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Adult Sports ZERO TOLERANCE: Profanity, abusive terminology, taunting, lewd gestures, and physical violence will not be tolerated. Any player, coach, or spectator pump using any type of dirty language or derisive of any kind to an official, facility/field supervisory program or any other player, coach, or spectator pump, will be ejected from the game and, if necessary, suspended from far act in any adult sports league. Adult Sports Code of Conduct Basketball – offered Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Men ‘s 5v5 offered on Thursday and men ‘s 40+ ( 3v3 ) and women ‘s 3v3 offered on Wednesday night at the Longmont Recreation Center. All seasons play 8 games. Adult Basketball Packet.pdf | Team Roster Form | Team Entry Form

Flag Football – offered spring and Fall. Men ‘s 8v8 and coed 4v4 are offered on Tuesday evenings at Sandstone Ranch soccer fields. Flag Football Packet 2021 | Team Roster Form | Team Entry Form Kickball – offered jump, Summer and Fall. Coed teams play 8v8 on Tuesday nights at Garden Acres Ballfields Adult Kickball Packet 2021 | Team Roster Form | Team Entry Form Softball – offered form, Summer and Fall. Men ‘s, women ‘s, coed and 5v5v5 leagues offered Monday-Friday at Garden Acres Ballfields Softball Packet | Team Roster Form | Team Entry Form Volleyball, Grass 4v4 – offered Summer and Fall. Coed teams play Monday nox at Roosevelt Park. League Information and Rules | Team Roster Form | Team Entry Form Volleyball, Indoor 6v6 – offered year round. Coed teams play on Sunday night at the Longmont Recreation Center. League Information and Rules | Team Roster Form | Team Entry Form Youth Sports The purpose of the City of Longmont Recreation Services youth acrobatic program is to provide healthy refreshment in an environment where a child can have fun while developing physical skills and emotional maturity through interactions with early children and adults. The goals are to provide opportunities for all Longmont area youth by giving them a prospect to participate in an organized league, with quality instruction and coach in the fundamentals of the sport, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as, provide a positive experience for each individual participant encouraging life engagement in sports. The philosophy is designed to encourage engagement for all boys and girls who want to play sports. Above all, the league is for children with the mind of fun engagement and excitation while learning the frolic in a positive environment. Some specific purposes for the league are :

  • To give each child the opportunity to learn the importance of dear sportsmanship and bazaar play competition .
  • To teach the basic rules, skills, and techniques involved in the fun so that each child may play and enjoy the game .
  • To give boys and girls the opportunity to meet in friendly contest with other children of the lapp age and gender .
  • To expose players to different styles of coaching strategies to further develop their skills .
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parent Packet | Concussion Awareness Information, parent | Concussion Awareness Information, athlete | Parent Code of Conduct | 2020 Pediatric Cardiomyopathy Risk Factors.pdf Basketball League – offered in the winter for 3rd-12th grad boys and girls. Practice two hours per week at local anesthetic schools depending on bus handiness. Games on Saturdays beginning mid-january. 9th-12th grade league is for players who are not playing on their high school team nor playing competitively. League data | League Rules | Injury Prevention

Girls Fast-pitch Softball league – offered Spring/Summer for 6-18 year olds and Fall for 6-14 year olds. Practice and/or games 2-3 times per workweek. Games are played in Longmont and surrounding battlefront range communities and affiliated with the IPGSA ( indian Peaks Girl ‘s Softball Association ). Visit teamsideline.com/IPGSA for game schedules. league Rules | Injury Prevention | Helmet Safety Soccer, Middle School league – offered spring and fall for middle school players at participating SVVSD schools. Practice 2-3 times per week and 4 games played after school. Transportation provided to aside games. tournament play at end-of-season could be offereded at Sandstone Ranch Soccer fields. League Information | League Rules | Registration Form, English | Registration Form, spanish | Injury Prevention Volleyball, 6v6 league – offered form and descend for 3rd-8th grade boys and girls ( looseness is coed ). Practice 2 hours per week depending on coach handiness. 6 games in form and 7 games in fall played in Longmont. League Information | League Rules | Injury Prevention Volleyball, grass 4v4 league – offered in Summer. For 12-16 year erstwhile boys and girls. Teams are coed. League Information and Rules | Team Entry Form | Injury Prevention CARA Sports CARA is the Colorado Association of Recreation Athletics, a section of Colorado Parks and Recreation Association. Cities, township and limited districts join to offer RECREATIONAL competitions to Colorado athletes. Teams practice in Longmont and locomotion to optional meets/matches/games to compete with other teams. CARA Cross Country offered in Fall for boys and girls old age 9-14 years olds. Exposes runners to farseeing distance running in a amateur atmosphere. Meets are on Saturday or Sunday beginning the weekend after Labor Day in cities along the front range. Check caratrack.com for meet schedules and field locations. information and Rules | Injury Prevention CARA Lacrosse league – offered in the give and fall for boys and girls 6-14 years honest-to-god. Practice 2-3 hours per week depending on coaches handiness. Games played in Longmont and along the front image. Check teamsideline.com/cara for game schedule and field locations. league Rules | USA LAX Rules | Field Locations | Injury Prevention | Helmet Safety CARA Swim – offered Winter/Spring, Summer and Fall for boys and girls ages 6-18 years of historic period. stress is on technique build up, endurance building and FUN. Practice 2 times per week – choose your location and length of commit. information and Rules | Injury Prevention | CARA Tennis – offered in the Summer for boys and girls 8-18 years old. This program is a amateur team tennis opportunity – commit is for two hours on Monday with matches on Fridays along the northerly front range. This is a Gonzo Tennis platform. data and Rules | Match Schedule | Injury Prevention CARA Track & Field – offered in the Summer. Boys and girls ages 5-16 gain exposure to compete in a variety of track and field events in a amateur sic. Meets are held on Saturdays around the northern front range beginning mid June. Check caratrack.com for meet agenda and stadium locations. data and Rules | Injury Prevention

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CARA Volleyball league  – offered in the spring and Fall for high school girls and boys who are not playing on their senior high school school team nor playing baseball club ball. Teams are coed and played along the Front Range or Metro Denver. Check teamsideline.com/cara for plot schedules and gymnasium locations. information and Rules | Injury Prevention

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