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Protective Styles: When To Choose Jumbo Knotless Braids + Tips To Get Started

You want to try elephantine knotless braids, but don ’ thyroxine know where to start—we ’ ve got you ! We featured braiding expert Pearl Ransome, aka @pearlthestylist_ to her 372k IG followers, on “ Ask A BTC Expert ” for your founder ’ sulfur steer to the protective vogue. Keep scrollin ’ to learn all the different benefits of elephantine knotless braids, how to know if your customer is an ideal candidate and some tips to get you started !

#1: What are jumbo knotless braids?

This is a protective stylus that uses big sections and feed-in braids that are not anchored to the scalp. This look requires a fewer amount of braids which reduces tension on the scalp. That ’ s what makes elephantine knotless braids a capital opportunity to give clients a cool, easy-to-wear stylus while protecting their natural haircloth .


#2: How long does the style last?

This hairdo lasts up to two weeks, so during this time, clients are not using a flat iron, blow-dry or manipulating their haircloth. This gives the node ’ s natural hair a break, allowing the scalp to breathe and the hair to grow .

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#3: Are jumbo knotless braids lighter than traditional box braids?

short solution : Pearl says ABSOLUTELY. With elephantine knotless braids, you are able to style directly after an initiation. “ When you flow, your knotless braids stream, ” says Pearl. This expressive style is very whippersnapper with zero latent hostility on the hair .

#4: Is your client an ideal candidate for jumbo knotless braids?

here ’ s a fast cheat sail to determine if you should offer elephantine knotless braids during the reference work .

Is this your customer ?

  • Wants a style that lasts up to 2 weeks
  • Going on vacation, taking photos, etc.
  • Requests an easy, manageable style
  • Looking to protect natural hair and promote growth

YES! Jumbo knotless braids are a great option.

Is this your node ?

  • Wants a style that lasts 4 to 5 weeks
  • Has very short natural hair that might stick out of the braids

NO! Jumbo knotless braids are not your best option.

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#5: The Secret To Clean Partings

Pearl ’ s go-to for achieving super clean parts is Shine ‘n Jam that helps the hair lay down flat. First, she applies the product over the partings and slicks down the roots a a lot as potential. then, she goes over each line with a comb for preciseness. Plus, it allows Pearl to manipulate even the finest of hair strands .

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