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I already paid, why am I charged a second time?

unfortunately we are not always able to recognize you again after ( rhenium ) installing an app or clockface, so our system will think you are a new customer when that happens, and will ask you to pay again.

Luckily you can unlock your clockface again for free hera.
Just enter the code it is showing you and the electronic mail address you used for the master buy and you will be astir and running again in no clock time.

Where is my purchase code?

We do not send you a leverage code in your e-mail, and you do not need a code to switch to another clockface.

rather, you first install the new clockface or app you want and then wait for it to ask you to pay again.

As soon as that happens you can unlock it again for free by going to https : //kzl.io/unlock using the code it shows you on the watch at that moment.

If for some reason it does not ask you to pay again, that is n’t a problem and you can just use the clockface as is, the functionality is precisely the same before and after unlocking .

What are these messages? Please make them stop, I do not want to purchase anything!

These messages are shown because you are using a paid app or clockface of which the trial has expired.
If you do not want to pay for the app or clockface, remove the app, or install another clockface from the appstore, and the messages will mechanically stop.

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All clockfaces and apps intelligibly citation in their description if they are paid or not, so it should not be hard to find a release one alternatively.

Is this a one-time or recurring payment?

All the apps and clockfaces sold with KiezelPay are one time payments for a life license.

however, it can happen that we are n’t able to recognize you again after you remove and reinstall an app or clockface, our system will then think you ‘re a new customer and it will ask for requital again.

When that happens you can unlock it again for detached by going to https : //kzl.io/unlock

I entered the purchase code on the purchase page and it tells me that code is unknown or already used

Each code is valid for one hour. This credibly means your code is expired.

For now the solution is to make the clockface restart, which will force a new code to be loaded and displayed.

How can I find what I have already purchased in the past?

We have made a particular page where you can lookup your complete purchase history here.

I bought a bundle, how can I install the other clockfaces/apps in the bundle?

After your purchase, we sent you an electronic mail control more information about what you purchased.

If you purchased a bundle, the electronic mail will show all clockfaces/apps in the pack with a download button next to each one of them.
Use that download release to go to the appstore and install the clockface/app on your watch.

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If you can not find the electronic mail anymore, you can perform a search of all your purchases at hypertext transfer protocol : //shayski.com/lookup

Note: These download links only ferment if you use them on the telephone or pad on which you have installed the Fitbit, Connect IQ ( Garmin ) or pebble app !

If the download button does not take you to the appstore, this credibly means the developer has not correctly configured the appstore connection in his explanation. You can contact the developer and ask him/her to fix this, or you can use the search functionality in the appstore to find the app/clockface alternatively.

I cannot remember which apps/clockfaces were in the bundle I purchased and I cannot find an e-mail about this!

If you besides can not find the buy success electronic mail in your spam booklet, you can lookup your complete purchase history here .

I’m trying to unlock an app I already bought and it tells me I haven’t purchased it yet!

This can have a few causes. It is potential you made a misprint in your electronic mail cover when you purchased the app, indeed now our system can not find your license.

Another hypothesis is that you are trying to unlock another clockface/app than the one you actually purchased.

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Please double check that the identify of the clockface/app you are trying to unlock is precisely the lapp as the name in the purchase achiever mail you got after buying ( some names are bewilderingly similar unfortunately ).

If you are very certain you have the right app, please contact the KiezelPay help desk using the contact form at the bed of the FAQ page with the trace information :
– send the PayPal InvoiceID, you can find that on the PayPal reception you got after buying, it starts with REF.
– If you paid with creditcard rather, send the inaugural 6 and final 4 digits of your creditcard number ( do not send the accomplished number ! ).

This will allow them to find your purchase and check why the unlock is not working.

Please besides send along the purchase code it tells you to enter. This allows them to double check which app is asking for requital .

I cannot find this code I need to purchase or unlock the clockface/app!

The clockface/app will mechanically show you the code when the trial ends, at that prison term you can use that code to purchase it at hypertext transfer protocol : //kzl.io/code or unlock it at hypertext transfer protocol : //kzl.io/unlock if you already paid for it before.

Until that happens you do n’t have to do anything.

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