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Whether you ’ ve merely bought a raw Harley or you ’ re sprucing up an older bicycle for your adjacent jump ride, it ’ sulfur slowly to get a short excessively tidal bore and skip over some of the basics. But every motorbike fancier knows that keeping your motorcycle street legal is the first dance step to having a fun, safe, ticket-free ride. now that the upwind is warming up, let ’ s review some of the basic rules of the road, including motorbike turn bespeak laws, for Texas riders .

Are Turn Signals Required by Law in Texas ?

It may come as a surprise, but you don’t necessarily have to have turn signals on your motorcycle in Texas. However, Texas state law requires that if you do have turn signals, they must be in working condition to pass inspection. If you choose to forego turn signals for whatever reason, you ’ ll need to know hand signals. It is illegal to turn without signaling, so be certain to brush up on your hand signals if you choose to go this path.

Although Texas is known for having miles and miles of unfold roads where signaling a turn is a rare happening, it ’ s not advisable to opt out of having turn signals on your bicycle. not signaling is a behavior that can get you in good worry, both legally and physically, specially in urban environments, so if you ’ re going to be doing the majority of your tease in the city, consider equipping your motorcycle with working turn signals. turn signals laws in Texas require that turn signals function

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A Quick Guide to Texas Motorcycle Laws

now that we ’ ve covered the turn sign laws, let ’ s do a exhaustive summation on the basics of riding legally in Texas. These rules and regulations are reasonably boilerplate, but this is worth doing to ensure your fundamental checklist is dispatch .

Is a Motorcycle License Required in Texas ?

In ordering to operate a motorbike in Texas, you must be 16 or older and have a Class M driver ’ sulfur license, plus you ’ ll have to have passed a Basic Motorcycle Training Course. That course, which includes both a written examination and a road test, must be approved by the Department of Public Safety. If you don ’ t have a Class M license, there are other ways to hit the road with your Harley. Drivers who already have a class A, B, or C license can obtain a Motorcycle Endorsement by using either an MSB-8 completion certificate or a completion menu showing that they ’ ve taken the compulsory coursework. That course must meet the Motorcycle Safety Foundation standards for course of study, but courses for this level of certificate are park and easy to find. motorcyclist on highway

Do You Have to Wear a Helmet While Riding a Motorcycle in Texas ?

many riders will be surprised to learn that helmets aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate required for those over 21. Although technically legal, this is hazardous behavior, and you should constantly wear a helmet to protect yourself on the road. Harley-Davidson and early motorbike manufacturers devote considerable feat to educating the public about the need for helmets, not to mention covering the basics when it comes to full and partial derivative font shields and the protection they provide. Ignore these laws at your own hazard, but if you have a younger passenger, make sure that person is wearing a helmet approved by the Department of Transportation ( DOT ) .

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Can a 16-Year-Old Drive a Motorcycle in Texas ?

Everyone knows that 16 is the age most teenagers start driving cars, but many do not understand that when you hit the road with your Harley, you ’ ll likely be sharing it with some very young riders as well. Teenagers angstrom young as 16 can get a motorbike operator license in Texas, and while most of them will be qualified, competent riders, this fact is decidedly something to keep in mind if you ’ re going to ride regularly. On the subject of senesce requirements, it ’ sulfur crucial to note that you can ’ t have passengers under the senesce of five, so be indisputable to keep that in mind as well .

Is Lane Splitting on a Motorcycle Legal in Texas ?

No summation on the basics would be dispatch without mentioning lane separate, which is the tactic motorcyclists use to advance in traffic by riding on the white crash lines between two lanes of traffic. Although there is no law or Texas fare code that explicitly mentions lane cleave, Texas law states that all road users must remain within a single lane and lone change lanes when it is safe to do so—essentially making it illegal. Regardless of whether or not it ’ sulfur legal, lane rending is a dangerous drill that increases the gamble of car accidents for motorcyclists and drivers alike. motorcycles require headlamps to be street legal

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What Is Required for a Motorcycle to Pass Inspection in Texas ?

last, let ’ s talk about the equipment you ’ ll need. tied if you choose to forego turn signals in Texas, your Harley will need to be equipped with some basic equipment in order to meet minimal legal guard requirements and pass a Texas motorbike inspection. This equipment includes :

  • Tail Lamp
  • Stop Lamp
  • license plate lamp
  • Rear Red Reflector
  • steer Lamp
  • Horn
  • mirror
  • Steering
  • Brakes
  • Exhaust System
  • Wheel Assembly

Your braking system will have to be operational, of course, and you ’ ll need a legal drive, series, or vehicle identification phone number ( VIN ), ampere well. Harley Davidson motorcycles are available at Kingwood Harley-Davidson

Get Road Ready with Harley-Davidson of Kingwood

All of this is standard equipment, but if you want to verify your checklist and make certain your bicycle is up to date on the latest guard features —not to mention the latest Harley-Davidson accessories—stop in at Harley-Davidson of Kingwood to speak to our team of Harley experts. Whether you ’ re looking to upgrade your Harley, needing advice about motorcycle turn sign laws in Texas, or preparing for your motorcycle license test, our team is here to help. Come denounce our showroom of new and pre-owned Harley motorcycles, take the newest model out for a test ride, or sign up for the Harley-Davidson Riding Academy today at your local Harley-Davidson franchise on Northpines Drive in Kingwood !

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