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Lore of the Shen’dralar

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The Shen’dralar were Queen Azshara ‘s most august arcanists, charged with the storehouse and guardianship of her most precious tomes. Within the walls of Eldre’Thalas the Queen ‘s most important demands were processed — often in clandestine. Led by Prince Tortheldrin, the Shen’dralar dutifully obeyed their tabby. They journeyed into the brumous heart of Kalimdor ‘s southern jungles and established a august city called Eldre’Thalas .
The Shen’dralar defended their city as best they could during the War of the Ancients. As legend has it, it is said that the Ancient Goldrinn came to their care to help them defend their city against the Burning Legion.

When the Great Sundering late decimated the world, Eldre’Thalas narrowly escaped destruction. only the efforts of Tortheldrin and his followers spared the city. together, they wove a great spell to shield Eldre’Thalas from the destructive forces of the Sundering. Although they had saved their city, then Shen’dralar soon discovered that the Well of Eternity had been consumed in the Sundering. Without the font of baron to draw on, Tortheldrin and his followers saw their immortality greatly diminished. The Shen’dralar soon fell into a deep inanition and languished in their isolated sanctuary .
Tortheldrin finally formulated a design to revitalize the Shen’dralar. He forged pylons in the halls of the west wing of Eldre’Thalas, constructing a prison to house a new reservoir of power behind a fantastic force field : A demon named Immol’thar. To the shock of the other Shen’dralar, Tortheldrin had covertly summoned and bound the terrific animal to siphon the monster ‘s exponent and give it to his followers. any objections were promptly settled once the other Shen’dralar experienced the devil ‘s energy for themselves. Though night and volatile, Immol’thar ‘s ability was invigorating and addictive, more therefore than the Well of Eternity had been. The siphon energies would sustain the Highborne ‘s magic, allowing those within the walls of Eldre’Thalas to feed their endless and growing charming pangs. Had the devil broken complimentary of its bonds, it would have destroyed what short was left of Eldre’Thalas.

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In the ensuing years, the Shen’dralar continued to be isolated from the perch of Night Elf society, and sol their subsequent dangerous actions went unnoticed by their aloof kindred. They were never exiled from Kalimdor, nor have any Shen’dralar become High Elves or Blood Elves .
Thousands of years passed and the baron required to keep Immol’thar imprisoned while sustaining life within Eldre’Thalas began to shift. The cost to keep Immol’thar bounce grew to overshadow the rate at which energy could be siphoned and distributed. The once net income gain turned to loss. Almost nightlong, Tortheldrin ‘s apparently clever plan unraveled, and his entree to the devil ‘s magic was gone. not entirely had the Shen’dralar lost their immortality once again, but they had besides grown hopelessly addicted to Immol’thar’s potent energies. Desperate to regain his baron, Tortheldrin and his Shen’dralar loyalists began murdering their boyfriend Highborne. At least one Highborne, named Azj’Tordin, has escaped death at the hands of Prince Tortheldrin, but most have not been sol lucky. Their spirits now wander the corridors and courtyards of Dire Maul .
Tortheldrin ‘s punic design worked. Having thinned the population, the remaining elves could draw on Immol’thar ‘s ability indefinitely. With the Shen’dralar ‘s numbers diminished, Tortheldrin and his followers abandoned much of their once-glorious city. The greater part of Eldre’Thalas fell into dark and despair. Soon, other creatures from the surrounding jungles moved in to impale their claim to the crumbling elven recourse .

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