Who is José Trinidad Marín’s Wife?

Jose Trinidad Marin who is good known as Trino marin joven was the conserve of a long-familiar English singer, creative spokesperson, and television receiver producer Jennie Rivera. Jannie Rivera ‘s real name is Dolores Saavedra who chose Jennie Rivera as her marketplace name. She is a successful television actress from the US who earned fame in a short clock time. When she was expecting her first child, she married Trinidad Marin in 1984 but unfortunately, their marriage lasted for a few years. Jennie and Marin ‘s report is identical interesting a well as sad. They started their journey as a spouse in 1984 that ended in 1992 leaving many cases of misuse buttocks. however, there are many facts about this pair that you should know. You ‘ll find a exhaustive narrative of this couple at Contenterist.com that will give you an insight into their lives. Let ‘s have a short presentation to this copulate ‘s narrative. Also Read:

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Early Life Of Jose Trinidad Marin

With a healthy and attractive physique, Jose Trinidad Marin is a mexican by origin. He was born in Mexico in 1964 and then moved towards California, the US permanently. He ‘s a christian by religion and has a blend ethnicity. No authentic information is known about his parents and early family members. By profession, Marin is the director of a well-settled chocolate patronize. This was the main income reference of Marin. The lone identify that comes with this diagnose in most of the US news program and web log is Jennie Rivera, his ex-husband. wife. Marin fell in love with his ex-wife. wife during his educate tenure. They married when Jennie was equitable 15 while Marin was just 20. however, their marriage lasted for a few years.

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Marin and Jennie’s Marriage

The marriage of Jennie Rivera and Trino Marin was based on their love. Jennie was the school life love of Marin who married in 1984 when Jennie was expecting her first child. At the fourth dimension of marriage, Jennie was just 15. however, Marin did n’t remain honest towards his wife and started mistreating her soon after. He was against Jennie ‘s college and repeatedly used to tell her not to go to college. But she kept on with her studies. This thing turned Marin violent towards his wife. besides, Marin was found abusive towards Jennie ‘s younger sister and his children. This thing led them to divorce. They took their ways apart in 1992 when Marin was found guilty of his crimes.

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Charges Against Marin

Marin ‘s sister-in-law, with aid from her baby, filed a case against Marin in 1997. He was found guilty and abusive towards her sister-in-law and his children. however, he ran away from the police for about nine years. Despite changing his identity and physical appearance, he was arrested in 2006. He was sentenced to 31 years in jail soon after his trial when he was arrested. presently, he is completing his imprisonment. According to the late news, his younger daughter visited him in 2017 and appealed to the politics to forgive her father. But no positive step has been taken by the government yet.

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Final Thoughts

Jennie Rivera is the Ex. wife of José Trinidad Marin whose marriage was based on school love. But due to dishonest behavior of Marin, they separated in 1997. They had three children and now survive apart. Jennie Rivera married soon after her divorce but Marin is completing his imprisonment in imprison. Their story is very interesting, you can read it out at contenterist.com.

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