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last week, we released our trade name new mobile app for io and Android. It lets you play learning games and fun quizzes anywhere and anytime, on your own or with friends. Want more Kahoot ! ? Unlock an amazing bet on experience on the run and play more !
Of course, you can besides use the app to play alive kahoots hosted in a classroom or another group setting. This is the authoritative Kahoot ! experience : you enter the game PIN, the questions then appear on the shared screen, you look up and use your device as a plot control to answer. Just like if you join a bet on via in your browser .
With the raw app, however, learning doesn ’ triiodothyronine hold on once that populate crippled is over. Check out these extras :
Join live games in Kahoot! mobile app

Replay games to revise knowledge and improve score

Feel like you could ’ ve done better in that game ? Practice makes perfect ! Replay the kahoot in the app late for rewrite and to improve your sexual conquest. even weeks late, when an examination is coming up, you can get back to kahoots you played in course throughout the semester to reinforce cognition .

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Challenge others

Was that a slippery crippled ? Pass it on to your students, colleagues, friends or kin and see if they can crack those bad questions. You can create a challenge and share it with other players, for example, via messengers or in social networks .

Get an overview of stats and game history

When you ’ re logged into Kahoot ! in the app, you can get an overview of all your crippled results – how many kahoots you played, how many of them you won, etc. Your bet on history is there, besides, which makes it comfortable to go back to any of your previously played kahoots.

Add medals to your track record

Made it on the dais ? masterfully play ! Those bright medals will be added to your path phonograph record. That act in the circus tent separate of the screen will give you extra motivation for your next kahoots !

Disable phone screensaver to minimize interruptions

When you ’ ra playing a kahoot with the app, the screensaver on your phone is automatically disabled so that it doesn ’ thyroxine interrupt you while you play. Say, if there ’ s some discussion fourth dimension between questions, you wouldn ’ thyroxine want your earphone to fall asleep right before the future interrogate comes up !

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Our familiar, good acquaintance is still at your service, and it ’ s your go-to choice if :

  • your device doesn’t run iOS or Android;
  • you can’t install apps on the device – for example, it’s a shared one;
  • that live kahoot took you by surprise and you haven’t had time to install the app yet!

To cross No.3 off the tilt – download the app now and get ready to play ! 🙂
download it for iPhone or iPad | Download it for Android

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