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It honestly pains me to have to give them 2 stars, however after my buy I can not recommend this company to person looking for a prebuilt.

My wife needed a newly setup since the previous computer we had built was reasonably outdated and in need of some major upgrades. I typically build systems myself, however with so many early things on my plate we decided to look into a prebuilt system. NZXT has very stylish products that will fit absolutely into the theme of my wife ‘s home position, and after pricing out her organization we decided to pull the trigger ( ~ $ 2,100 ). While a prebuilt is n’t going to be the best value for your money, the parts and the premium of not having to source and piece the human body together myself were worth the excess money.

curtly after placing the order, we received an e-mail saying our system is being built. soon after that, we got a embark confirmation. This was great and literally a week ahead of schedule. We were thrilled. unfortunately the item was temporarily lost in transit and dealing with NZXT during this process was one of the worst customer service experiences I ‘ve had to go steady. not only were they highly unhelpful, they have attempted numerous times to wash their hands of the issue and not offer any aid or clarification. After already being delayed about a week, we were told we had to wait another workweek or more before we would know the condition. No information on a substitution or a refund. NZXT besides hung up their customer serve occupation with us multiple times before evening saying hello and after waiting 45 minutes in line up.

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We ultimately received the personal computer and the care they put into the build and even the cable management is clear. Better cable management than I do for my own builds and was packaged very well. The build itself exceeded my expectations which is why I ‘m sad to give such a low review score.

A workweek after receiving the personal computer, I get an electronic mail from NZXT that their claim is placid open and that they have no news on the status of my personal computer or any offers to make things mighty. I ‘ve received it thus I ‘m very well, but it ‘s clear if I had n’t they could n’t care less. They besides asked me to contact FedEx for a refund because of the delay. Like what ? ? I ‘m not FedEx ‘s customer, I ‘m your customer. I paid you for the ship, not them. You deal with them and I deal with you. Period.

I dread that anything goes incorrectly on this system because I already know reaching out to their customer avail team will end in absolutely no aid. The 2nd asterisk is in truth only for the choice of their system and the caution their build up team put into putting it together. Polar face-to-face experiences between the departments at that caller, and they should very be ashamed.

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I would recommend looking elsewhere for a prebuilt, unless you are all right with being on your own for literally any issue, including not receiving your rate.

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