To minimize possibly unfulfilled expectations, I describe which features you can expect and which not !
Head: My fursuit heads are not lined inwardly. Since I work with 3D printing it is very easy to wipe out the head with a dampen washcloth after suiting. This advantage would nobelium longer exist, if the question was completely lined with framework inside. Sweat gets stuck in the fabric and you can ’ t good wipe it off or wash it out. consequently, my heads are not lined. A balaclava should decidedly be wear underneath, as your own read/write head will touch the foam for padding.
The head fur is 90 % mashine sew. Small, detail markings will be sewn by hand. The ears are glued to the fursuit head individually. There is a glue seam between the ears and the restof the fur, which you may be able to feel, but is never visible. In the rear of the head, a zip up ( normally YKK or other brand, no no-name ! ) is neatly sewn in with diagonal tape. This ensures a good fit of the head. A fan and or LED electronics can be installed.

Body and Padding:
The body is besides not lined. The less framework is between you and the environment, the better. Otherwise you sweat even more. I recommend wearing functional invest under the body. At the neck, the bodysuit gets a courteous bias tape finish up so that the fur doesn ’ thymine affray. The zip up ( largely YKK or other brand, no no-name ! ) is sewn in with diagonal magnetic tape, that besides no open fur edges remain. The slog is sewn from cotton fabric and filled with siliconized fiber balls. The person paddings are not sewn into the soundbox, but remain separate, so the body and the pad can be washed individually in the wash car. otherwise, the body + pad might be excessively large for standard washing machines. For the calf padding there is a minor pouch that it can not slip out. The second joint pad holds between your thigh and the back of the fur. The body has a hole through which the fag end including belt is pushed through. A closed chain of matching fur is sewn around the hole, creating an inconspicuous passage between the body and tail.

Each chase has a loop of knock webbing through which quite merely a belt can be pushed to wear the stern comfortably. For smaller tails e.g. lapin, deer or corgi, it can be sewn to the body. For all other sizes this is not possible, otherwise body + chase might be excessively big for the lave machine.

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Hand paws: My hand paws are besides not lined, so you will sweat less. It ’ s possible to wear reduce gloves underneath. The possibility of the hand paw is finished with bias tape so that the fur does not fray. Claws are made of resin. Paw pads can be made of silicone or minky fabric.

Feet paws:
Feet paws are made on the basis of a shoe. The brake shoe is pasted with foam to create the paw shape. then this construction is glued with fur. Inside the foam is visible, that average no line ! From the outside you see nothing of it. The bottom for outdoor feet paws is made of non-slip shoe sole. With camping or perplex mats I have entirely made bad experience, because you quickly slip in the rain. Claws are sewn from Minky, because resin claws break cursorily and get lost. The open of the feet paw fur is besides finished with bias record, so the fur does not fray.

Seams: Sewing is done with a wide metallic element industrial sewing car. To sew the fake fur a straight stitch is used, which is locked at the begin and end. very stressed areas such as under the armpits, genitalia or the foundation of the tail are sewn with a zigzag stitch double or even triple.

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If you are matter to in a certain sport, please contact me. many things are potential for an extra agitate !

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