What to Expect – Lake Union Hot Tub Boat Rentals | Float in Seattle

How much does it cost? Effective May 1, our pricing is $ 450 plus tax on weekdays and $ 500 plus tax on weekends .
Is this real? Yes, this is real number ! You can actually rent a boat that is besides a hot tub !
How warm is the water? We heat the water to 104 degrees. It ’ s a wood-fired hot tub so you will have the ability to manually change the temperature if it gets excessively hot or not hot adequate .
Are kids welcome? Ages 2 and up are allowed. Anyone under the senesce of 18 must be accompanied by an pornographic. Anyone under historic period 12 must bring their own life invest.

How many people can rent one hot tub boat? 6 people – a person includes : a homo at any age/life-stage ( yes, babies are people excessively ). Per Coast Guard requirements, we can merely have 6 people in the gravy boat .
Have more than 6 people you want to take out? We love accommodating larger groups ! We presently have the capacity to rent out two boats at the lapp time to accommodate up to 12 people. Just choice 2 boats when you make your engagement .
Can I bring a paddleboard / kayak / inflatable flamingo / or anything else that floats and join a hot tub boat group on the lake? No. Our reservations are for a maximum of 6 people. Each person signs a release. We will not allow a group to have more than 6 sign waivers. You can not have other people join your group at any orient during your reservation .
Are pets welcome?  We do not allow pets of any kind to join you in the hot bathtub boat .
How old do I need to be to rent a boat?  Anyone aged 18+ can rent a wood-fired hot tub boat .
Can I go in the hot tub boat if I am pregnant? Soaking in a hot tub when fraught is not recommended. While it is possible to sit on the english of the boat, with equitable your feet and legs in the hot body of water, amply submerging yourself in the urine is not recommended .
What is the cancellation policy? Things find and we get it ! Full refunds are offered if you need to cancel 7 days anterior to your trip. For less than 7 days anterior to your trip, we do not offer fully refunds. We operate rain or reflect. We monitor the weather and make day-of determinations regarding safety. Should we determine that it is insecure to be out on the lake due to weather-related reasons, we will reach out to you on the day of your booking and a full refund will be given .
What if the weather is bad? here at Lake Union Hot Tub Boats we believe that most days are arrant for hot bathtub boat rides ! Our guests have great experiences no matter the weather – rain, sun, even the periodic snow confuse ! however, guard is constantly our top precedence and if we experience lightning storms or other weather conditions that we deem insecure, we may have to cancel your trip. Should we need to cancel, we will contact you adenine soon as potential to discuss options. We offer full moon refunds should we need to cancel due to weather.

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Is there dry storage on the hot tub boat? No, there is not. The hot tub boat has two built-in storage areas for your drinks, snacks, speaker, etc. They offer easy access to anything you might need during your travel, but they do not offer protection from the water. Our Hot Tub Boats offer a full concentration experience. You will decidedly get wet ! Whatever you bring on the boat with you will probable get wet ! We do have 100 % dry, batten memory in the changing area for you to safely leave your belongings behind .
How long is my rental? 2 hours. We encourage guests to arrive 10-15 minutes before your booking time to get settled .
Are there places we can’t go? Yes, you ’ ll want to stay in between the I-5 and I-99 bridges ( the two tallest bridges on Lake Union ). Don ’ triiodothyronine concern ! We ’ ll go over this during the guard lecture besides .
What if I come back late? We run a very close schedule trying to prepare the boat for the future guests. If you bring the gravy boat binding late than 15 minutes you ’ ll be charged a $ 100 late fee plus an supernumerary $ 100 for every 15 minutes after that. If you decide you want to extend your time when you are on the water, you can call our function and pending handiness, we can increase your clock time for a fee .
What if I damage the boat? You will be responsible for any price on a individual basis. We offer damage protection that can be purchased when you make your reservation for $ 50 per trip .
What if something goes wrong during the cruise? Our function number is posted on the boat and you can give us a call at any time. We can normally walk you through any issues but we besides have a boat to provide as-needed support !
Do I need to know how to drive a boat? Nope. It ’ s identical simple to operate the boat and we will give you a safety demonstration prior to leaving the bobtail. A simple dial is used to adjust the accelerate of the gravy boat ( like turning up the bulk on your car radio receiver ) and a wooden tiller is used to steer the boat .
I’m from out of town and don’t have a swimsuit, can I still rent a boat? No trouble ! just bring a jersey and shorts ! Don ’ t let a miss of a swimsuit intercept you from this incredible have.

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Where are you located? Our address is 2401 N Northlake Way. We are located directly beside the Sunnyside Boat Ramp for Lake Union at the Seattle Marina. Just look for the boastful Lake Union Hot Tub Boat sign !
Is there free parking? There is a perplex parking strip on Northlake Way and it is complimentary back-angle park, first come first gear serve. It can be crafty to find parking spots at times and if you are worry, feel exempt to Uber/Lyft or motorcycle to our convenient localization .
What wood do you use for the stove? We use north Idaho Energy Logs. They are a quick, green, and cleaner source of wood fuel. North Idaho Energy Logs produce more heat from 100 % natural recycled forest and cut emissions by more than 50 % !

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