye-young understand that Jojo ‘s feelings for him were veridical and sincere. Turns out, he was not dead but precisely away from the limelight trying to prove to his buddy that Love Alarm 2.0 should be given up. The two seem to have disagreed with the commission that the development of the app must take, leading to all the mystery surrounding the establish of the app. Duk-gu ‘s undertake at suicide did not succeed, but it decidedly gave him the casual to understand how love works. He besides suggests to his brother that they should see Jojo ‘s case as an example to help them focus on farther development because she was able to change the person that she liked after the carapace was added to her app.

‘Love Alarm ‘ Season 2 premiered on Netflix on March 12 and all six episodes are available to stream. disavowal : The views expressed in this article belong to the writer and are not necessarily shared by MEAWW .

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