Logitude aims at making small and medium freight forwarders more competitive

That is, provided the agents opt for driving their business forward by using software modules marketed by the CHAMP daughter in order to enhance their daily activities and improve
customer service.

The Luxembourg-based software developer claims to be the first to provide freight forwarders with the “first true Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution.” However, competitors
such as Logixbord, CargoWise or Descartes, state similar claims.

So, what exactly is Logitude’s USP, their differentiator, convincing potential accounts to opt for their solutions rather than the ones offered by competing IT companies? This and other
questions we addressed to Ali Ghaffar, Global Head of Sales of Logitude World.

Ali Ghaffar is Logitude’s Global Sales Chief  -  image: credit LogitudeAli Ghaffar is Logitude’s Global Sales Chief – image: credit Logitude

To start with, here is his reply regarding SaaS:

AG : first, I should stress that CHAMP Forwarding System is the initiate of cloud-based solutions for the freight forwarding industry. Cloud computing allows them to set up what is basically a virtual office to give them the flexibility of connecting to their occupation anywhere, any time.
Moving to cloud computing would reduce the monetary value of managing and maintaining IT systems, rather than purchasing expensive systems and equipment for the commercial enterprise. It would besides enable cargo forwarders to scale their operation and storage needs up or down promptly to suit their clientele requirements.

Understood. But Logitude is not CHAMP. Which are the differences between both IT providers?
Our by far most important aim group are forwarding agents, for whom we have developed tailored software solutions at low-cost prices for sharing data anywhere and anytime. Prior to introducing a raw concept for digital solutions benefitting cargo forwarders, we had to consider different aspects in our blueprint. One of them we term “ Collaboration Efficiency. ” Collaboration in a obscure environment gives your business the ability to communicate and share data more easily outside of the traditional methods. This leads to a concept we call “ Shared Logistics, ” enabling our customers to share cargo information immediately with their clients, in this case shippers and consignees, including their agents and international offices. Seamless and blink of an eye data flows between all parties involved is the result.
Being the pioneer in this sector has given us a great advantage compared to our competitors. We now have a mature and feature of speech packed system that has enabled us to scale up our business and have gained a substantial number of forwarders in a relatively short menstruation of time, using our system globally.

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Reading: Logitude aims at making small and medium freight forwarders more competitive

CFG: Is your platform meant to replace systems forwarding agents already use or does it complement their existing electronic tools

Logitude is a full freight forwarding operational arrangement. Freight forwarders can manage their daily business such as sales, operations and accounting issues in our arrangement, including documents, email templates & notifications to customers, dashboards & other commercial enterprise tools. Our solution ensures that you stay on top of your freight management needs.
Some of our unique feature are :

  • Shared Logistics: this enables 24/7 online visibility of our client’s shipment status, statistics, business trends and more.
  • Logitude’s combination of CRM and operational data is a standalone system designed for the specific needs of freight forwarders.
  • Mobile app: for receiving instant notifications, warnings and more.
  • Value for Money: We are offering competitive prices which means that Logitude users save money.

CHAMP daughter Logitude offers a comprehensive and customized service package  -  image courtesy LogitudeCHAMP daughter Logitude offers a comprehensive and customized service package – image courtesy Logitude

The service package your company offers consists of four options users can book: Startup, Economy, Business, and First Class. What are the 4 products’ key
differences and according to which criteria should a medium-sized air freight forwarder opt for one of the offerings?

Coming from the cargo forwarding industry, I have a great understanding of the daily sales and operational prerequisite of the agents. Forwarding companies belong to different categories, are of different sizes and require tailor service offerings. Bearing this in mind, we have formulated our offer to cater for all forwarders ’ needs in a cost-efficient way. We know how competitive the industry is and how tough it is to secure business. consequently, our mission is to collaborator with our clients by supporting their commercial enterprise with our engineering, helping them to become even more successful.
We have a modular chopine, offering different packages for different forwarders tailored to their specific needs. With our Economy software, clients can handle the functional side of their business by booking and managing atmosphere, road or ocean freight shipments. however, should they require extra services they are invited to opt for the other packages that Logitude offers. Users booking your Business package need to pay US$65.00 per month. Is this limited to the individual subscriber, i.e. an individualized offer, or does the
term ‘user’ imply that the service can be used by all employees of a given company without additional costs?

Our pricing mannequin is dubbed PUPM ( Per User Per Month ), so charges depend on the number of employees within an enterprise using our platform. Considering the different features offered by each of the packages, we powerfully believe that our price structure is quite fair. Payments can be made on a monthly basis via secure on-line payment methods. It is besides fair to mention that clients are not charged with an initiation or implementation fee .

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Does this also account for your CRM module that offers customers “end-to-end” solutions, where Operations, Finance and Sales work seamlessly together? The
result, Logitude claims on its website, is “streamlined quotation preparation, better shipment data, less mistakes and satisfied customers.”

indeed ! We are the first gear platform offering a bespeak CRM module designed for freight forwarders, which means our clients don ’ t have to customize their traditional CRM arrangement to fulfill the freight industry needs. Logitude CRM supports sales staff throughout the entire sales cycle with herculean capabilities : opportunity management, commercial enterprise activities, tracking and e-mail communications, quotation mark management, cross-selling and upselling tools, graphic presentation of performance data and other company metrics, sales funnels, prioritization of pending activities and opportunities, ocular cues for capturing significant information, e-mail notifications and collaboration facilities for keeping their sales teams on top of their activities.

Of the 14 general features Logitude offers customers, which are the top three? Is it Track + Trace, Invoicing, Collection, Personalization and
Customization, or others? What does your data say?

We are presently selling the solution in more than 70 countries cosmopolitan. And as you can imagine the necessity of every unmarried marketplace is different. therefore, it would be truly arduous to specify which feature of our system stands on the top, as different customers have unlike priorities. however, I can tell you, based on the general feedback on our platform, that ease and handiness have been identical effective and besides the concept of “ Shared Logistics ”, which allows users to instantly update their clients. Supposedly, Logitude is profitable. If so, which is your main source of revenue: charges for eAWBs, for instance, $180 / month for up to 200 eAWBs, the
monthly fees paid by your subscribers, or your Customer-Relationship-Management package?

The main reference of gross from our platform is from the core faculty subscribers. All the other add-ons you are referring to, are complementary color features we are offering our clients, helping them to efficiently run their clientele. Therefore, interest agents reading this interview should not hesitate to get better acquainted with Logitude World, booking the intersection for a trial time period of 7 days – free of any bang. Specifics are displayed on our web site :
hypertext transfer protocol : //logitudeworld.com/

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consultation : Heiner Siegmund

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